The Sims Freeplay- Bingo Hall

During the Seniors Quest you build the bingo hall, this post explains how you use it. 
The bingo hall can be found on the mysterious island, it is a bit like the Competition Center, you cannot enter the bingo hall building but you send a sim there for 24 hours and they have a chance of winning S15,000!

To use the bingo hall:

1.Click on the bingo hall and a pop up will appear saying the prize is S15,000 if your sim wins, click select sim:

2.Only senior sims can play bingo, if they are busy the option will be greyed out, click on the sim you want to play bingo:

3.Your sim will be playing bingo for 24 hours, during this time they cannot do anything else and you cannot visit them:

4.Once the time is up you will need to go back to the bingo hall and it will tell you the results of the bingo contest:

You may lose:

but you could win:

Previously when I entered I never won but now it looks like they have increased the odds of winning!

Is it worth it? I rarely use the bingo hall, it is a good way to make a few extra simoleons but there is a chance you won’t win and it does mean your sim cannot do anything else for a whole day.