The Sims Freeplay- Christmas Suggestions?

SimGuruRhys from The Sims Freeplay team reached out on Twitter to ask us to suggest new item ideas for the Christmas update this year:

If you have any suggestions please comment on this post and I will pass them on for you or click here to comment on SimGuruRhys Twitter post (this is the best option if you want to share pictures)

Please only use this post to suggest Christmas themed items you would like to see added to the game, not other features


15 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Christmas Suggestions?

  1. – more functions for pets! Let them sit on the couch or nap on the bed! Or even just acknowledge other pets apart from the bizarre cat ritual thing.

    – regular SUVs or trucks?

    – more outfits, tattoos, especially for men and teen boys

    – let the pigs have nice things? They don’t even have food to eat or a bed to sleep in. 😦

    – an action to wash the cars!

    – more bay windows!

    – someplace to build shops that isn’t a house lot.

  2. Personally I would love to have a selection of Christmas lights to be able to decorate the outsides of my houses with! Additionally, it would be great to see some of the things only seem in Christmas quests become available as items… (e.g. present conveyer belt, living snowman (as a decoration), etc.) as well as outdoor Christmas trees

    • Outfits, chimneys and fireplaces, stockings that you can hang up, wreaths, tinsel. Idk if these are in the game, I’m new to it

    • Omg.
      1.) Christmas lights.
      2.) Kids waking parents up to open presents.
      3. ) Kids frantically opening presents lol.
      4. A Christmas quest to unlock items like ( garland, a place to cut down a tree, caroling, actual looking Christmas movies on TV (home alone), give us the Christmas we all remember as a kid.

  3. I agree with Rowan, I would love to have Christmas lights to hang on the roof. It would also be really cool if we could have 10+ sims over at one house to have a Christmas feast of sorts. Another idea is if maybe we could complete a quest to unlock a festival (could be themed differently for each holiday) so in this case it would be a Christmas festival with ice skating, meeting Santa, throwing snowballs, looking at a very decorated house, etc. Just a cool place to hang out during the Christmas season.

  4. I would like for the family to be able to carol together and to open gifts Together. I also would like for them to actually be able to wear or use the gift.

  5. I agree with Rowan! The Christmas lights that we could put where we want! I want a variety of stockings for the fireplace too! Perhaps a bowl of eggnog and cups. And more food choices for holidays that we can place on our own tables, like a platter with a ham, and a turkey, and some fancy pies and cakes that we can place where we want. I’ll try to think of more😊

  6. I like more presents for my sims. I would like to see them as they open the presents or give it to each others. It would be nice to decorate our christmas trees in different customs. The sims could sing carols together. I would like make some new cookies and cook special food for Christmas. They could Skype to the relatives via computer, send Christmas postcards to each other. I would like to see an old fashioned stress free Christmas quest this time of the year. I would like to see that my sims learn what is the hygge and lagoom and a few items to make them cozy would be nice. It also would be nice if you make a sale for the weather machines so everybody has a beautiful white Christmas.

  7. Sim interactable advent calendar. Hangable on a wall or on a table as a decoration. Or some other type of Christmas interactable decoration. Where the Sim can interact to open the next days “present” Either of the style of the hobbies or a random furniture or clothing unlock or receive.

    I also second Rowan’s suggestion of outdoor Christmas trees. 🙂

  8. Love the idea of house (roof) lights, Sims opening presents and caroling.
    A festival where each task is a festival booth.

  9. I think we should get house decorations, a tree with presents sims can actually open, matching onesies or pajamas for all sims of all ages, also matching ones for pets, i also think we should get a family dinner that we can set on the table like turkey or ham and last but not least a fireplace with stockings on it.

  10. I would love to see some southwestern Christmas decorations to go along with the desert-themed house that became available recently – saguaro cactus with Christmas lights, luminarias/farolitos, rustic-themed items, etc.

  11. A few thoughts – Christmas pictures with Santa at the mall, a polar express train ride, different decoration themes – for trees and lights – some north woods, maybe seaside, candy theme

    Nutcracker dance activity, Christmas feast, more holiday clothes and interactions, caroling around the neighborhood

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