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For help and to report an issue with your game please contact the Firemonkeys (makers of The Sims Freeplay) click here for my post explaining how to contact them

Latest Known Issues

November 2018:

Look at Charts task at the hospital won’t complete- they are aware of this issue and it should be fixed in the next update

March 2019:

Players no longer have access to all the packs they have purchased from the online store- these should all be back, if you still have some packs that are missing let me know and I will let the makers know so they can return these too

Sims cannot walk up/down stairs- this issue has been fixed, update your game by going to the app store finding the sims freeplay and click update

June 2019:

There are no branches at the farmhouse during the Missing Claus Quest so most players cannot search for truffles- the makers have finally released a fix for this so you should be able to complete it now, you also should have received 125LP so you can speed up the tasks and catch up

There are no boxes to unpack in the Missing Claus Quest- this issue has now been fixed

December 2019:

Coffee machines/ kettles now refill the hunger need rather than energy- this is a glitch and should be fixed in the next update at the latest. If you are trying to complete a weekly task that requires the coffee machine you may find it doesn’t complete, you can either skip the task with 10LP or personally I would wait until they have fixed the coffee machine issue above as it should fix this too

The event button in the corner of the screen won’t expand- the makers are aware of this issue and are working on a fix. If you cannot access the workplaces tab at a profession workplace due to this but have workstations you can upgrade you can click on these arrows to get to the workplaces tab, if not you might just need to wait until the Christmas quest is over before you can access the workplace tab:

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contacting the makers


1,050 thoughts on “Glitches

  1. Whenever I click the home store a pop up says “free” with a lp behind it. I click on it and nothing happens. Is this just a glitch?

      • Actually, I’m having the opposite problem. This pop-up keep showing up and giving 66 Lps every few minutes. I’ve tried contacting FireMonkey and reinstalling the game, but it didn’t work. I can’t access the camera/screenshot button when the pop-up shows up either. I’ll try to upload the picture somehow.

      • You are moaning about getting LPs? Sounds like a great glitch to me!
        If you have contacted them just wait for them to reply, there is nothing I can do to fix this issue.

  2. Please help been confused a while before I delete my Latin villa home to build a new one the Christmas gift was by the mail box every time I opened it nothing happens but it would re appear over and over no matter which sim open the gift I never got anything and the gift is still there and warning me about gift as I attempt to delete the house is there anything I should do to maybe receive my gift before I move on to a new home on the lot

    • The gift probably cannot be opened now that it is no longer Christmas. I think you should contact EA about this issue to see if they can fix this for you as I am unable to fix technical issues like this unfortunately.

  3. Hello, I updated my sims freeplay last week (police station, latest update), then I noticed that all the activities and the changes I did during 1 month till updating are gone. Plus all the simoleons, SP and LP that I bought with my iTunes card disappeared too 😦
    I wrote a message for support, they just replied with an automated message.

    Has anyone ever faced this issue before?

    • Did you save before you updated it? If not it may have reverted your game back to when you last saved, try contacting them again.
      If you go into settings and find restore purchases you may be able to get that money you brought back.

    • Me too, I spent money on a LP pack and still haven’t gotten a refund. That’s alotta money to lose due to a glitch!

    • These are the only fixes I have heard for this issue:
      -Try restarting your device
      -Cancel their shift
      -Use LPs to finish the task
      -Wait for them to finish their shift

      If none of these work for you then sorry but there is nothing else I can do, you will have to contact EA to see if they can fix this for you. They are aware of this problem so it should be fixed in the next update anyway.

  4. Ugh. My horse is stuck in the wall of my stables. I can’t do anything. Anyone else had this issue? How do I resolve it?

  5. Hey, I got a slight off topic thing. When my toddler became a preeteen there was a dress she wore that was unavailable in my closet. I was wondering if this happens commonly

  6. I need help, I have been playing for a while and have had pretty good luck. However currently my horse is stuck, it’s being the hay bale and her rear end is outside of the barn and the front half is in that back corner. No sim can reach the horse and I can’t figure out how to coax or move it. Any suggestions?

  7. Hello,
    I really love the game it’s been 2 years I’m playing on iPad mini 3. But after finishing the last update, I got really really deeply disappointed πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
    My simoleons, life style points, social points were gone, specifically those I bought through iTunes card. Plus all my achievements, changes, and questions accomplished were like they never happened at all. This is very frustrating. I removed and reinstalled the app, I tried pressing on restore my purchases, it didn’t work. Please Help. How can I return the activities that were done?

  8. A few days ago when i opened the game there was a pop up titled ‘store error’ the description was ‘error: unable to find offer’ and i clicked ok and the pop up gone, now the pop up shows up again but everytime i click ok the pop up keeps showing up. I have reboot my phone but the pop up still showing up now i cant play the game. Please help im on 2 tasks that im dying to finish on time 😦

    • I don’t know if this will work but have you tried disabling in app purchases in your settings? If that doesn’t work I think you may have to contact EA to see if they can fix this problem for you, sorry about that!

  9. I’m getting an error message as soon as the game loads and it will not go away!! What do I do??? I’ve already spent so much time and money and will hate if I have to reinstall game!!! It says Error: Cannot find offer.

    • I don’t know if this will work but have you tried disabling in app purchases in your settings? Also try restarting your device, if neither of those things work I think you may have to contact EA to see if they can fix this problem for you, sorry about that!

  10. My sim is stuck having completed a task at work but his police shift has ended. Annoying. Not sure how to fix this.
    Also side note, I missed out on the salsa dancing house prize a while back when the the event randomly ended prematurely. Why?!

    • These are the only fixes I have heard for this issue:
      -Try restarting your device
      -Cancel their shift
      -Use LPs to finish the task
      -Wait for them to finish their shift

      If none of these work for you then sorry but there is nothing else I can do, you will have to contact EA to see if they can fix this for you. They are aware of this problem so it should be fixed in the next update anyway.

      If the event ended early you will need to contact EA about this as well and they should be able to fix this for you.

  11. Hi,
    Im playing on the new police update. I haven’t played in a couple days 2-4 dont remember exactly. Now that im back my sims are obviously completely in the red they wouldnt move so i gave them all rainbow cake. It worked out the toddlers. They are moving and completing tasks. The adults now are all completely inspired but will not move. The objects wont even let me select any of them. Not sure what to do here. Any suggestions? Or similar experiences.

    And yes before I went on hiatus sims were given 1 rainbow cake.

  12. I am on level 32, been playing for about 2 years, An have invested money into this game as well. It keeps booting me out of my game while I’m finishing the pirate quest, And I can’t find the puppy. I play this game quite often an am extremely upset that I can’t right now. I’ve worked hard to get to this level to loose everything!!! And yes, I have message the EA people an gotten no reply. Really need answers please!!!

    • If restarting your device doesn’t help then sorry but there is nothing I can do, I cannot fix technical issues so you will need to contact EA again, they can be a bit slow sometimes so just keep on messaging them until they get back to you.

  13. My horse is stuck in the barn wall, and every time a try and make a sim rode it or feed it etc., nothing happens. I X’ed out, got back on, and the horse is still stuck. I turned my I pad off, turned it back on and got back on the sims freeplay, STILL STUCK!!!! Is there anything I can do? (Sorry if I spelt anything wrong)

  14. I made a new friend via a FB group. Her town has a very high value and whenever I visit it, my town’s value increases too (by, like, 500,000). Is this cheating? Is it a scam?

  15. Of all my house i have one, that my sims do some hobbies and its all glitchy and slow its a 3 story house i bought it and it was fine but now its really annoying i had to delete the 3rd floor , i though i was gonna be better the less things i have but still its slow on the second floor…

  16. I’ve been having glitches in my police work place. Started out in my favor, but was fixed in an update, then my sim got stuck completing a task, it won’t let me collect experience for him or assign him to new tasks or use the room he is stuck in. He has even now been fired from his job because I can’t send him back to work. I’ve tried everything the forum days, customer service ticket was opened with firemonkey and they have still not helped much. Idk what to do. He has been stuck for a week,and now the customer he was helping is stuck at the front desk.the only task I can do now is the special agent bus 😦 down because I really like this game and have spent money playing it.

    • These are the only fixes I have heard for this issue:
      -Try restarting your device
      -Cancel their shift
      -Use LPs to finish the task
      -Wait for them to finish their shift

      If none of these work for you then sorry but there is nothing else I can do, only EA will be able to sort this out for you. They are aware of this problem so it should be fixed in the next update anyway.

  17. I’m on this quest called an alien concept weather machines and it’s making me do double actions such as if it asks me deep sleep when it’s done nothing happens and I need to repeat the action

    • Sounds like the game isn’t saving your progress, make sure you update to the cloud before closing so that it saves your data. If this keeps happening you will need to contact EA.

  18. I don’t have the video thing in the corner that gives you free lps and stuff is this a glitch?
    Love your blog

    • This isn’t a glitch, sometimes they move it, have you checked in the goal tab? If it isn’t there then they may have removed it, they will probably readd it in a future update.

  19. I am so confused. I think there was a glitch last week. Whenever i visit a neighbour my town value pops up and i receive LPs. I thought visiting was a way to earn LPs I didnt realized that my town value was increasing until I noticed that the buildings got more expensive. I’m only on level 15 but my town value is 25M. Is there anyway to decrease my town value?

    • That currently is a glitch in the game but it won’t increase the cost of buildings as they increase each time you build a new one, not when your town value increases. You will need to contact EA about this issue if you would like them to fix this for you.

  20. Hi, your blog has been very helpful, but I couldn’t find the answer to my question anywhere. I just started the bird feeding quest and I can’t find the birdhouse illustrated magazine. I have bought another stack of magazines but I can’t find it anywhere. Please help!

  21. This is my second time playing sims freeplay. The first time i had no issues but this time it seems as though with several of my hobbies i keep getting the same results indefinitely. For example in fishing, I keep reeling in tyhe monster fishing over and over no matter which sims character i use. In fashion, i keep getting the same few pieces of clothing repeatedly. The same happens in the woodworking hobby, as well.
    Is anyone else having issues and if so what can I do?

    • Some hobbies just seem to take longer to finish these days, its not a glitch as everyone is experiencing the same thing, you just have to keep going, you will get the ones you need eventually.

      • It is interesting, though, that it seems like it’s the same few results. Fishing, I can got a whole afternoon getting just Polo Perch and Crab DeCan, and in Fashion, I’ve gotten those dumb fishing overalls, like, 10 times tonight. It seems like in the past, even if it took a long time to finish a hobby, at least I got a wider variety of repeats.

  22. Hi my sims starts Royal lineage task but stops halfway through and the can’t walk symbol appears above my head lol can you help plz πŸ™‚ thanks

  23. I have a glitch (it’s handy though) that I got: All of my sims, even if they were really sad, became inspired, with all of their needs bars full. It helped me but still, it’s a glitch. Could you please add it there.
    P.S I love your blogs and use them so much. Thanks

  24. I have a error pop up every time I log on to my Sims. It says store error, and I click okay, but it keeps popping up every time. Is this a glitch?

  25. The urban furniture event had a few days left and now it suddenly just said it’s over ? Am I the only one this happened too?

    • A lot of people are having this issue with the event ending early, you will need to contact EA to see if they can fix it for you as I am unable to fix technical issues. They are probably aware of this issue by now so hopefully they are working on fixing it for everyone.

      • The survivalist quest for the picnic basket ended like 3 days early for me. I exited the game using the save and exit button (like an idiot) and when I came back I was rudely informed that both the urban furniture event and survivalist quest had ended and I would not be able to win the picnic basket or the last urban furniture pack. I was ticked! Lol…

  26. Any updates on the Urban Furniture event ending early? I’ve contacted the monkey tech support site EA sends you to, but I never get a response.

      • I’m just relieved it wasn’t just me! I thought maybe I somehow managed to start it really, really, really late.

        And I don’t know why it matters; I don’t LOVE any of the Urban Furniture, but I did wonder what had happened!

  27. Last month I brought the salon for 250 something and 4 hours before it was finished i decided to use m lp and when i clicked on it it had crashed and when i got back into the game for 2 days whatever i assigned my sims to do then left the game and when i came back their actions would be reset. I’ve considered on taking the updates (police and the movie thing) but i dont know if my ipod could take it.. Is there a way I can somehow repair this glitch? I’m on the senior quest now and i really need to get the snow park

    • The only fix for this issue is to restart your device before you play the game, this is only a temporary fix though and doesn’t work all the time, I used to play on my iPad one but with each update I found it crashed more and restarting no longer worked all the time

      • It’s still crashing every time I try to click the salon, what would happen if I were to back up my save using icloud and redownload the game? I’ve been considering that thought for awhile but I’m not sure if i should go on with my plan

  28. Like many others, Urban Furniture and Sleepwear Events ended early. I decided to finally do the Nanny quest(I’m on level 45), and got to the Musical Expression timed event. That also ended early! I would think EA would somehow not let all of us waste our time. It’s been WEEKS and no solution. Thanks, just venting πŸ˜‰

      • STILL working on the issue… Via fire monkeys and the EA website. I see the chocolatier event is coming up! NOPE.

    • I’ve had four timed events (including 2 timed hobby events) end early. I have a request in with EA currently. Apparently they don’t know what’s causing the issue but are trying to resolve it. It’s been happening since the last update. They initially thought that the glitch was due to people changing date/time on their device, but many people (like myself) are having this problem and have never changed the date/time. I’m a bit frustrated, especially with the chocolatier event starting soon. I really want this hobby but I’m not even going to try until the glitch is resolved…I’ve lost too many LPs. Thanks, I’m venting too! I love this game (and this blog) 😌

      • I love how they are trying to blame us for it! I’ve never changed the time and date and I still had this issue. It is a really poor move on their part continuing with the chocolatier event release when they still haven’t fixed this issue

  29. Hi, I don’t think this is something you can fix, but I was just wondering if you have ever encountered this issue before. If so could you give me some tips on how to fix it?

    My blue bar around my level has been full for over an hour, and I have continued to gain plenty of XP since then, but yet my level is still not increasing. I have tried restarting my phone and it did not help because as I keep getting more XP my level is STILL not going up to the next.. I’m currently stuck at level 35, trying to advance to level 36.

    I have also already contacted FireMonkeys twice already with no reply.. Does it usually take them long to reply? I don’t want to keep playing the game if every time I gain XP it doesn’t count for anything..

    • It may be that it isn’t quite full yet, there have been plenty of times where I think I’m about to level up but there is still a tiny part of the circle left to go, if it is still like this after a few days it may be a problem.
      They can take weeks to reply or a few days, it really depends on how busy they currently are, just be patient, they will get back to you eventually.

  30. Question: when I visit a neighbour for the first time for the day, my town’s worth increases. Is it a glitch? Today my town worth was increased with 5.000.000+

  31. I have been stuck on level ten for quite a while. There was a little bit of XP points that I needed to get to level up but no matter what I do, it isn’t working. I sent all my sims to work and the XP from that isn’t working either? Please help! Also, my update thing to go to my neighbors houses isn’t loading at all. I’ve had it trying to load for almost a month and it’s still at zero percent.

  32. I am doing the balcony hobby and am currently stuck on having one sim court another sim from the balcony. It says it takes 6 hours or so but it’s been 2 days and it won’t go away. Ive used 6 lps twice and waited twice. It fills the bar when the time is up but literally just starts over. I can’t afford to waste more lps. Can you help? Love this blog btw!

  33. So i was moving around sims to new households so i can organize houses and create new sims. I move a male sim to a female mother sim household but the game register the female moving to the male’s household and now the toddler she has, is head of the household… I do not know how to fix this. Help!

    • There isn’t much you can do until the toddler is older, once the toddler is a teenager she can become good friends with an adult sim and then get the option to move in with them, until then she will be living there alone.

  34. I recently updated the hospital profession and now my sim tracker is not working well also day changes to night and vice versa.

  35. Hi there! I just wanted to see if you or anyone had an issue with the new update. I already contacted EA because they are the ones who need to fix it.
    I am no longer receiving notifications when my sims are done with tasks and when I go into the game I have to go through each sim to see if they are done or not. They no longer blink with the xp symbol after they are finished. Nothing major, just annoying.
    I’ve been following your blog since January when I started playing. Very useful and helpful. Thank you.

  36. I’ve found 2 glitches appear of recent. I assume I have to notify Ea somehow, but thought I’d run it past you first if possible.

    First is, when an app update occurs, it has started to void my sim actions, which has resulted in me losing my quests, as after having to restart a long action the quest has finished.

    Second is, all of a sudden, my sim menu (actions, jobs, hobbies) The actions on some of my sims fail to show the correct amount of time completed, and therefore whether an action has been completed, unless I go visit each sim.

    Thanks for your expertise and time.

  37. Hi! When I went to my neighbours town recently, it said that my town value was higher than it was, it then gave me the free 3 LP’s. I went to the sunset mall on her town then (which I haven’t built in my town yet) and all the pop-ups that come up when you unlock the sunset appeared, and the quests that came with it. I now can’t complete these quests I time because I haven’t built the sunset mall, and I can’t build the mall because it says I need to complete the ‘pretty little planters’ quest which I need the mall to complete! Sorry if this doesn’t really make sense πŸ™‚ love your blog

    • The free LPs are a glitch, you received your neighbours town value so the game rewarded you, it really isn’t a major issue.

      The other problem is a major issue and I have heard of a few people having this issue. If the game was working correctly it would let you build the mall and then start the sunset mall quest but it seems there is a glitch where it is telling you to complete the pretty little planters quest that you cannot access until you have completed the sunset mall quest. I would recommend that you contact EA about this issue as I am unable to fix technical issues and hopefully they will be able to sort this out.

  38. I’m s it normal to get Lp and simolinos whilst visiting a neighbours city I some how ended up visiting a neighbour for a quest and returned home with 74 extra simolins will this person still get them or .

  39. I built the hospital first and was unable to access it, it would not let me build the express as of yesterday. Today I clicked on the express again, and I was able to start construction. The issue seems to have resolved for me, so if you haven’t tried to build the express again, try again today!

  40. First off, thank you for your blog! It has saved me on many occasions.

    Not sure if you’ve noticed but in both the police update and the movie studio update; after you have upgraded each workstation and reduced the amount of time each task is supposed to take. The task shows the adjusted time when you click on the sim but once you have selected that task and the sim begins to do it and you click on them again you will see you are being charged the original amount of time the task took before you upgraded.

    Example: I have fully upgraded the surveillance van and the task says it will take 3mins and 59seconds but I’m being charged 4mins and 59 seconds, the original time it took. Have you had this issue?

  41. First of all, thank you for all your tips and advice. I really appreciate it and it has helped my game a lot. Second, can you please tell me if I’m doing something wrong with my two toddlers? One of the game goals is to have two toddlers play hide-and-seek or something. Well, I have put my two toddlers to have every conceivable interaction together, but that goal is still grayed-out. Why isn’t the game acknowledging that the goal was achieved? Is this a glitch? It seems that way.

  42. I’ve recently been getting green square bleenking every now and then when I started my police hob and go back to check on my Sims is this a glitch. Have you ever had that before.

  43. I am busy with the basement of kings quest. One of my sims was busy planting strawberries & was due to finish this afternoon. Sims freeplay did quite a major update & now my strawberries are no longer being planted which means I’ve lost a day. I guess I’ve made a mistake in starting to plant again but is this a glitch that has happened to someone else & can it be fixed?

    • No planting again isn’t a mistake, it is the only thing you can do. A lot of players have had this issue when they updated their game, it is related to the issue with the simtracker which EA are still working on fixing.

  44. Hi Reading above that some people have had same issue as me with timed events ending early and EA saying it is because time/date was changed. I never do this and replied to their message advising them of this. I know you aren’t connected to them but do to know if they are still working on fixing this?
    I recently had the horse sticking glitch but just deleted my horse as I didn’t want to report it and be accused of cheating again by EA 😦

    • A while ago EA said that it was due to people changing the time/date but because this is such a widespread issue they now know that this issue hasn’t been caused because of this. When I last spoke to them about it they said that this isn’t an easy issue to fix but they are still working on it.

  45. Hi again and thank you for helping people! I’m just wondering what has suddenly gone wrong with my Simmie’s Gardening Club. I put 10 Sims to grow garlic for 8 hours. They all began at the same time: 10:00 a.m. At 6:00 p.m., I expected them all to be done, but one Sim’s bar indicated 3-1/2 hours to go, another Sim’s bar indicated 18 minutes to go, another bar indicated 5 hours to go, etc. I’ve never had this annoying issue before. Is it a new glitch?

  46. Thanks for your reply – you mention that it was ‘a while ago’ EA thought time changing on devices was causing the event ending early glitch, but it was only on 12 September they emailed me to tell me they wouldn’t be fixing it because I had (according to them)changed the time on my device. I replied immediately that I had never done this.
    Just mentioning this so you know they are still using it as an excuse.
    Thank you so much for this blog it has kept me playing this game when otherwise I would probably have given up in frustration!

    • I spoke to someone at EA about this the other day to see what was going on, she told me that the issue for the timed hobby events ending early still hasn’t been fixed because it is a complex issue, she also said that a large number of reports coming through are from those who have cheated but they are aware that not everyone has cheated.
      I suggest if you definitely have not cheated then keep telling them this, I had this issue myself with the sleepwear event ending early and I have never used a cheat so I know that not everyone with this issue has cheated.
      You’re welcome!

  47. I’ve recently visited a friend’s mall a couple days or so ago, it then gave me 2 hobby events. Yesterday, I received a new event. Luckily, I have the fashion designer thing from promotions R’ US store to do two events. But the thing is, yesterday, it gave me the pretty little planters quest; which I cannot complete, because I need the mallβ€”Which I can’t get, unless I can complete that quest. Any help?

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