The Sims Freeplay- Which Career Earns The Most?

I get asked a lot which career at the highest level will earn sims the most money and XPs, in the table below I have put the amount they earn each time they complete a shift at the highest level in each career:

Artist 7 hours Level 5 1,260 1,740
Athlete 6 hours Level 5 1,800 1,600
Filmmaker* 8 hours Level 6 1,890 1,320
Level 10 (specialised) 2,100 2,040
Firefighter 9 hours Level 5 1,500 1,500
 Medical Staff* 12 hours Level 6 1,890 1320
Level 10 (specialised) 2,100 1,920
 Musician 7 hours Level 5 1,750 1,250
 Police* 8 hours Level 6 1,640 1,200
Level 10 (specialised) 2,020 1,920
 Politician 7 hours Level 5 1,220 1,780
Real Estate Agent Levels 1-3= 7 hours

Levels 4-5= 5 hours

Level 5 1,525 1,475
 Scientist 8 hours Level 5 1,400 1,560
 Teacher Levels 1-3= 7 hours

Levels 4-5= 5 hours

Level 5 1,045 1,955

*Profession Careers

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The Sims Freeplay- How Much Does it Cost to Build a Workplace? (Workplace Price Increases)

This has been a much requested post, it has just taken me a while to get all the information collected for it! This post shows how much it costs to build each workplace, the time it takes and how many sims are needed in your town as all three of these factors increase each time you build a workplace.

NOTE: this table included the profession workplaces (police station, movie studio and hospital) and Simtown High School.

0 2 minutes 30 seconds 500 1
1 2 hours 500 1
2 4 hours 600 4
3 8 hours 2,500 5
4 12 hours 2,500 6
5 16 hours 5,000 8
6 1 day 10,000 10
7 1 day 4 hours 20,000 12
8 1 day 8 hours 100,000 14
9 1 day 12 hours 150,000 16
10 1 day 12 hours 600,000 18
11 1 day 12 hours 1,000,000 18

However some workplaces that you have to build during a quest do not follow this pattern, some may be completely different while others such as the Simtown Elementary take a certain amount of time to build and this doesn’t change but the cost and sims needed still increase each time you build a workplace.

Does building a workplace increase the price, time and sims needed for simtown businesses or houses?

No, building a workplace only increases the requirements for building another workplace, it will not affect a business or house. If you build a business then the requirements will increase for the next business only and if you built a house only the time and cost for building a new house will increase.

You can find the table for Businesses here

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The Sims Freeplay- Competition Center

The competition center is a good way to earn extra LPs or simoleons, if you haven’t built it yet you can find out where it is in simtown from the town map 
The higher level you are in a career or hobby the more chance you have of winning first prize at the competition center.

When you click on the competition center (as shown in the picture below) it will appear with a competition (I had the archery hobby) it tells you how much you will get for each placing (which is always the same, regardless of the competition you get):

  • 1st place- 3LPs
  • 2nd place- 1LP
  • 3rd place- S1000 and 1000XPs
  • 4th place- S500 and 500XPs

Then you can select a sim- always go for the sim with the highest level in that hobby/career (it will tell you what level your sims are at)

For example: Zack is level 6 in archery so I would definitely use him over Hayley who has never done archery before (level 0/6)

NOTE: your sim must not be busy for them to partake in a competition, they will appear greyed out if they are busy.

Once you have selected your sim they will be busy competing for 24 hours, once the time is up you will need to go back to the competition center to see where they were placed.

If your sim is level 6 then they should come first but they don’t always!



At 9am everyday a new competition becomes available if your sim isn’t partaking in one already so keep checking back until you find one that you want to do!

NOTE: If you changed a sims career or hobby, for example if they did cooking and then you changed them to fishing their skill level for cooking will now be 0 so entering a cooking competition will earn them fourth place.

Is it worth it? I rarely use the competition center if I am being completely honest, its a good way to make a few extra LPs but it does mean your sim cannot do anything else for a whole day.

Which careers appear at the competition center?

  • Teaching
  • Acting
  • Politics
  • Music
  • Real Estate
  • Science
  • Athletics
  • Student (preteen required)
  • High School Student (teen required)
  • Firefighting
  • Artist (art competition)

These are all the ones I have seen so far but I am still updating this post, if you have seen others please comment and I will add them to this post

Which hobbies appear at the competition center?

  • Survivalist
  • Skill Tester
  • Bird Feeding
  • Quilting
  • Ghost Hunting
  • Catwalk Modelling
  • Chocolatier
  • Broomstick Flying
  • Cooking
  • Sim Nation Teen Idol
  • Bowling
  • Fishing
  • Ballet
  • Karate
  • Diving
  • Musical Expression
  • Potion Brewing
  • Breakdancing Battle
  • Playhouse
  • Salsa Dancing
  • Figure Skating
  • Fashion Contest (Fashion Designer Hobby)
  • Finger Painting
  • Woodworking
  • Juggling
  • Pinballer
  • Storyteller
  • Spell Casting

These are all the ones I have seen so far but I am still updating this post, if you have seen others please comment and I will add them to this post

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The Sims Freeplay- Career Guide: Getting a Job, Sending a Sim to Work and Quitting

This is a quick guide for those of you who are confused about getting a job and sending a sim to work.
Getting a Job
Working is a great way to make money, to get a job you need to find the careers and education tab, which is the first one on the sims information panel.

Next to your sims picture it should say unemployed, click on the blue suitcase:


You will then open up the list of careers, as you unlock more workplaces you will unlock more careers, once you find the one you want click ‘accept this job?’

Sending a Sim to Work
You can send your sims to work whenever you want during the day but only once a day.

To send them to work, go to the simtracker and find the sim, you will see a pulsing suitcase under the image of them, as shown in the picture below:



Click on the suitcase and you will be asked to confirm you want them to go to work:


Can I send a sim to work automatically?

No, you have to manually send them sometime during the day.

What happens if I don’t send my sim to work everyday, will they lose their job?
No they don’t lose their job, nothing happens apart from you not receiving any money or increasing their level.

My sim won’t go to work, why?

They may be in a bad mood, improve their mood and then try again.

How often can I send them to work?

You can send them once a day

NOTE: You can send your sims to work again at/after 12am as it is the start of a new day

Quitting Work

You can quit a job the same way you get a sim a job.

Go to the job tab of the information panel


Click on the job icon of the sim you want to quit

When the choose occupation screen appears you will see a red box under the job they have saying quit job, click that:

imageIt will ask you if you are sure, say yes:


They will have quit their job

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The Sims Freeplay- Careers: Politician

This post will tell you all you need to know about the politician career.

What do you need to start this career?

You need to build the town hall to unlock this career.

What hours do they work?

You can send your sims to work anytime of the day for 7 hours.

What are the levels and how much money and XPs do you get for a days work?

  1. Secretary S 950 XP 595
  2. Intern S 1030 XP 890
  3. Campaign Manager S 1140 XP 1260
  4. Council Member S 1170 XP 1530
  5. Mayor S 1220 XP 1780

Are there items for my home that can improve my sims job level?

Yes, you can buy the mirror from promotions r us, it costs S300, once placed in a house you can practice speech for 3 hours.


Hope this helps!

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