The Sims Freeplay- Bingo Hall

During the Seniors Quest you build the bingo hall, this post explains how you use it. 
The bingo hall can be found on the mysterious island, it is a bit like the Competition Center, you cannot enter the bingo hall building but you send a sim there for 24 hours and they have a chance of winning S15,000!

To use the bingo hall:

1.Click on the bingo hall and a pop up will appear saying the prize is S15,000 if your sim wins, click select sim:

2.Only senior sims can play bingo, if they are busy the option will be greyed out, click on the sim you want to play bingo:

3.Your sim will be playing bingo for 24 hours, during this time they cannot do anything else and you cannot visit them:

4.Once the time is up you will need to go back to the bingo hall and it will tell you the results of the bingo contest:

You may lose:

but you could win:

Previously when I entered I never won but now it looks like they have increased the odds of winning!

Is it worth it? I rarely use the bingo hall, it is a good way to make a few extra simoleons but there is a chance you won’t win and it does mean your sim cannot do anything else for a whole day.


14 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Bingo Hall

  1. I have a weekly task to have a senior play bingo at the bingo hall. I have a senior who is not busy doing anything, and I have the bingo hall built. But, when I click on the bingo hall, nothing happens (no pop-up asking me who to have play, etc.). Any suggestions for what could be wrong, before I go and skip the weekly task for 10 LP?

  2. My bingo hall is compete and I have a senior sim who is available, however I can’t click on the bingo hall. I’ve waited tried for several days. Am I missing something?

  3. If you let them play once every day and they win more than you’d make by employing the senior sims elsewhere, then it’s worth it.
    If it’s more labour intensive to make more money elsewhere it’s also worth it.
    I dont know if either of these things are true I haven’t bothered to look into it I usually just make my senior garden. I think they make more than £1000 a day doing that though??

  4. I’m currently on the seniors quest and I have to complete a 24 hour fishaton to progress. Obviously I don’t have a senior and its not letting me okay. What can I do?

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