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ATTENTION: Windows Phone Players


Unfortunately Firemonkeys have decided to stop updating the game for Windows Phones so the Easter 2017 update will be the last. I don’t know why they have decided to do this- I just hope this doesn’t mean they will be stopping updates on any of the other platforms!

You will still be able to play the game, but you won’t receive any of the new content including future events

You can read the post from Firemonkeys here:


As you will no longer be receiving updates I have created aΒ page containing all the quests goals as they are in this last update so you can still have a correct guide to completing the quests. BUT please remember that quests will change in the future so please don’t comment on a quest post saying it is incorrect if you are playing the game on a Windows Phone.


If you will no longer be playing the game then I would just like to thank you for stopping by, hopefully I was some help! All the best!


Author: weightlessmagic

I'm a 23 year old from England who is passionate about being creative, I would like to say I'm good with words but I'm really not! Hopefully you will find my blogs helpful and entertaining! Enjoy! x

14 thoughts on “ATTENTION: Windows Phone Players

  1. What’s a Windows phone? Android? iPhone?

  2. Sad that Fire Monkey is doing this. I have a Windows 10 phone that I love and use it for work and home. Sims Freeplay allowed me to relax after work. I am sad that Fire Monkey are looking at Android and Apple phones. I wonder if this applies to those who install it on Windows PC and laptop?

    Thanks Girl Who Games. You helped love and enjoy Sims Freeplay.

    Thank you!

  3. I have played on Windows Phone. I wonder if I upload my progress and buy some device with android, will I be able to download my progress (from windows phone) and open on android?]
    PS I really appreciate your blog – thanks for all tips and tricks πŸ™‚

    • Unfortunately there is no way to transfer your data from a Windows Phone to an android as they don’t use the same platform to save the game. If you wanted to play on an android you would need to start a new game, sorry about that!
      You’re welcome! πŸ™‚

  4. Do you know whether I can back up my game on the Windows device and continue playing on a different device that will still receive the updates? Or will I habe to start an entire new game?

    • Unfortunately there is no way to transfer your data from a Windows Phone to an android or apple device as they don’t use the same platform to save the game. If you wanted to play on another device you would need to start a new game, sorry about that!

  5. I recently backed my data and reinstalled the game. ( ihad to reset because of a bug in a recent OS update). Now, the game isnt connecting with server. DId EA drop support completely for windows phones?

  6. Does this mean that I cant add any neighbours? I really need to finish this task. Please HELP!! What do I do? I have a windows phone

    • You can, but only neighbours who also play on a windows phone. I’m not 100% sure how you do this as I don’t have a windows phone but you will need to create a gamertag through the xbox/ windows app store there will be a gaming section and then you will be able to add other players, you can then find usernames of others who play on a windows phone on this page:

  7. my question is this, when Firemonkeys ea ended support, did they also shut off the simtown market events and possibly the community events like the sea boat island and the fairy event that I didn’t get to originally when it launched and it remains locked. ive tried to reach Firemonkeys and get no help. so wondering if you have any information? or know of someone at ea firemonkey

    • Simtown market events and other events are added each update so as they have stopped updating the game you will no longer get these events, even if they have previously appeared in the game, sorry about that!

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