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The Sims Freeplay- The Grooving Guru Quest

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys

LEVEL: 9 TIME LIMIT: 7 days UNLOCKS: health hub and aerobics hobby PRIZE: activewear

New Year, New Sims! Get ready for the Health Hub! I’m so excited that there is now a sort of gym in town! The Grooving Guru is a NEW discovery quest that begins once you build the Health Hub, you can find the health hub next to the pet salon:

You cannot complete this quest at the same time as any other discovery quest

Once you have built the Health Hub the quest and time limit will begin, if you complete this quest in the time limit you will unlock activewear outfits for your adult sims! You can still complete this quest if you don’t finish it in the time limit, you just won’t win the outfits.

How long does this quest take to complete?

Times may vary depending on the star rating an item has 

  • Visit Health Hub

  • Research Gym Etiquette- 5 minutes (computer)

  • Train on the cross trainer- 5 hours 40 minutes

  • Clean up the kitchen- you need to clean up 3 things:

  1. Broken tiles- 5 hours 45 minutes
  2. Trash- 5 hours 15 minutes
  3. Leaky Roof- 10 hours 25 minutes

TIP: have two sims at the health hub so you can clean up the trash and tiles at the same time, you can’t fix the roof until the trash is out of the way!

  • Refresh with a drink- 5 minutes (fridge)

  • Watch ‘Barry’s fitness bonanza’- 1 hour 12 minutes

  • Kick over a trashcan- 2 seconds (if the trashcan has already been knocked over, clean it up and then you will get this option)

  • Investigate the music (go to the park)
  • Meet the dancing man- 5 minutes

  • Dance with Skippy- 2 hours 30 minutes

  • Tell Skippy the time- 6 hours 15 minutes

  • Snore in bed- 9 hours

  • Revisit the health hub
  • Set up new machine- you need to unpack two boxes- 19 hours 45 minutes each (get two sims to unpack these at the same time)

  • Use the rowing machine- 25 minutes

  • Flex for a neighbour- 5 minutes (select the interaction between two sims)

  • Call Skippy on the phone- 6 hours

  • Sleep fitfully in bed- 12 hours

  • Send dance party invitations- 5 minutes

  • Have a dance party- 8 hours 30 minutes (it doesn’t actually say how many sims you need for this but its not a party with one person so I had two sims doing this, one selected dance party and the other join in)

  • Ask Skippy for advice- 5 minutes

  • Comfort Skippy- 1 hour 15 minutes

  • Agree to help Skippy- 13 hours 15 minutes

  • Return to the health hub
  • Help set up the aerobics space- you need to clean up 3 things:

  1. Leaky roof- 10 hours 25 minutes
  2. 2 Packing boxes- 19 hours 45 minutes each

TIP: have 3 sims completing this task at the same time!

  • Say farewell to Skippy- 5 minutes


Once you complete this quest the Aerobics Event will begin, there is a time limit of 7 days and each time you complete the hobby collection you will earn another activewear outfit for your male and female adult sims- there are 7 packs to earn. I’m not sure why there is a time limited hobby event as soon as we unlock the new Aerobics hobby- usually when we unlock a new hobby we just have to complete it once in a time limit to earn an extra prize so this may be difficult! The post can be found here

Prize: Activewear

Where can I find it? In the wardrobe, under outfits for a male and female adult sims

Cost: Free

Is it worth it? I always love new clothes but if you don’t manage to complete in the time limit don’t worry as you can earn more activewear in the aerobics hobby event!

Thanks for reading!

Watch my step by step video of this quest here:

Last updated: January 2018

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys- may differ from actual version


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