The Sims Freeplay- Birthday Cake Ageing

There are 3 ways of ageing a sim:

  1. Birthday Cake (which is what we are going to focus on in this post)
  2. Auto Ageing– once the life dreams and legacies quest has been completed
  3. Advancing age early– once the life dreams and legacies quest has been completed

Before the life dreams and legacies quest has been completed you will need to use birthday cakes if you want to age your sims but you can’t age every sim until a quest has been completed:

Once you have completed a quest for toddlers you will have unlocked the ability for your baby to become a toddler but you now need a birthday cake

A birthday cake can be found under the baking section on a stove, it is near the bottom of the list and will cost you 5LP and takes one day to bake:

Once your sim has made the cake click on the symbol above the stove showing the cake to store it, you can then use it straight away or save it for later.

Now you need to click on the sim you want to age and you will see the option to have birthday:

Click on this and a pop up will appear, it will ask you if you want to use the birthday cake to age that sim.

 If you do, click yes.

If you don’t, click no.

Once you click yes your sim will magically grow up to the next life stage.


And that is how you age a sim using a birthday cake!

Do you need a cake for each sim you age or just one cake?
You need a cake for each, once your sim has aged the cake will have been used.

How can I find out how many birthday cakes I have stored?
If you click ‘have birthday’ on a sim it will say how many cakes are available, just click no if you don’t want to use a cake to age that sim.

Once I complete the life dreams quest do I still need birthday cakes?
No you don’t, you can advance a sims age early for 2LP but if you wait for them to complete their life dream for that stage or wait until they are ready to age automatically you can advance them to the next life stage for free.

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