The Sims Freeplay- The Grooving Guru Quest

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys

LEVEL UNLOCKS: 9 UNLOCKS: health hub and aerobics hobby TIME LIMIT: 7 days PRIZE: activewear

Once you have built the Health Hub this discovery quest will begin, you can find the health hub next to the pet salon in simtown. If you complete this quest in the time limit you will unlock activewear for your adult sims, you can still complete this quest once the time limit is up to unlock the aerobics hobby but you won’t get the activewear

You cannot complete this quest at the same time as any other discovery quest


Times may vary depending on the star rating an item has 

  • Visit Health Hub

  • Research Gym Etiquette- 5 minutes (computer)

  • Train on the cross trainer- 5 hours 40 minutes

  • Clean up the kitchen- you need to clean up 3 things:

  1. Broken tiles- 5 hours 45 minutes
  2. Trash- 5 hours 15 minutes
  3. Leaky Roof- 10 hours 25 minutes

TIP: have two sims at the health hub so you can clean up the trash and tiles at the same time, you can’t fix the roof until the trash is out of the way!

  • Refresh with a drink- 5 minutes (fridge)

  • Watch ‘Barry’s fitness bonanza’- 1 hour 12 minutes

  • Kick over a trashcan- 2 seconds (if the trashcan has already been knocked over, clean it up and then you will get this option)

  • Investigate the music (go to the park)
  • Meet the dancing man- 5 minutes

  • Dance with Skippy- 2 hours 30 minutes

  • Tell Skippy the time- 6 hours 15 minutes

  • Snore in bed- 9 hours

  • Revisit the health hub
  • Set up new machine- you need to unpack two boxes- 19 hours 45 minutes each (get two sims to unpack these at the same time)

  • Use the rowing machine- 25 minutes

  • Flex for a neighbour- 5 minutes (select the interaction between two sims)

  • Call Skippy on the phone- 6 hours

  • Sleep fitfully in bed- 12 hours

  • Send dance party invitations- 5 minutes

  • Have a dance party- 8 hours 30 minutes (it doesn’t actually say how many sims you need for this but its not a party with one person so I had two sims doing this, one selected dance party and the other join in)

  • Ask Skippy for advice- 5 minutes

  • Comfort Skippy- 1 hour 15 minutes

  • Agree to help Skippy- 13 hours 15 minutes

  • Return to the health hub
  • Help set up the aerobics space- you need to clean up 3 things:

  1. Leaky roof- 10 hours 25 minutes
  2. 2 Packing boxes- 19 hours 45 minutes each

TIP: have 3 sims completing this task at the same time!

  • Say farewell to Skippy- 5 minutes


Once you complete this quest the Aerobics Hobby Event will begin, there is a time limit of 7 days and each time you complete the hobby collection you will earn another activewear outfit for your male and female adult sims- there are 7 packs to earn. I’m not sure why there is a time limited hobby event as soon as we unlock the new Aerobics hobby- usually when we unlock a new hobby we just have to complete it once in a time limit to earn an extra prize so this is very difficult!

Prize: Activewear

Where can I find it? In the wardrobe, under outfits for a male and female adult sims

Cost? Free

Is it worth it? I always love new clothes but if you don’t manage to complete in the time limit don’t worry as you can earn more activewear in the aerobics hobby event!

Watch my step by step video of this quest here:

Last updated January 2018



42 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- The Grooving Guru Quest

  1. What happens when you can’t get the dance quest finished? Mine went halfway 6 months ago and then quit. The car never shows up at the park. I’m level 55 and can’t get the sorcerers place nor this health club started. I also can’t seem to contact tech support via firemonkeys. Any suggestions?

  2. Thank you for posting this! You’re so helpful and I love knowing what is coming up next instead of going into this blind. Happy New Year to you. Here’s to happy simming in 2017. 🙂

  3. I wish I’d found your blog and video sooner! Thank u so much! The cooking grind has made life so much simpler. I’m getting LP’s like candy! Keep up the great work, hun! xx

  4. That aerobics hobby is brutal; nearly 5 hours for each play, and a 7-day time-limit. It’s impossible to get all outfits without using LPs within the time period. Guess I’ll have to go heavy with my “cooking parties” 🙂

  5. Ughhhh. I have completed the quest, won the prize of workout clothes and my new timed aerobics hobby has started and I have to clean the bathrooms. Do you know if the hobby will come back again in a few months?

  6. I just want to say thank you for your whole blog. I can’t imagine how much time and energy you must put into it and everything you post is so helpful!

  7. Hi. I made it to the Aerobics challenge and just noticed there is debris in the side yard of the building. A couple of fallen branches and a rock with weeds. I can’t get a Sim to clean it up. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks!

  8. I just did this quest a couple of weeks ago and I’m glad I waited I had on sim on the longest hobby and they jumped to level 3 after the first go. Thank gooodness I had another on the shorter one because that’s the only way to unlock level 2 prizes. My first sim did only the longest hobby and got to level 6 in just over a day. I actually got all outfits maxing out the number of sims who could do this hobby on day 2. I hope this is permanent because then the hobby prizes are attainable.

    • Yes, it seems they listened and made levelling up easier, and the aerobics event is coming back soon for those of us who weren’t able to complete it the first time due to the levelling up issue!

  9. Please help me! I am still doing my dance to remember quest and this grooving guru suddenly starts. What do I do? I still have a long way until dance to remember finishes but the time limit is already started 😦 i havent even built the health hub bcs the quest havent finish

  10. This quest start at the same time with nanny knows better. Meanwhile I couldn’t build the health hub before I finishing nanny knows better. As result I couldn’t complete this quest because I didn’t have much lps to speed up nanny’s know better quest. How could that happen? That’s so mean. It should be started after the health hub is built. You could never complete it in time this way. Unless you have tons of lps. Can you give me solution to complete this without lps? Or maybe I shouldn’t update the app before I complete namny quest?

  11. What’s frustrating is the complete useless of the space. There are 4 steps you can’t use for completing the quest and all the other machines don’t serve any purpose. I would rather have sort of Police station work space for making my Sim the ultimate workout trainer 😦

  12. Hi my steps are totally different wonder if you could write down the new steps… I totally understand that this was a year ago which you wrote and have also mentioned that you will try to keep up with it so yes I just wanted to let you know that it has been changed. Thanks a lot your steps told before hand help a lot…

  13. Hi, for the hobby event do you have to complete all seven to get the seven outfits or do you receive one set of male and female outfits each time you get to level 6 of the hobby. Hope this makes sense? Xx

  14. Hi do you know the time and money required to spruce up the health hub? U have a similar post regarding the restaurant but I can’t find any regarding the health hub.

    • Sorry I haven’t had a chance to create this post yet, I will add that to my to do list. I’m not sure on timings right now but the only cost is for the health hub when you first build it, cleaning the health hub doesn’t cost anything

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