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Latest Known Issues

November 2018:

Look at Charts task at the hospital won’t complete- they are aware of this issue and it should be fixed in the next update

March 2019:

Players no longer have access to all the packs they have purchased from the online store- these should all be back, if you still have some packs that are missing let me know and I will let the makers know so they can return these too

December 2019:

Coffee machines/ kettles now refill the hunger need rather than energy- this is a glitch and should be fixed in the next update at the latest. If you are trying to complete a weekly task that requires the coffee machine you may find it doesn’t complete, you can either skip the task with 10LP or personally I would wait until they have fixed the coffee machine issue above as it should fix this too

The event button in the corner of the screen won’t expand- the makers are aware of this issue and are working on a fix. If you cannot access the workplaces tab at a profession workplace due to this but have workstations you can upgrade you can click on these arrows to get to the workplaces tab, if not you might just need to wait until the Christmas quest is over before you can access the workplace tab:

March 2020:

Volleyball net on Tropical Romance Island doesn’t work- the makers are aware of this issue and are working on a fix.

June 2020:

Missing Party Boat Neighbours?Β Facebook have changed their Privacy T&Cs which means that inactive players have been removed from the party boat in the game which is why some of your neighbours may be missing

August 2020:

The Broomstick Closet only seems to work when placed on a standard house lot, placing on a premium results in blue footprints appearing- if you have this issue place on a standard and you should be able to complete this hobby-Β this has now been fixed!

Sims are unable to use the vending machines in the bowling alley at the mall- this has now been fixed!

Sims are unable to complete the Make Up Artist hobby- this has now been fixed!

October 2020:

Some players are unable to start the Downtown Developer 3 Event as it says they are currently completing another one- this has now been fixed!

There is an issue on SimChase Season 20 where you can’t use as many sims as you need to complete a task, if you spent social points or missed out on a prize due to this issue contact support for compensation

Have a problem you can’t see here? Check out my Common Issues page

contacting the makers


1,082 thoughts on “Glitches

  1. I just received an email from Tech Support also blaming me for cheating, I have never once changed my clock, and was asleep when the glitch happened. Not thrilled with there customer support at the moment. They should fix the glitches instead of blaming people for something that was a glitch in there game.

    • I spoke to someone at EA about this the other day to see what was going on, she told me that the issue for the timed hobby events ending early still hasn’t been fixed because it is a complex issue, she also said that a large number of reports coming through are from those who have cheated but they are aware that not everyone has cheated.
      I suggest if you definitely have not cheated then keep telling them this, I had this issue myself with the sleepwear event ending early and I have never used a cheat so I know that not everyone with this issue has cheated.

      • I agree. I have never cheated as my device is synched to my phone & I don’t want both my devices messed up by trying to use a cheat. I’m an adult, i don’t need to cheat at a game but i get very aggravated with EA & their customer service b/c they never fix any issues & continue to upload updates when there are major issues that should be fixed first (in my opinion) It is so frustrating & takes the fun out of the game when you don’t get credit, your sims’ stop their actions, can’t access the store or party boat all the time. It’s just ridiculous, this game came out years ago, they should have resolved some of these major issues by now

    • My toddler sim who is a boy won’t play with the baby stroller from the toddler section even though I moved in a place with it will be accseseble by my sims
      Do you think EA is just saying boys can’t play with girl toy or is it something else?πŸ€”

      • This is more of a decoration, no one can play with it, when you buy items the green symbol next to it shows how it can be used so if it was a toy that could be used it would have the fun need symbol on it, as it has no symbol this means it cannot be used.

  2. Since I have installed the new downtown upgrade I cannot access the mall.I click on it and the game shuts down 😞

      • I tried that but when starting the game again, all my sims had stopped doing their task’s and no points registered. Still crashes when trying to enter the mall? Any idea’s?😱

      • There isn’t much that can be done unfornately because the problem isn’t the game, it is your device, this happened for me a lot when I was playing on my iPad one because the memory was so poor. Going to the mall uses a lot of memory so it often causes the game to crash, if restarting doesn’t help then all you can really do is stay away from the mall- I know that isn’t a great solution!

  3. This is a bit funny, but my sim vomited on the fishing pier and I can’t get him to clean it up. Whenever I click it, it just gives the fishing options. Guess I’m stuck with a permanent vomit mess in the park. Hmm. Free fish bait?

  4. How long does TS normaly take to fix an issue. I already contacted them about my issue (with the sunset mall quest without having mall built) but im alittle anxious and was wonder how everyone elses wait time was taking.

  5. Hiya, this is an issue that I keep having when my animal finatic sim is working on their life orb and playing frisbee with a dog. My sim regularly throws the frisbee into the pool. Both the sim and dog stay frozen with the progress bar not moving. They stay this way until I move the frisbee from the pool and then the action cancels and I need to start again.
    just a tip so no one wastes time like I have.

  6. I changed all of my sims’ clothes yesterday, yet they’re all in their previous outfits. I can see what I changed my sims into on the sim tracker, but once I go to my sim, he/she is wearing their outfit from a week ago. This has been going on for a week or so but I’m now taking notice. Do you know what to do?

    • Are you changing their clothes while they are doing a task? I have heard if you do this the outfit changes back to how it was previously, try changing their outfits when they aren’t doing an action.

  7. I had a little planters quest tho i dont have a mall. I reported it already but I still see no solution to my problem. How long will it take for me to wait?

  8. My phone glitched and kicked me off FreePlay 3x in a row. I restarted my phone and opened sims back up. All of my sims tasks were cancelled and now one of my sims is a completely different person. When I sent my sims to “wardrobe” she looked like the original, when I click out she is the different sim..

  9. I had the horse stuck in stable wall issue with my 100 lp unicorn. I deleted my unicorn because I didn’t know it was a glitch. I should have checked your page before I deleted him. 😦
    Another glitch I have is with snowboarding at the snow park. It will never complete the task whenever I do it. No matter where I do it, in my town or a neighbor’s town it never completes and I have to spend 10 lp’s to skip the task.
    I also am unable to complete the play frisbee with dog because it cancels out if I’m doing it for my animal fanatic life orb.
    I haven’t contacted fire monkey help desk with any of these issues because I feel as though they need too much information, that i don’t even know, just to ask them to fix something. So I thought I would come here and complain. Thank you for listening. I love your page it is extremely helpful and very well put together! Have a good day. πŸ™‚

  10. The game has quit several times tonight. Twice when I got back on, all my sims’ activities were cancelled, and the cops and movie workers’ task counts were back to 0. Grr!

  11. I’ve been playing for about a year, suddenly the game crashes every time I launch it. The first time it crashed was after I went to check on a Sim in a neighbors town. Now it won’t launch at all. This sucks!

      • There are ton’s of people having this crashing issue while visiting neighbors after this years Halloween update. I troubleshooted it quite a bit and found a workaround that works at least for me..

        If you are stuck with the startup-crash bug you may need to delete all of the stored data related to the game, then uninstall the game, restart the phone and reinstall the game. It is important to do all of these steps, I have tested many combinations and it seems that all of these things need to be done in that order to fix the bug.

        The bug will happen again if you continue to visit a neighbors town and possibly has something to do with the Halloween event, particularly the portion with the little monsters or whatever.

        Hope this helps somebody, it was very aggravating and took me a week to figure out.

  12. Since the update, I can no longer make any changes to basements. It just freezes, and I have to quit the game. Anyone else? My toddlers are now skipping around too.. Have to say I preferred the waddle.

    • I am having the same issue. I thought it was my iPad. Every time I go to the basement and attempt to update it freezes and I have to close the game. Even now I’m just trying to do regular things and it’s frozen.

      • Have you tried restarting your device first? It probably is your iPad, the game crashes because it is trying to use too much memory that your iPad doesn’t have, restarting usually refreshes this for a while.

  13. Since the last update (Halloween 2016) my game crashes when I visit a neighbour, which is quite annoying since I need the sim that’s on a visit for a quest. Any suggestions? Love your site, by the way. Awesome job, thank you!

  14. Could someone please help me out? Ever since this new update I am not being awarded any social points for doing the sp objectives. It says completed and even gives me the experience but no SP and I’ve done about 10 so far! This has never before so wondering if it’s a glitch? Definitely sucks because I only have 2 right now and no other way to earn more.

    Anyone else experienced this?

  15. All of my sims have turned white, with their arms held out (like their on a cross), and they all float. I can’t clean pools, and I’m not even sure what else! How can I fix this?

  16. So, this one is bizarre….

    I went to work at the police station and then returned home. When the game loaded on my house there was an officer and a thief in my house. Theyre just frozen there doing nothing. I cant click them and so far Ive been able to get rid of them. Any advice?

  17. When you upgrade a workstation’s action time to decrease it in any of the professions and then have your sim perform the action, it is still taking the original amount of action time. It’s like the action time says it decreased but when you tap your sim doing the action it actually hasn’t. Has anyone else seen this? Does it take awhile for the new time to register?

  18. Hi is anyone else having trouble with restoring their purchases, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled but it hasn’t changed anything.

  19. My sim is stuck after performing a task at the hospital. I’ve restarted my device and that has not helped. There is no option to end the task. Any ideas?

  20. Every Time I try to do the simoleon flower plant my game crashes. I am running on low on simoleons and would love some tips you have on getting them quicker until I figure out my glitch problem…

  21. Why when I visiting my neighbor and I visit the restaurant and mall, the place looks like closed? I mean, the ceiling light fall, restaurant’s tables are covered, I can’t explain more but it’s look like an abandoned place. The mall look same. Is this glitch or what? I’m new in FreePlay and begin to explore, so any comments will help me alot. Thank you πŸ™‚

  22. I tried to send my sim to another sims town but it crashes and goes back to home screen.What do I do? (I’ve already tried restarting my iPad!)

    • There isn’t much you can do really, I had this problem on my iPad and I just decided in the end not to do social tasks as restarting didn’t stop it crashing. The problem is with your iPad, not the game, the game is trying to use more memory than your iPad has so it crashes the app.

  23. I’m having a problem with my game where it won’t let me add a new Sim (either in Create A Sim or when tapping a crib to have a baby). I have 31/34 sims and I am 100% sure I do not have a baby in progress. The error that pops up is the same as when there is a baby on the way. Could this be related to the new update? What should I do?

    • I would suggest you check in every house that there isn’t a baby as this is the only reason you cannot add a sim to your town- I know once I added a baby and completely forgot so its easily done!

  24. The first sim house i built has some sort of problem since the last update… if i click on it my game says “unfortunately the game has stopped” i loose all progress on all sims and no one is doing anything… do you have any idea why this happened and can i fix it?

  25. I have a question. I don’t know if it’s a glitch or not and I already contacted firemonkeys but they always take forever to reply and on the last two messages I sent to them they never replied at all; I’m just going to hope I accidentally forgot to hit ‘send’ and not just them not replying because it’s been weeks since I sent them those issues. Anywho, I had a sim at work at the Police Station & he was doing a task that involved the ‘Surveillance Van’, he finished the task, I accepted the coins & then moved on to the next person who needed help. Let me make it clear that I watched the person I had helped at the Surveillance Van leave after collecting his gift for the task I completed for him. But now, when I click on the next customers(?) if they have a task which involved the Surveillance Van & I click that option, it won’t let me do that task!! I get a pop up that states “[WORKSTATION IN USE!] The Surveillance Van is already in use by another Sim! Try again once they’re finished.”

    Please, has anotone else had this issue? What is going on? I had to cancel my guys shift because I couldn’t finish helping anyone so I wasn’t earning resources, meaning there was no point for my Sim to be at work there. And I know that the workstation cannot be in use because I only have one Sim working at any given “Profession” site at a time. Plus, my Sim was done & ready to help other people. I tried getting off the game, exiting and closing out of it, and restarting my phone plus a soft reset, on my iPhone (where you hold the power &a home button down until it turns off, counting to 3 after the screen is black from being off, then letting go of both so the device will then turn back on). If you know how to fix this can you please tell me. Thank you so much, and your page is great!! I even told my son about it because he has issues getting quests done in time or knowing if the prizes are even worth it or not. He’s 12, when the game first came out I used to let him play mine for me occasionally, when I was busy. And now that he’s old enough and has his own tablet & cell phone (finally mom) he’s just as addicted as I am because he can now have his own game.

    Thank you so much btw! Even if you can’t help, thanks for the site!

    • Firstly sorry about the slow reply! I have had this issue quite a few times, I find it usually occurs when I’m too quick at clicking, so if I click as soon as the previous sim has been helped it will tell me it is still in use. I manage to fix it by just leaving the police station and going to back again, does this not work for you?
      I now wait until the previous sim I helped has started to walk away before I click to use the van again and I haven’t had the issue since!

  26. My game keeps on crashing! I turned my phone on and off I disconnected from the wifi and played it in my cellular data and turned the wifi on bc it didn’t work either way! What can I do? If I where to play my game on another device do I still have the same amount of days on my quests or do they end?

    • This is usually caused by your device, not the game, this is because the game wants to use up more memory than your device can cope with so it crashes. If you move your game to another device that has more RAM then this issue should happen less or not at all. Just remember to upload your game to the cloud before moving to a different device and then you will have the most up to date version of your game available to download onto your new device and the same amount of time on your quests.

  27. I have 2 sims on my game that I didn’t create one is a man in a burglar outfit (black ski mask and striped shirt) and the other is a female dressed normally. I don’t have any events or quests going on that would cause them to be on my game. Also they stay at one house and none of my sims will interact with them.

    • Strange! It is like they have wandered out of the police station and into your sims houses! If they are bothering you, you may want to contact EA to see if they can fix this issue for you.

  28. Hello! Thank you for all of your guidance! I was wondering if anyone else has had their Sims needs drain more than they used to? Seems like I could go a couple days before feeding etc.. Now within a day some are a lot lower than usual. I wasn’t sure where to ask this question. Thank you so much πŸ™‚

      • I’ve noticed the same thing as Anon here. For months leading up to last week I only had to take care of my sims needs once every week or two. Starting not long ago their needs have been draining to red in less than a week.

  29. I’m trying to delete a room so I can rebuild and I get the message “a sin is currently using an object in this room” and I can’t delete the room. There is no sin in this particular room and no objects, as I’ve moved them temporarily to the living room until I get the new room built. Advice? Thanks much!

  30. I can’t seem to find the easel for the toddler in the home store page. I do not have the children’s store built. Do I have to build it in order for the easel to pop up in the toddler page? I don’t know where to buy one, which means I can’t complete the super toddler quest. Please help!

  31. When one of my sims works in the wood shop and completes the action, the little doll that runs around won’t let me catch it. I know I have to click it 3 times for me to catch it, but I sat there and kept clicking the exclamation point numerous amount of times and nothing happens. So eventually I have to let him run out the window and I can’t collect anything. What do I do?

  32. I’ve noticed that my living teddy bears will sit on a sofa to watch TV, and when the show starts, the bear will flip where his back is to the TV. He’s sitting in midair swinging his legs like he’s watching TV but facing the wrong direction. Support said to restart the game, but I’ve done that multiple times and even loaded on another device with different OS. Glitch is across devices. Anyone else see this happening?

      • I’m not worried that it’s affecting the game. In fact, when I reported it, I told them it wasn’t a big deal – just wanted to make them aware of it. I was just curious if anyone else was seeing this. Thanks!! =)

      • By the way, just want to say that you’ve done an amazing job on your blog here!! Don’t know many people who would use their free time to go to such lengths to help complete strangers with a mere game. It speaks volumes about you, and I appreciate what you’re doing here!!! =)

  33. I married a couple on the beach island. I checked both Sims and both says married. However, I can’t add a baby for them. I have a crib in other Sim family home and it gives me the bubble and option to add a baby to that Sim family. Is there a fix to this?

  34. I’m trying to delete two rooms, but whenever I try to expand or delete a room that’s connected to it, a red square starts flashing and says, “A Sim is currently using an object in this room. Get the Sim to finish their action and try again.” What do I do in this case? There are no items in the room, and all the Sims aren’t there.

  35. When I aged my boy toddler to a preteen, all of the sudden he’s a girl. It only offers me girl clothes now… Any ideas?

  36. I want to comment on the horses being stuck glitch. For me, this happened when I sent sims to their jobs before dismounting the horse. It happened to me twice, the first time I didn’t know when it happened because I didn’t go back to the stable for quite some time. But the second time I was able to connect the dots. I saw another person on a message board agreed that was when it happened to them. But the good news is that they were able to fix it immediately. I don’t know if they have implemented a permanent fix, but I won’t test it by sending sims to work before dismounting.

  37. From the latest update, some of my frozen furniture (frm ice sculpture event) changed to a darker color also a green color on it.. is it bcs of the new update? It looks so weird

  38. Going crazy! I keep gardening and the money will be spent but then when I come to collect, actions have been concealed I guess? They still jump in the air like they completed something but there is no plant for me collect. It’s wasting my money and time, I can’t stand it. I noticed above people said time actions were blamed on cheating, but I’ve never cheated on this game 😰

    • Do you leave the house before they start gardening, so you put them onto garden and leave before they reach the patch? This happened to me a few updates ago when I did that so try staying at the house until they have started gardening, hopefully that will work!

  39. Hi there, is any one else having trubble with bathing their toddlers? The Action it self works fine, but after the bath the toddler is as dirty as it was before. (But the adult is more clean after bathing the toddler) any ideas? Thanks in advance for any answers πŸ™‚

    • Do you stay at that house while the toddler is having their bath? If not try that as I find if I leave the house the toddler doesn’t start the action until I return but the adult sim has already finished.

      • I have also had the toddler bathing problem. I think I stayed at the house, but it seems like the only tub that gets them clean is the heart shaped one.

    • This has been a consistent issue for me since June. No matter what tub, and despite staying in the house, it takes many long baths to get toddlers clean, and they do not stay clean long. This never happened in the months before.

  40. I can’t get my Sims game to open from IPad Air2. I’ve done everything I’ve seen, but I hit the app, it goes to the logo for 10 seconds and then sends me back to my iPad. Everything else is working. There was a small update last night with the bar under the loading page. I’m in the middle of the blinds quest, but what can I do? I sent a request to FireMonkeys, but have never had much luck there. I’ve spent way too much money and time to lose this, plus I actually love the game. Help??? Please…..

      • Yes, I’ve done that regularly. The thing that saved me was the iCloud autoback up 24 hours earlier. I had to delete and reinstall thereby losing everything in that 24 hours including what I’d won in the Love is Blinds quest…now I back up every time I’m away after winning or building and encourage others to do the same. Thank you for responding, the firemonkeys didn’t or else I never received it.

      • At least you didn’t lose too much data! And yes its a good idea to save at least once a day and after you win something or change something dramatically just to be safe!

  41. I’m not sure how many of you have started the dog agility hobby at the pet park, but I’m having an issue getting any kind of tokens from completing a round. I will set a sim doing the hobby, and he will finish after the 6 hours. However, when I click the bubble with the exclamation point to complete the round, the sim does his trick, and then nothing. The sim walks away to go sit on one of the park benches. It seems to happen like 2 out of 3 attempts to do the hobby (which I set as his life dream because I just built that part of the pet park). Has anyone else seen this?

    • I had this trouble when I sent more than one dog to complete this hobby at once, do you have any other pets or sims at the park? If you do you may want to send them home. I’m currently completing it again myself with one dog and I am not having this issue so maybe try sending them home and back again, or sending a different dog back if you have another one as this may stop it glitching.

  42. Hi, do you know how to fix general store error 1111? i tried to buy from online store but the game wont let me. always error 1111. help.

  43. It shows on my screen that my sim is doing something but she can move but can’t go to work or go anywhere besides her property. I don’t want to delete her because she is my very first sim of myself and she has three kids, a husband, a dog and a very nice house. Is there any way to fix it?

I will be taking a break for the rest of 2020 so I will be unable to reply to any questions until further notice

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