The Sims Mobile- What Do You Want To See In Future Updates?

I’ve had a few comments with suggestions for The Sims Mobile so I have added them to this post, if you have any suggestions please comment on this post and I will add them

If you have suggestions about The Sims Freeplay please don’t comment on this post, The Sims Freeplay suggestion post is here


  • Expand the friends list to 100
  • If you reach the max level in a career you shouldn’t have to pay to switch to a new career
  • Why isn’t there a bathtub that doesn’t require simcash?
  • The storage section is a mess! We need categories to easily find items
  • Being able to sell items from storage is a must
  • Should be cheaper to unlock new buildings
  • Add more free things to the game rather than new things we have to buy
  • It would be nice to see who has looked at your house and maybe have a message board (like party chat but just for that player to see)
  • Now the daily to do list has been replaced it is impossible to earn fashion gems- there is no incentive to give other players stickers anymore so we hardly earn any gems in the sticker contest
  • Land expansions are too expensive
  • It takes too long to unlock new rooms
  • Make 3rd and 4th player unlock based on level, having to buy those with simcash is unfair
  • A surprising choice is too expensive- actually most things in the game are too expensive!


If you have suggestions about The Sims Freeplay please don’t comment on this post, The Sims Freeplay suggestion post is here


11 thoughts on “The Sims Mobile- What Do You Want To See In Future Updates?

  1. I really do not like the new to do list. The original was much better and allowed us to earn fashion gems and it also was incentive to purchase household items and clothing. There’s really no incentive to do that any more. The original was definitely better. There’s also no longer incentive to give stickers.

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  2. Hi there I have some ideas for Sims Mobile:
    – moveable mail box
    – Ability to take pictures without UI in the way
    – Walls that can go up and down
    – Family tree
    – Better way to request another player’s sim to move in to your household
    – Ability to interact with friends’ sims by visiting their home
    – Teenagers (unplayable is even fine, but going from child to adult is so weird!)
    – Toddlers and children autonomously use the items for them (toy boxes, activity desk, potty chair etc)
    – When a sim grows up and becomes playable their past relationships don’t vanish (ie they shouldn’t have to be introduced to their mother after
    – Ability to get party notifications from friends on my phone (not just in game)
    – Ability to see who’s given your sim stickers (I’d like to return the favor!)
    – Pregnancy stage
    Thank you for all you do, I love your page!

  3. A better way to earn cupcakes. Don’t know if it’s just me but after the first few LlamaZooms are completed, there is no longer an event that gives you a cupcake for completing it. No way to earn cupcakes now.

  4. I would love to be able to have an outdoor kitchen. In real life, this very popular in the south. I put down patios to begin one not realizing I couldn’t put appliances outside. That would be a fun thing. Thank you so much for all the help you give.

  5. More story chapters!
    More ways to earn cupcakes/gems/tickets
    Eliminate tickets and go straight to coins and cash. Too much currency!
    Now, even the video ads just give 25 coins. Cheap! No more tickets and rarely cupcakes.
    Eliminate the Surprising Choice. Not worth the expense!
    More friends – higher friends limit. Why does there have to be a limit?
    More quests! The LlamaZoom is boring and the tokens are worthless!

  6. I agree with EVERY suggestion above. The only things i would add are, 1) give us more than one house so that the things i don’t want to sell from my storage, i can use to decorate a second place. 2) Give us more display shelves for our heirloom collection.

  7. Re-work or get rid of the LamaZoom. My sims are forced to spend all their time working on it. The amount of tasks I’ve been getting to complete in the time limit have been ridiculous. Yesterday I had to do 1 Long, 5 Standard, 4 Quick in the same visit. All my sims do is work.

  8. 1.) Storage organization, sellable storage items.
    2.) More Career, Hobby & Relationship choices.
    3.) Higher levels.
    4.) 2 story and more than one home

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