The Girl Who Games Survey Responses

Firstly I would like to thank all 875 of you who filled in my survey, it has really helped me to understand what you would like me to improve and what you are very happy with already. In this post I am going to go through some of your responses and explain how I can make things better if I can!

Do you find my blog easy to use?

Most of you find my blog easy to use but the same issues were repeated a lot by those of you who don’t, mainly to do with the terrible home page (sorry!) I wish I could make it so that it doesn’t show the whole post but just a summary on desktop and tablets like it does on mobile but unfortunately that isn’t an option- I have checked! I am somewhat limited by what I can do with wordpress but I am going to try and get creative with it to make it better. The home page will become a single page so it won’t show a whole lot of posts anymore but instead there will be links to the latest posts so you don’t have to scroll so much! I can see the home page no longer works, especially now there are so many events going on at once- I just need to stop being lazy and remember to update the home page when new events come out! Update: the new homepage is now live, I hope you like it!

Other issues include the links down the side not being up to date or don’t take you where you think they should and not being able to search (there is a search bar on the page but maybe it needs to be more obvious) again I would love to be able to add a search bar to posts or pages but I am not sure if this is possible- I will look into it though. Again you struggle to find older posts (you can find all sims freeplay posts by clicking on sims freeplay on the menu and selecting all posts) and the menu itself needs a complete overhaul.

In summary there are a lot you have asked for which I am not sure if it is possible yet until I look into it, I am not very technical so when how to guides start talking about coding I want to run!

Are there any posts you would like me to make for The Sims Freeplay?

I can’t believe how many of you want house designs! That will definitely be happening! I am hoping to create a whole house building section full of designs with blueprints so you can build them yourself and also building tips. Obviously this will take some time so stay tuned!

A lot of you have asked for posts on the architect homes, the reason I haven’t so far is they change so regularly, I won’t have the time to do this everytime they change but I will try to update it as much as possible.

A few people have asked if I can list every single item ever available in the game- this is a huge task and just thinking about it scares me as I am sure I will miss loads of stuff so people will end up angry with me but again I will see if it is possible.

I’ve had people requesting posts that are already available, find all sims freeplay posts here

Would you like to see more Sims Mobile posts?

Almost 74% of you said no! I’m not really surprised as it is no where near as good as The Sims Freeplay, I do tend to make more Sims Mobile videos than posts about it due to the fact I know a lot of you aren’t interested but hopefully with the new home page it will make it easy for you to avoid these posts if you want to.

Someone said that I take forever to post about new Sims Mobile events but my Sims Freeplay ones are so quick- this is due to not having access to the Mobile event until it is available for everyone so I can only post about it once I have started or completed it, unfortunately this is just how it works with The Sims Mobile Team.

Do you have a problem with the adverts that appear?

There are a lot of things I have no control over with this blog and advertising is one of them, I can not control the amount of adverts that appear, the type of adverts or where they are placed but advertising is necessary to keep this site updated. Most of you have no problems with the ads that appear, some of you say they fill your screen but also mentioned it happens on other sites too which leads me to thinking that the problem may be with your device rather than the site, make sure you have an anti virus program and it is up to date and if you are viewing on an apple device make sure you have the latest iOS update. We all have different adverts appear mainly due to cookies so if you find them inappropriate or scams then please do not click on them but click ‘report this ad’ next to the advert. If you frequently have problems with the adverts on my site please let me know and include screenshots of the adverts so I can let the people in charge of these adverts know.

I know there are a lot on the mobile site so it makes the page slow to load but like I said there isn’t anything I can do to change how much they appear I can just apologise if it takes longer to load than you would like.

Do you subscribe to my blog to be emailed when a new post is published?

Quite a lot of you aren’t sure how to follow this blog by email so I will definitely include this information from now on. If you are viewing on a PC you can find the option ‘follow blog via email’ on the sidebar on the right hand side of the screen. On a mobile you will find this option under the post and comments on any page- for now I suggest you head to the contact me page or something shorter than the home page otherwise you will be scrolling for hours!

If you have subscribed to my blog by email but you haven’t received an email then please email me and I will look into it, again I don’t control how the emails work but I can check who is on the list.

Do you have any suggestions to make this blog better?

Thank you to everyone who used this question to say something lovely, I really appreciate it!

Most of the suggestions here were about the homepage or menu again but some people would like me to change the whole layout of my site and the header. The header and avatar (that some of you don’t like- I spent ages on it but okay!) will be recreated. I currently have someone working on a new avatar but I haven’t decided on my new header yet! As for the layout, I have found a nice new one but it needs a lot of tweaking before it will be going live. You may find things are moved around while I sort everything out so just bear with me!

I am a bit confused about those who said it isn’t mobile friendly as it is! Again I cannot change the layout of it on the mobile version, it is what it is unfortunately. It won’t be mobile friendly on a tablet though so this may be the issue.

Do you watch my YouTube videos?

I understand that a lot of people prefer reading to watching videos (I am one of those people actually!) and that is great but some people prefer to see how it works as well which is why I started the videos. I am mostly surprised by the amount of people who didn’t know I made YouTube videos when almost every post has a video embedded in it so maybe I need to work on how I promote them!

Which of my videos do you enjoy the most?

I am so surprised how much everyone loves house tours- I personally find them really boring but I will be making more from now on!

Any suggestions for new video content?

More house designs and tours seems to be the majority vote. I find this quite strange as a lot of the ones I have done previously didn’t do very well but I will get thinking of some unique and exciting houses for you to copy!

Thank you again for everyone who took part in this survey, I really hope you will be happy with the changes I make over the coming weeks/months 🙂