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The Sims Freeplay- Hobbies: Aerobics


This hobby and the time limited Aerobics Event start as soon as you complete the A Grooving Guru Quest

The Aerobics Event has a time limit of 7 days, you have to complete the aerobics hobby collection 7 times in 7 days to unlock all the new activewear outfits (a collection means finding all 12 items in the hobby grid, not just one row!)
Who can do Aerobics?

Only adult sims, 15 sims can do this hobby

How can they do Aerobics?

Using an aerobics step after completing the a grooving guru quest

Where can they do Aerobics?

At the Health Hub and at home using aerobic steps from the promotions r us store, you can buy 14 aerobic steps, each time you buy the steps the price increases for the next one you buy:

  • 1st- S1,000
  • 2nd- S1,100
  • 3rd- S1,300
  • 4th- S2,500
  • 5th- S9,000
  • 6th- S20,000
  • 7th- S35,000
  • 8th- S50,000
  • 9th- 8SPs
  • 10th- 12SPs
  • 11th- 18SPs
  • 12th- 26SPs
  • 13th- 32SPs
  • 14th- 40SPs

Find them in your inventory under hobby and career items to place in your house:

What are the options?

Warm up- 4 hours 50 minutes

Shake it off- 6 hours 30 minutes

Why can you only use one of the steps at the Health Hub? The other 4 can be used but only for 10 minutes, its like the main sim is taking a class but those sims aren’t doing the hobby

What is the level up percentage for each option?

This may change in future updates

For example if you did the 4h50m option, you would need to do this 20 times or the 6h30m option 10 times to reach level 6.

NOTE: it says 160% but you will start at 0% at level 2

What are the levels?

  1. Arrthymic Amateur
  2. Isometric Initiate
  3. Fiery Feet
  4. Aerobic Adept
  5. Lyrca-clad Legend
  6. Stepping Sage

What do you win?

If you complete in the time limit you will unlock all 7 sets of activewear, so each time you complete the collection you will get one female adult and one male adult activewear outfit:

Once the event is over you will earn 2LPs for everytime you complete the collection.

 Tips for completing in the time limit

This one is not going to be easy! Trying to reach level 6 in the time is going to be hard enough without having to complete the collection 7 times!

  • I would recommend having one sim doing the longest option to try and level up quicker while other sims can do the shorter option to find the collectibles for the levels you have currently unlocked.
  • Have as many sims as you possible can completing this hobby event- I have 9, 8 at home and 1 at the health hub:

  • Remember to click start new collection at the top of the aerobics collection list once you have got all of the collectibles, as shown in this post
  • Once you have completed the collection for the first time you can have all sims on the shortest option, as once you reach level 6 all the items will be unlocked so the shortest option will help you earn more collectibles in the time limit!
  • You can always use the lucky spin on a row if you are really struggling, this video shows you how the lucky spin works


NOTE: I don’t know whether they will bring this back as a time limited hobby event one day if we don’t manage to complete it in the time limit but I really hope they do!

Confused about hobbies? Read my Hobbies Frequently Asked Questions post

Thanks for reading!



Author: weightlessmagic

I'm a 22 year old from England who is passionate about being creative, I would like to say I'm good with words but I'm really not! Hopefully you will find my blogs helpful and entertaining! Enjoy! x

36 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Hobbies: Aerobics

  1. For anyone who is interested additional aerobics steps cost the following- 8sp, 12sp, 18sp, 26sp, 32sp, 40sp then caps for a town max of 15 (which i assume would include the 14 available for purchase + the one in the health club)… didn’t buy any of the ones costing social points myself just added them to the cart as though I was going to buy to see the cost😕

  2. Once you have multiple activewear outfits, how do you select which ones your sims wear during the aerobics hobby?

  3. I have good neighbours so I’m using their “total pets” lot in order to gain Lp. In order to reach the 6th level in time you NEED them. I usually use them when, in order to complete the task, you can use only 1 Lp: for the 6h 30m task you have to wait 4h31min and then you can use it. more “nerd mode” than expensive, because it requires a lot of time playing, but in this way I have almost 3 days to find most of the rewards.

  4. Is it possible to unlock all of the outfits within the time limit? I did the math for my game and which timings would be more worth it, but I still cut down to getting level 6 on the second to last day. There’s no way that I can do all the rest of the outfits in the remaining 2 days! 😦 Plus there is also the ice sculpture hobby coming soon with the Christmas items from the castle last year. It’s probably possible, just not very realistic

    • If you use a lot of LPs then yes its possible. But is it fair? Definitely not!

    • I did unlock all outfits, but it required 1) speeding through getting the first run through the hobby with some LP, and then 2) setting a timer and buying all of the allowed steps and having 15 Sims jumping around at the same time. Very time-consuming! To have enough LPs to do that first run-through I’ve gotten in the habit of having all adult Sims working on any of the hobbies that have 10-minute times for earning points – swimming, fashion designer, etc – between quests and special events. I just leave the game running in the background all the time and check it when I can. It’s amazing how quickly those LPs add up. Also, any Sims not involved in a quest are earning points all the time. Thanks, Weightlessmgic, for that basic tip!

  5. Why can you only use the one stepper at the health hub?

  6. With the outfit prizes, are they only for doing the hobby or can your sims wear them wherever? No wonder there was a Sim Town Market event for a time extension, they knew we’d need it! Next time they have a Sim Town Market event for a time extension, We’ll all know that we’re about to be flooded with events xD

  7. To make best use of your time/lps consider using both “shake it off” and “warm up” strategically. For example: for level 1 your sim does 1 shake; for level 2 your sim does 1 shake + 1 warm; for level 3 your sim does 2 shake + 1 warm; for level 4 it would be 3 shake + 1 warm; for level 5 it would be 10 shakes.

  8. I think it should be possible to do the challenges without using LPs or SPs. I haven’t gotten any sets yet, but my one Sim is still on Level 4 and others are on Level 3.

  9. This has been impossible for me. With the limited times of 4h50m or 6h30m and trying to work and also sleep, I’m lucky to get through two rounds a day. There’s only two days left to this event and my 8 sims that I have doing this haven’t even hit the maximum xp level yet to unlock the last three aerobics workouts to even get the first set of athletic gear unlocked. I know that they’ll bring this back again but it’s so frustrating that they introduce a new hobby that takes forever to unlock all of the tiers while you’re doing the timer to collect all tiers 7 times for the different outfits. Very disappointed with this quest line.

  10. I agree with you Tara. I literally have 33 hours left and I just got the first set yesterday and none of my sims are even level 6 yet, they are actually only 8% into level 5. It sucks because I did want at least half of what was offered and the next event is coming up. Unfair…

  11. Hi there this doesn’t have to do with the event… I was organizing my houses and items with in. Then all the sudden it said I had reached the items cap! I have lights and plants and varies other items locked now! What is going on? I have never had this before. I am max level 55 with 32 sims. What do I do. I need those locked items. They locked my lamps plants and decor. Will they ever unlock again?

  12. I can’t get my sims to use the steppers in the gym, only the instructor step at the front

  13. Bummed. I wanted the workout clothes so I bought 14 aerobic steppers, I’m VIP 10 and used all of my extensions collected, also used my SPs to help level up and still only got 2 outfits. This was the worse ever challenge.

  14. One of my sims accidentally peed on the aerobic mat in the health hub. I can’t clean it because it’s in the middle of the mat, so when I press it just allows me to “warm up” or “shake it off”. Is there any way to clean the pee? I’m really annoyed about the yellow puddle on it.

    • This happened to me once at the lake, I couldn’t clean it because it would just come up with the fishing option but when I next updated my game the pee had disappeared so hopefully this still happens!

  15. I just now got the aerobics maxxed out last night. Now, I’m having the same problem with the ice sculpting. Have as many sculptors as allowed and I’m still a 5/6 with 2 days left. I wish they would not introduce a new hobby with time limited prizes at the same time. Introduce the hobby, give us a chance to get a sim to unlock all levels and then bring in the time limited prizes at a later date. I’m not spending money to unlock things with LPs. I already had a few sims age out and had to spend LPs to keep them as an adult since they made it that seniors and teens can’t work on the sculpting or aerobics either and with back to back challenges, all of my adults have been reaching senior age and if I age them, I have no adult to do the quest because if I kill my senior off, I am not filling the life orb and my town is maxxed out on how many sims I can have and with the weekly quests too, you need at least 1-2 of each type of sim depending on the challenge you get there. PLUS they have the Simtown Market challenge at the same time???? I can’t have them doing their hobbies to try to get those challenges met and also have them work at the careers that require constant monitoring to get the day done to get things ticked off for the market. I still need to be able to sleep, eat, work and sometimes have a personal life and not be monitoring a game 24/7 to be able to get everything done. Spread out the challenges more, one at a time and leave breaks in between again. I used to enjoy playing SIMS but they’re starting to make it that you can’t complete anything without spending real world cash and that shouldn’t be a requirement. I may stop playing soon if they don’t stop this.

  16. If I manage to complete a collection, will I be able to choose the outfit I like or it will be randomized?

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