The Sims Freeplay- SuperYacht Event

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys (Presented by EA Creator Network) may differ from actual version

Available from 9th Jan 2023

Collect resources to build a Super Yacht in the SuperYacht Event! This event is very similar to a Downtown Developer Event, we are just earning different resources to build a yacht rather than an apartment. You won’t be able to complete this while completing a Downtown Developer Event but there is no rush, this event will be available whenever you are ready to start

The aim of this event is to collect all the Wood, Fiberglass and Metal you need at different locations around Simtown, these resources are then used to build the Super Yacht. You will find the Super Yacht location between the bridge and the private island in Simtown from 9th January 2023:

If you have completed a Downtown Developer Event you can skip the tutorial

Click on this to get the option to build berth:

Once built the event will begin and the first time limit will start, there are many time limits in this event as there are different time limits for each stage, keep reading for more information on this


You will then get tutorial tasks to complete (unless you skip) these will explain how this event works so make sure you read them:

  • Open superyachts menu- click on the orange symbol next to the superyachts task to get to this menu, the menu is where you can see your progress in this event:

At the top you will see all the stages to complete in this event, then you will see the permit you currently have and below you can see the current stage requirements, right now only wood is required to complete stage 1:

  • View major stage deadlines- if you go back to the menu, on the bar at the top you will see under stage 2 it says ‘3 days’ this means you have 3 days to fill the bar by collecting the resources to reach stage 2 to be on track in this event, if you don’t complete a stage in the time limit you will be forced to spend simoleons to progress in this event (I don’t know how many simoleons it will cost as it varies depending on what level you are on, so if you are on level 55 expect a high cost!)

The time limits for each stage are:

  • Reach stage 2– 3 days
  • Reach stage 4– 6 days
  • Reach stage 6– 6 days
  • Reach stage 9 (final stage)– 15 days

These stages above are major upgrades so the berth will change when you reach these milestones, you will also receive other rewards when you reach each of these stages:

  • Stage 2– 2LP, 4SP and 1 Fiberglass (which can then be used in the next stage)
  • Stage 4– S5,000, 6SP and 1 Metal (which can then be used in the next stage)
  • Stage 6– S10,000, 10SP and 1 Metal (which can then be used in the next stage)
  • Stage 9/Grand Prize– Empty Super Yacht and S50,000

You also unlock:

  • Stage 4- Brass (S92,000) and Gold (9SP) Potted Monstera (trees, plants and flowers section)
  • Stage 6- Gold (6LP) and Silver (7SP) Halo Lights (lighting section)
  • Stage 9/Grand Prize- Ability to place items such as roof lights under balconies!

  • Go to the resource location- every 24 hours you will receive a new permit to collect a resource at a different location, go back to the menu to find where you need to go and you can click ‘visit’ on the location to go straight there:

The location will be different for you and it will only be places you have already unlocked so if you haven’t built the community center yet you won’t get a permit to go there

  • Assign a sim to an x- once at the location you need to find the 3 x spots (this differs from a DD event as they only have 2 spots) have a sim click on one of these and select Collect Shard- 4 hours (3hrs 48m inspired sim)

Only three sims can collect shards at one time and a shard does not make a full piece, depending on the resource you need to collect different amounts of shards to make one resource:

  • Wood– collect 3 shards to make 1 wood
  • Fiberglass– collect 4 shards to make 1 fiberglass
  • Metal– collect 5 shards to make 1 metal

You need to collect a full piece within 24 hours to be able to use that towards your next permit, if you only collect one shard then you will lose this

Unlike Downtown Developer Events the time taken to collect each resource is different:

  • Wood– 4 hours (inspired sims: 3 hours 48 minutes)
  • Fiberglass– 3 hours (inspired sims: 2 hours 51 minutes)
  • Metal– 2 hours 30 minutes (inspired sims: 2 hours 23 minutes)

You can also buy new permits early for SP

TIP: it seems to be cheaper if you buy from the pop up rather than the superyachts menu:

  • Review resource progress- click on the menu to check your progress, the current requirements show you how many resources you need to complete that stage:

If you want to skip with SP this is the best place to do it as it is more expensive if you skip from the task action itself or the permit section of the menu (unlike with DD events you can skip all to collect all resources for that stage):

How many SP do I need to collect each resource instantly?

  • 1 Wood = 22 Social Points
  • 1 Fiberglass = 54 Social Points
  • 1 Metal = 161 Social Points

The amounts above are roughly correct, it will be one or two SP out as you increase the amount of resources but it gives you some idea of how many you would need

  • Review the major stage timer- here you can see the next stage is locked:

If you miss one stage you can still catch up at the next stage as the time limit for the next stage does not start until you have completed the previous, for example, if you miss out on completing the 4th stage in the 6 day time limit once you have paid your simoleons to move on you will still get the full 6 day time limit to reach the 6th stage

If you complete the final stage in the 15 day time limit you will unlock the Bella Superyacht, you still unlock the super yacht lot if you don’t complete this event in the time limit, once complete you will be able to build the empty Bella Superyacht:

The super yacht works like a normal house, sims can live here

The empty Bella:

The Bella SuperYacht:

The yacht has 3 floors, the ground floor includes a pool, spa, gym, 5 bedrooms and 5 en suites:

The middle floor includes the living room, toilet, kitchen and dining room and the top floor is a relaxing deck:

If you complete the event in the time limit you also unlock:

White (S220,000) and Black (22LP) Luxury Hot Tubs

White (S211,900) and Black (22SP) Spiral Staircase

I’m a little disappointed with the interior of this yacht, it doesn’t feel as luxurious as I was hoping but I really love the yacht template itself and our sims can even swim in the ocean:

Take a tour of the Bella SuperYacht here:

Can I improve the Bella SuperYacht? Check out my redesign here

Watch my walkthrough of this event here:


  • You cannot complete this event at the same time as a downtown developer event
  • This event is available forever so there is no rush to begin it but once you do start the first timer will begin, then it should take 30 days to complete
  • A new permit is issued every 24 hours, if you earn enough resources before the 24 hours is over you can spend social points to get a new permit early
  • The location will be different for you and it will only be places you have already unlocked so you don’t have to build any new locations to find the resources
  • Only three sims can collect shards at once
  • A shard is not a whole resource, if you don’t collect a whole resource in 24 hours you will lose the shards you have collected:
      • 3 Wood Shards= 1 Wood
      • 4 Fiberglass Shards= 1 Fiberglass
      • 5 Metal Shards= 1 Metal
  • The next major timer doesn’t start until the previous major milestone is complete
  • There are 9 stages to complete, completing each stage earns you rewards:
      • Stage 1- 2SP
      • Stage 2- Major upgrade, 2LP, 4SP and 1 Fiberglass (which can then be used in the next stage)
      • Stage 3- 5SP
      • Stage 4- Major upgrade, S5,000, 6SP and 1 Metal (which can then be used in the next stage)
      • Stage 5- 8SP
      • Stage 6- Major upgrade, S10,000, 10SP and 1 Metal (which can then be used in the next stage)
      • Stage 7- S20,000
      • Stage 8- 15SP
      • Stage 9/Final Stage- Empty SuperYacht Lot and S50,000
    • How many resources do I need for each stage?
  •  Below I have listed how many resources you will need for each stage, some stages carry over resources from previous stages and some resources are rewards for reaching certain stages so I have only included how many you will need to make for that stage but I have included the total above those stages, for example stage 1 and 2 requires 6 Wood in total, you make 1 in stage 1 and the other 5 in stage 2:
    • Stages 1 & 2- 6 Wood in total 
      • Stage 1- 1 Wood
      • Stage 2- 5 Wood
    • Stages 3 & 4- 12 Wood and 8 Fiberglass
      • Stage 3- 7 Wood and 3 Fiberglass
      • Stage 4- 5 Wood and 4 Fiberglass
    • Stages 5 & 6- 8 Wood, 7 Fiberglass and 6 Metal
      • Stage 5- 3 Wood, 3 Fiberglass and 2 Metal
      • Stage 6- 5 Wood, 4 Fiberglass and 3 Metal
    • Stages 7, 8 & 9- 25 Wood, 20 Fiberglass and 15 Metal
      • Stage 7- 8 Wood, 8 Fiberglass and 6 Metal
      • Stage 8- 9 Wood, 7 Fiberglass and 5 Metal
      • Stage 9/ Final Stage- 8 Wood, 5 Fiberglass and 3 Metal
  • Want to see my walkthrough of this event? Watch my video here

What do I think of this event? It definitely feels like they have learnt from a few mistakes with Downtown Developer Events, for example, changing the timing depending on what resource we are collecting and allowing us to buy permits early but I still am not a fan of this type of event. It is a lot of effort however the super yacht prize is more exciting than an apartment!


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18 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- SuperYacht Event

  1. I’ve noticed when buying some houses that other users have made that they have different ‘gardens’ so to speak. Like there’s a house with the ocean in the background, a house that has a mysterious background etc. how can you change it?

  2. If I don’t finish the grand prize within the timeframe, I can purchase the prize? So the benefit of completing on time is free vs using resources, or are there prizes only available if completed in time?

      • Is the final prize actually achievable within the deadline without purchasing the person to help you get resources?
        On the other downtown developer ones I’ve been miles off and aside from when I’m asleep I’ve collected the shards as soon as they’re finished so it was rather disappointing to be so far off the time limit. I don’t want to spend SP on buying new permits if realistically I’m not going to be able to do it?

  3. Thank you for the awesome post as always! I have trouble understanding something: if I skip with social points when I have to wait for the next permit, will my remaining time get shorter too? Or is it a fix 15 days x 24 hours for stage 7-8-9? If I can’t finish I’m gonna have a mental breakdown about those gorgeous spiral stairscases! I think the game is trying to cheat me on the time, I’m highly suspicious my end time is getting shorter with the amount I’m skipping which 12 hours every 3rd day because I have to sleep too 😮

    • You’re welcome! Your remaining time shouldn’t decrease if you skip with social points, you should have the remaining time from the previous day added otherwise I’m not sure why they would give you the option to skip with SP if it doesn’t make it easier to complete!

  4. So I’ve started the event and been able to get all available shards from each permit every time but yet I’m still way off the deadlines. So it doesn’t seem like this is achievable at all without spending SP?

    • Hi,
      Did it end up being achievable? This is where I am now. I finishing collecting all resources on site and must wait, yet I am below the amount of resources needed to complete the stage. I even put alarms to wake up at night.

      • It was not, not unless you want to spend tons of SP on extra permits which I didn’t. So I just cut my losses and missed out on the prize. As well you might need to buy several permits to get to the resource you need to complete so it would be way expensive to do this. Shame really. It should be achievable without SP if you collect all available shards in each permit I feel but it was not.

  5. I am disappointed that if you get behind for whatever reason, life tends to get in the way of the game, you never catch up. Collecting resources I still had to wait for several hours for the next permit before I could move on. That wasn’t fair as I therefore had no chance of winning the completed yacht. I don’t want to spend every minute of every day playing. That’s just ridiculous.

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