The Sims Freeplay- Feature Quests


You cannot complete a Feature Quest at the same time as a Discovery Quest

Cars In Lots

Find the mechanic in the nightclub to begin

From Level 7



The Sims Mobile- Just My Luck Quest

Presented by EA GameChangers

A time limited quest to celebrate St Patrick’s Day starts at 10am on Thursday 14th March, if you complete this quest in the 4 day time limit you unlock some cute rewards!


EA provided me with the steps for this quest early, I will add more pictures of the prizes once I complete it. If you are stuck on any of the tasks let me know and I will add more information on how to complete them

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The Sims Freeplay- Cars In Lots Feature Quest

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys (Presented by EA GameChangers)

LEVEL UNLOCKS: 7 (build the car dealership first) UNLOCKS: ability to add cars to house lots

Do you want to add cars to your house lots? Not just parked outside but actually inside the grid? Once you complete this feature quest you will be able to add cars anywhere on a house lot! To start this quest you need to have build the car dealership then find the mechanic at the nightclub (if you haven’t built the nightclub already it will be built for you at the start of this update) There is no time limit but it will cost you simoleons to begin this quest.

What is a feature quest?

  • A feature quest unlocks and introduces a new feature
  • The quest is shorter than a main or discovery quest
  • There is no time limit or time limited prize
  • Costs simoleons to start the quest (cost varies depending on your level)
  • You cannot do a feature quest at the same time as a discovery quest

Times may vary depending on the star rating the item has

Watch my step by step walkthrough of this quest here!

Click on the mechanic to get the pop up to begin this quest, it will cost simoleons to begin (the amount varies depending on your level):

  • Speak to the mechanic- 30 seconds

  • Listen to Lee’s idea- 15 seconds

  • Check junk mail- 48 seconds (on a computer)

  • Get help from Lee- 2 minutes (go back to the nightclub to talk to her again)

  • Buy a car from the car dealer (the red sedan is free but you can buy any car to complete this)

  • Visit a house with a car
  • Move car onto a lot: open buy mode and click on the car, it will move to the grid and you can then place it like any object, click the green tick to place it

  • Return car to parking space: from buy mode click on the blue arrow and the car will go back to the parking space (you can also click on the car outside of buy mode and select ‘return to parking space’)

  • Move car to new location: go back into buy mode and move it back onto the grid and place it (you can place it on any floor and in any room that has a free space)
  • Take photo of the car- 15 seconds (select the option on the car with a sim)

  • View a car’s available actions (click on the car with a sim)

  • Show Lee photos- 1 minute (Lee is at the nightclub)

  • Celebrate- 1 minute (with Lee)

  • Say Goodbye to Lee- 30 seconds


You can now freely move cars around your house lots!

Still unsure about how this works? Check out my post on Adding Cars to House Lots for more information

Watch my step by step video of this quest here:


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The Sims Mobile- Anniversary Party Quest & Event

Presented by EA GameChangers

Celebrate the one year anniversary of The Sims Mobile with this time limited event that starts at 10am PST on Thursday 7th March. The aim of this event is to earn enough balloons to buy the anniversary boxes to unlock all the best items of the last year in the 7 day time limit. There is also a quest to complete that unlocks a karaoke machine!

How do you earn balloons?

  • You can earn them randomly by completing any event
  • Each time you complete all the LlamaZoom tasks you get 250 Balloons
  • Collect them from your Anniversary Decoration once unlocked and placed in your sims house:

  • Complete the Homebase Bash Event
  • Complete the Hit the Club Event
  • Complete the Treat Yourself Event
  • Complete the Anniversary Party Quest, there are 27 parts:

NOTE: if you don’t have the option to reflect using a mirror for part 2 restart your device and try again

If you are stuck on any of the tasks let me know and I will add more information on how to complete them

Once you complete the quest you will find the Karaoke machine in the storage section, you can then choose from 3 different colours and then perform a duet with another sim. I really love the karaoke machine and I definitely recommend trying it with the sound on!


  • Spend balloons on boxes to unlock items from the past year

What are in the boxes?

The boxes all contain items from the previous year so some of them you will probably already have. There are 5 boxes with different items in each box, you will get an item at random each time you spend your balloons on a box:


  • Wonderful Anniversary Box– costs 375 balloons each time
  • Marvellous Anniversary Box– costs 375 balloons each time
  • Fabulous Anniversary Box– costs 375 balloons each time
  • Mega Anniversary Box– costs 250 balloons each time (this box contains all the items from all the other boxes- I’m not really sure why you wouldn’t just buy this box each time seeing as it is cheaper than the rest and contains all the same items, this may become obvious when the event begins)
  • Deluxe Mega Anniversary Box– costs 75 simcash (this box also contains all the items but you have a better chance of getting rarer items with this box)

You can see the items in each box in the images below:

  • Earn balloons to unlock milestone prizes:



The Sims Mobile- The Perfect Fit Quest

Presented by EA GameChangers

A new limited time quest starts in The Sims Mobile tomorrow (Thursday 28th February) at 10am, complete this quest in the 4 day time limit to earn a ponytail hairstyle, tracksuit and hoodie

EA provided me with the steps for this quest early, I will add more pictures of the prizes once I complete it. If you are stuck on any of the tasks let me know and I will add more information on how to complete them

5. Appreciate 3 plants around town- select the option on plants that appear in the workplaces in town, there are 3 in the cafe in parkside:


You will find the preppy ponytail in the hair section for female sims, the right on track tracksuit in the outfits section for female sims and the sporty hoodie in the tops section for male sims, all of these are prizes free:

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