The Sims Freeplay: How do I have so many LPs?

I constantly get asked this question, “how do you have so many LPs? I don’t have any!”

The one word answer: Cooking!

The cooking hobby is the best way I have found of making a lot of LPs very quickly, some people seem confused about how this works so I will be explaining exactly what I do in this post.

Firstly you need to complete the Bread Winner Quest to unlock the cooking hobby

Then you need:

  1. Sims– as many as possible, you can have 1-10 in one house, obviously the more you have the quicker you are going to complete the collection
  2. Oven, Toaster and Counter for each sim– if you have 6 sims, you will need 6 ovens, 6 toasters and 6 counters (TIP: if you have a toaster on a corner counter and it cannot be accessed by any sim you only need one toaster in the house for all sims to use)
  3. Space– I use an empty house with all sims in one room, they are spaced out in their own workspaces with an oven and toaster on the counter, just so another sim doesn’t get in their way and cause them to cook a meal without getting a collectible- this can happen if they are squashed together. NOTE: you don’t need all your sims in one house, I just do because it is easier


Next you need to start cooking!

The one minute option, cheese and tomato on toast is the one you want to select

So click on the oven, click cooking and then on cheese and tomato on toast, it costs S5 each time but you get a lot more simoleons back when you find a new item.


Every time you make a dish a plate is left on the floor,  I clean each one up after each dish is made, otherwise the house will be full of dishes and it really slows down the game.

TIP: If you have no sinks in the house, they will take the plates to the trashcan. A quick way to get rid of the plates is that if you kick over the trashcan the plates will just disappear OR if you store all the doors and remove all sinks from the room then the plates should disappear!

20140911_162359Black circle under plates– if a black circle appears under your plate this means you have so many plates in one pile so when you clean up it will take you several goes at cleaning (as you have so many plates to clean up) before the black circle will gradually decrease and the plates will disappear.

TIP: to save time click clean up, then cancel the action when they bend down to pick it up, the dish will disappear and you save some time!

Once you have completed the whole collection you will get 5LPs (you need to complete this hobby once to unlock chopping boards before you start earning LPs when you complete it) with lots of sims you can complete this collection in under an hour!

Make sure you then click restart collection before another sim finishes making the dish


This video shows me completing the cooking hobby very quickly:

You also earn simoleons!

Each time you find a new collectible:

Bronze= S25
Silver= S60
Gold= S150
Bronze= S25
Silver= S80
Gold= S250
Chefs Knife
Bronze= S50
Silver= S100
Gold= S275
Bronze= S75
Silver= S200
Gold= S500
Rolling Pin
Bronze= S500
Silver= S500
Gold= S500
Measuring Spoon
Bronze= S500
Silver= S500
Gold= S500

And XPs!

Each row you complete you get an XP reward:

  • 1st- 750XPs
  • 2nd- 1000XPs
  • 3rd- 1500XPs
  • 4th- 2000XPs
  • 5th- 3000XPs
  • 6th- 5000XPs

And a reward for each time you level up:

Level 2 Hot Mess Maker= 250XPs
Level 3 Ready Meal Maestro= 500XPs
Level 4 Home Cooking Hero= S750
Level 5 Flavor Savior= 10,000 town value
Level 6 Hail to the Chef= 1LP

Once your sim gets to level 6 cooking it is a good idea to put them onto a different hobby for one go at that, I use the ghost hunters hobby as it is quite quick too, then I go back to cooking to start from level 1 again.

This means you will get more money, XPs, town value and an LP for levelling up to level 6 again.

Don’t worry- going back to level 1 doesn’t mean they will just find level 1 items as you have unlocked them all now!


Hope this helps!

Thanks for reading!

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146 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay: How do I have so many LPs?

  1. Just curious – you say “Once your sim gets to level 6 cooking it is a good idea to put them onto a different hobby for one go at that…then I go back to cooking to start from level 1 again.” –

    Does it make sense to always switch hobbies, or is it a good idea to keep your Sim at Level 6 sometimes? Thanks! 🙂

    • You could do, I would only do this is you plan to do that hobby again, I wouldn’t reset a sim to level 1 in fishing because I don’t like doing the fishing hobby 🙂

    • you get 1 lp for each time they hit level 6. also get extra simoleons and xp for level ups. definitely start each one over. i used the haunted house to restart all 6 sims at the same time.

  2. I would also redo the toddler hobby over and over. It’s not as fast but there’s not a lot for a toddler to do. 🙂

  3. I think the Salsa Dancing hobby is the best. You earn the same amount of lps, without wasting ANY money at all! The options may be long, but all you need are two sims at level 6 and a jukebox. For the cooking hobby, you have to buy a counter top, toaster, and oven for each sim who is doing the hobby. This costs money. Then, you keep spending 5 simoleons to make the cheese and tomato. Since you often get an award you already have, you have to spend more money. And when you ARE done with the collection, you’ll do it again soon, and spend money. Eventually you’ll end up spending a lot of money just to get 5 lps, when you could have been patient and done the Salsa Dancing hobby too get the same amount. Although the prize you get there is also random, at least you save more money! And when you buy the jukebox, you can earn the money back by, what, sending just 4 sims to work? The cooking hobby is nice, but in my opinion, the salsa dancing hobby is the best if you want to get 5 lp quickly.

    • Actually, even after I bought all of the kitchen stuff, I profited by thousands by the time I completed the collection twice. It only took about an hour, too! Salsa dancing takes much longer for the same thing.

    • Yeah, I agree salsa dancing takes way too long, but I only have one sim who is a chef, as I have two salsa dancers, a fisher, a designer, a future woodworker, a horse trick trainer, two divers, and more. I also had to use lp to finish the second collection because he refused to get a bronze grater. Now I am waiting for him to get the remaining rolling pins, which he refuses to get. *Sighs* Oh well in the next quest when I make a quiche for La Grouch I’ll see if I get a level 5 cooking thingie majingie. And after I get my chopping boards I will see if I truly can complete the cooking hobby in an hour when I have only one sim. I am also not a huge fan of the salsa dancing hobby anymore, since I keep getting the same medals ove and ove again although they are both on level 6.
      And just in case anyone was wondering, no I am not mexican.

  4. My way of doing it is competing. I got 20+ LP in about a week. I have all my sims level up on their hobbies/jobs so each time I compete, the sims USUALLY get 3LP each time! BTW I look at your blog every day.

  5. Hi this is a question about the free LPs on the goals tap that you can get buy watching videos. At first I got them 1 a day but I haven’t been getting the option for a Video for at least two weeks now do you have any ideas why this might be happening?

      • No problems here, getting 10 videos w/rewards (simoleans, LPs and SPs) per day on iPad and iPhone. I’m in the U.S. Could this be a country-specific problem?

      • Out of curiosity I tracked what the new daily “button” rewards are, and discovered that they’re different on the iPad and the iPhone (sorry, don’t know about Android). iPad: every 24 hrs., S 2100, LP 2, S 1750, S 1785, LP 1, S 1820, S 1855, SP 1, S 1855, S 1925. iPhone (5c), also every 24 hrs.: XP 340, XP 360, LP, XP 380, XP, 400, SP 1, XP 440, XP 460, XP 480, LP 2. Interesting that there are no Simoleons on the iPhone and no XPs on the iPad! At any rate this adds up fast over a weeks time and is very helpful, especially for a newbie (me) who keeps impulsively redecorating!

        I also had to clear some memory from my iPads to keep the game from crashing and/or freezing with this update. The iPad 3 is more jerky than the iPad 4, no doubt due to processor differences.

  6. Thanks so much, this is a really useful tip and works great for earning LP and helping to level up

  7. I don’t understand a few little things…..when baking why don’t you get dishes to serve at the end? What is the point in baking? Also why do some things go on fire?

    When making some plants why do you get the flame symbol or the carnivorous plant symbol?

    I think the symbols throughout the game confuse me most of all. Do you have a list of the, anywhere.

    • Baking is just to gain money so it doesn’t give you a dish
      Some things go on fire so a. you could take a risk and earn more money or b. to complete a goal (extinguish a fire)
      The flame symbol tells you what could cause a fire while the plant symbol tells you what could become a sim eating plant
      No I don’t but that is a good idea, I will definitely put together a list of them as soon as possible!

  8. What do you do with all the cooked food if you do the rapidly repeated cooking? I already had set up what I call a “service station” for eating, toilet, showering, espresso, phone calls, etc. – all the stuff to inspire my Sims. Had to create another one when I added toddlers and preteens because I couldn’t get everyone at one house to start and end the day (I tend to play first thing in the morning and in the evening). I stopped worrying a lot about getting the prizes for completing the major quests, but some I’ve still managed to earn in time.

    Then I saw your idea about earning extra LPS by working through the cooking hobby levels repeatedly, so I converted one house into a cooking house. After 3 repeats of cooking toasted cheese (8 Sims) I’ve run out of room for the food! Even added a couple of extra tables to hold the food that was on the floor. All the Sims will have to stand up to eat (can Sims get indigestion? ;).

    So do you switch back and forth between hobbies to take care of this problem? Also, am I correct to assume that the less time a meal takes to create, the less satisfying it will be for my Sims and they’ll have to eat more frequently?

    Your blog is terrific. I could have saved myself some real$ when I first started (oops, I gulped, when I looked at my iTunes bill the first month, from buying extra Simoleans and LPs) if I’d found you early on. I’ve sworn not to spend another real $ on this game, much as I love it! So thanks for the great tips and clear, concise information.

    Final question (for now): if I stop playing for awhile, when I come back will all my quests that I haven’t done yet still be waiting for me? I’m up to the multilevel quest now, Level 28, on my iPad 4 (also playing on my iPad 3 and my iPhone, so I’m my own Neighbor).

    I haven’t spent this much time on a game since Myst! Not usually much of a gamer at all, in fact. I’m totally sucked in! But life must go on!

    Again, thanks.

    • I just clean up as I go, when a sim has made the dish I select clean up but to save time I cancel the action when they bend down to pick it up and the plate will disappear. I feel its quicker to do that than have a massive pile of dishes to clean up later
      That’s a good question, my sims rarely eat the dishes I make so I have no idea if the time it takes to make a dish makes a difference to their hunger but it would make sense if it did
      Thanks and you’re welcome!
      Yes all your quests will still be available for you to do when you come back to the game

  9. What should I cook when my sims already reaching level 5 but I still have 3 collections to complete the whole collections???? Cannot get the measuring spoon 😦

  10. I also make 15-20 LPs a day when I take a car for a drive. The more expensive cars make LPs faster. I have never gotten more than 20 LPs doing that but I’m pretty sure if you kept it up longer, you could get more than 20

    • Yes, but that generates less income, experience and LP than cooking with the same time invested.

  11. This is amazing. I just earned about 50 lifepoints in a couple of hours and it used to take me almost a month to get that much. This is THE best way to earn LPs. Thank you so much.

  12. Sounds awesome! I am gonna check it out! Thanks weightlessmagic. Your posts are awesome, like you 😊 Have you got any tips like this for simoleons?

  13. […] To complete the whole collection you need one sim to get to level 6 in the figure skating hobby, I have noticed they do level up fairly quickly but if you want them to level up even faster you may need to use some LPs as speeding up the action will still level them up, this post explains a good way to make LPs fast. […]

  14. I’ve done this all day today, don’t know exactly how much I earned in total because I was using lp’s completing other quests, but now I have about 50 lp’s. I haven’t switched hobbies with any of the sims I have doing the cooking hobby, does it make a difference? And also, I have 8 sims in the kitchen, I’ve seen some people saying they have 10, do you finish it quicker with more sims? I’ve only been playing freeplay for a few days now, but your blog has helped me SO much 🙂

    • It doesn’t make a difference but you will earn an extra LP each time they level up to level 6
      Not necessarily, because you can’t guarantee they will find a new item each time, so sometimes you can complete it really quickly and others it takes a bit longer, obviously the more sims you use the quicker you will expect to finish but I think 8 sims is a good amount
      I’m glad it helps!

  15. thank you!!! this also helps with sp because you can use the lp you get to play the sp flower!!!

  16. Hi I have the salsa dancing hobby almost complete and the last row of the last trophy I just can’t seem to earn it the sims I use for it are level 6 and I have been trying for it for about 6 months and I’ve done the lucky spin like a million times and I still can’t get it any ideas on what I should do

    • All you can really do is just keep going, unfortunately they seem to have made this hobby harder to complete in the time limit
      You could use LPs but as you missed the time limit prize I don’t think you need to waste LPs on it

  17. This is the best tip I have ever come across for this game! I love it, thank you! I now have just a little under 200LP! I’ve started buying the LP houses and demolishing them once they are built in order to get the house plots as it is a lot more cost effective than trying to save up 300,000+ for an empty plot when the premium ones remain the same price 🙂

  18. Is making sim inspired before doing hobby makes them getting bigger chance to earn the new collection? BTW I LOVE YOUR BLOG SOSOSOSO MUCHH

  19. It’s also good to put your pets in the house where you are cooking at it also add simoleons and the occasional LP… :))

  20. Another quick way to clean up all dishes – quickly send all sims present (more sims faster cleanup) to pick up one dish each, they’ll all try to take it to the trash or sink and wahlaa! All dishes are gone!

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