Happy 4th Birthday To The Sims Freeplay!- 4th Birthday Gift

Today is the Sims Freeplays 4th Birthday, to celebrate they are giving you one of the timed prizes you didn’t unlock previously. If you have unlocked all the prizes already you will receive 20LPs.  You will find the gift at the mailbox at one of your houses:


I unlocked the make out couch!

What did you get?

77 thoughts on “Happy 4th Birthday To The Sims Freeplay!- 4th Birthday Gift

  1. On my ipad I got the makeup vanity I just missed out on (sooooooo happy! I was hoping they would put it up on sale for Boxing Day or something like they did with the Latin Villa on Black Friday. Now I don’t need to spend money on it! YESSSS!!! Still really happy with my Latin Villa though (my first purchase), only cost me $1.39 I think, and the first one was free. I probably won’t build another one, but it’s nice having it now on my map. Plus, now I get some VIP perks too). On my android phone, on a different sim account, I got 20LP. So I guess if you haven’t missed anything, you get the LP, otherwise you get something you haven’t unlocked.

  2. If you have unlocked all the timed rewards previously, you get 20th LPs. BTW, I love your blog ♥♥♥ really helpful thank you x

  3. I got the exercise bike.
    There was a bit of a delay from when I saw the e-mail from your post to me getting the gift in my game. It appears to be due to the timezone differences.

  4. Mins has shown up at my mailbox, although it did give me a notification that it was the fourth anniversary and I’d get a gift…do you know why? Did I not check the correct place? (I tapped the mailbox, nothing happened but VIP rewards box came up)

  5. I got a volleyball net to my swimming pools:D that was the only one thing that I had missed since I’m playing and I remember that I had been really upset then.

  6. I can’t get it yet, can hardly wait to see though!! LOL… Can I add you as a neighbor? I need neighbors! Please and Thank You… And can you ask your readers to add me? My sn is March_Pixie


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  7. I got the sleeping bags I’d wanted sooo badly. EA has earned a warm place in my heart. 🙂

  8. I got a rubbish rainbow unicorn painting! Which still costs 10,000 too :p I didn’t bother completing that quest in time specifically because the prize was so rubbish! 20LP would have been muuuuuch nicer. Oh well!

  9. I got the pirate fashion pack. But I didn’t even start the pirate quest yet. (Its after the SIM High quest, right?) Oh well, I might have got the special timed prize early 😉

  10. Got 20 LP –but not happy they raised the price of skipping a task from 5 lp to 10 lp plus i miss having the time on the H.U.D. Does anyone know if we’ll get the christmas tree this year or will i have to buy it. (last year it was for sale but was a prize when xmas quest was completed)

  11. I got the toddler tricycle.
    I almost wished I could have gotten the escalators cause that’s the other only prize I missed out on. Lol. Good enough. I will settle.

  12. I earned the Pop up Book. I didn’t really care for it either way. I would have preferred other stuff like Beach house.

    • Agreed, I got the Unicorn Painting =( & would have much rather gotten the Beach House or even the Elevators & Escalators pack. Oh well I guess

  13. I got the net for the pool. Wish I would have gotten the makeup table though, that hobby is driving me crazy.

  14. I got the pop-up bookshelf, which I didn’t really care about, hence why I didn’t have it in the first place. XD

    Thanks for your blog, btw! I read it a lot and you’re the reason I *have* most of the prizes I really want.

  15. I got the pirates accessory pack. The only one I missed out on. But im.not sure how to access it as it hasn’t showed up in my wardrobe.

  16. I never got mine :/ I checked every house too… I’m gonna give it another day since I’m in hawaii & the timezone is pretty far back from the rest of the states/countries.

    • Have you found it yet? It not try restarting your device, there should be a parcel by the mailbox at one of your houses once you have the christmas update, you may need to search them all

  17. Hi weightlessmagic! Love your blog by the way. It is super cool to follow.
    For my Sims birthday gift, I got the Latin rugs, a quest that I missed out on in the past.

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