The Sims Freeplay- How Much Does it Cost to Build a Business? (Businesses Price Increases)

This has been a much requested post, it has just taken me a while to get all the information collected for it! This post shows how much it costs to build each business, the time it takes and how many sims are needed in your town as all three of these factors increase each time you build a business.

0 4 minutes 500 2
1 4 hours 1,000 4
2 8 hours 7,500 6
3 12 hours 7,500 6
4 1 day 15,000 7
5 1 day 6 hours 20,000 8
6 1 day 12 hours 100,000 9
7 1 day 18 hours 150,000 10
8 1 day 20 hours 200,000 11
9 2 days 250,000 12
10 2 days 6 hours 275,000 13
11 2 days 12 hours 300,000 14
12 2 days 18 hours 325,000 15
13 2 days 18 hours 350,000 16
14 2 days 18 hours 500,000 17
15 2 days 18 hours 700,000 18
16 2 days 18 hours 850,000 19
17 2 days 18 hours 900,000 20
18 2 days 18 hours 950,000 21
19 2 days 18 hours 1,000,000 22
20 2 days 18 hours 2,000,000 22
21 2 days 18 hours 3,000,000 22
22 2 days 18 hours 3,000,000 22
23 2 days 18 hours 3,500,000 23
24 2 days 18 hours 3,500,000 23
25 2 days 18 hours 3,500,000 23

If they add anymore businesses I assume they will be the same requirements as they are for 25

However some businesses that you have to build during a quest or to begin a quest do not follow this pattern, some may be completely different while others such as the Community Center take a certain amount of time to build and this doesn’t change but the cost and sims needed still increase each time you build a business.

NOTE: the arcade, beach, pet park and carnival cost orbs to build not simoleons

Does building a business increase the price, time and sims needed for workplaces or houses? No, building a business only increases the requirements for building another business, it will not affect a workplace or house. If you build a workplace then the requirements will increase for the next workplace only and if you built a house only the time and cost for building a new house will increase.

You can find the table for Workplaces here


8 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- How Much Does it Cost to Build a Business? (Businesses Price Increases)

  1. Hi, I have only started playing around New Year. Thanks so much for your efforts in writing the blog, it helps me as I find the best strategy to complete the Quests and Hobbies. I am not sure is it because of the update, but my 12th business to be built will cost 325, 000 simoleons instead of 350, 000. Hope to give back for what I receive.

  2. Alright so after looking this over and attempting some further research on the matter I have a bit on confusion. Perhaps (hopefully) you have some clarification?
    I am currently at Level 40, with no active discovery quests going. I am trying to carefully plan out in order which buildings I want next. The last one I just completed was the Health Hub/Grooving Guru Quest. That was about 1/2 price than the rest of them. Before that I built the Private Island for $950,000. So I would imagine that the Private Island was building #18, and the Health Hub did not count to increase the next purchase. The next build is going to cost $1,000,000. According to this table I should have 5 more things to build but here is what I have left that is not built:
    Sorcerous Supply Store
    Maternity Store
    Simtown Express
    Costume & Swim Store
    So I have 6 more to build rather than 5. Does anyone know how much a 24th building will cost? Also any advice on what order to do these would be greatly appreciated. I am thinking that I will go in the order I have listed just because from what I am finding the castle seems to wind up being expensive and very time consuming. Is there a cost and time delay on building the hospital once I have completed the Simtown Express?

    • Sorry, I hadn’t updated this post recently to add the other buildings (I believe there are 25 now (I hope there are, I counted about 10 times!) and they seem to be the same cost as number 23
      I think you’ve picked a good order there and the hospital is a workplace so that cost will increase as you build the workplaces.

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