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The Sims Mobile- Massive February 2018 Update

The latest update for the sims mobile is a big one! In this post I will show you what is new and what has changed, it is important to remember that as this game hasn’t been released worldwide yet there are still some big changes being made to the gameplay so my older sims mobile videos may play very differently to the version everyone eventually gets their hands on!

-Izzy Fabulous and his Fashion Shop have arrived in Parkside, visit the shop and Izzy will create some custom fashions with cool effects just for you. It costs 20 Fashion Gems to create a new design:

When you sim wears this fashion piece they will earn a bonus from the trait shown on the board, so the flirty long sleeve of fortune has the lucky trait

You earn Fashion Gems by completing the give stickers goal on the to do list:

You only seem to earn 2 a day though so it could take a while for you to be able to create new outfits!

-Sims can now complete events on their own and earn the maximum rewards instead of earning less which is great news if you run out of energy at the end of the day and cannot complete one!

-You can now see other players sims in your game and interact with them (look out for the blue plumbob sims!) You can also send these players stickers- the sticker tab is next to that sims name when you click on them:

You can also receive stickers, I personally don’t really see much point for the stickers other than to be able to complete the daily task to give stickers and earn the fashion gems

-You can now see other players houses too!

-There are now loads more stories so instead of just social event stories you can now complete hobby and career stories, you can find these in the sim info button (keep reading for more information):

-Loads of new quests are now available, and the quest button location has changed, you can now find it just above the to do list (I am not sure yet if you still get the wedding quest and baby quests as well but when I find out I will update this post):

-The sim info button is now an image of a sim and the plumbob symbol rather than 3 dots and when you click on it it opens to your sims stories, relationships and traits and underneath the image of your sim you can click to change their appearance (I have no idea where the career tab is now to change your sims career, I am hoping you still can- again I will update this when I find out):

-Most of the workplaces have had a makeover- I love how much brighter they are now!

Click here to watch my Sims Mobile playlist on YouTube- new videos are added each week!

NOTE: The Sims Mobile is still not available worldwide yet but you can pre register to be informed when the game is officially released!

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How to Download The Sims Sticker Pack for iOS!

The Sims has recently turned 18 and to celebrate they have released a sticker pack for iOS to enhance your iMessages!

To find the pack search for Electronic Arts in the app store click on the ‘Developer Electronic Arts’ option that appears, this will show you all EA apps:

In the iMessage section you will be able to find the FREE ‘The Sims Sticker Pack’, click on it to see the stickers available and read the description:

Click get to install the sticker pack!

You will then be able to find the stickers in iMessage by clicking on the app store icon next to where you type your message, you will then see in the bar underneath the sims logo, click on this to see all the stickers available:

Get sending to your friends!

I really love this, there are also Sims Mobile stickers in this pack! Currently this is only available on iOS, I know loads of people with androids have been asking so maybe there will be something similar for android in the future.

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The Sims Mobile- Wedding Quest

In this post I am going to explain how to get sims married in The Sims Mobile and how to complete the wedding quest.

Once you reach level 7 in the game and your sims reach the Lover stage of their relationship (level 7) you will get the option to complete the social event ‘Propose’ once you complete this you will unlock the wedding quest.

NOTE: Your sim that proposes needs to complete the following tasks

Wedding Stage 1 of 2

  • Sim has 3 friends to lean on- you need to complete the share interests social event with acquaintances and then begin a friendly story to make them friends with your sim

  • Work on wedding vows at the table- select the option on a table

  • Your partner needs you- reassure their cold feet (select the interaction on your sims partner)

Reward for completing Stage 1: 10XP

Wedding Stage 2 of 2

  • Have Wedding Arch- you can buy one from the featured section or garden section of build mode

  • Decorate with a Floral Pillar and Rose Lattice (you need two of these)- again you can find them in the featured section as shown in the image above
  • Time to Get Married under the wedding arch- select the option on the wedding arch then select who they want to get married to

Reward for completing Stage 2: 10XP

Your sims will now be married!

Click here to watch my Sims Mobile playlist on YouTube- new videos are added each week!

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What is the difference between The Sims Freeplay and The Sims Mobile?

I have been asked a lot about how different The Sims Mobile will be from The Sims Freeplay, I think some people are worried that Mobile is replacing Freeplay and that isn’t the case! The two games are very different as explained below:

  • The Sims Freeplay is created by EA and Firemonkeys whereas The Sims Mobile is created by EA and Maxis
  • In the Sims Freeplay you can create loads of houses and families, building up your town but on the Sims Mobile you have one house and up to 4 playable sims:

  • Although the main currency simoleons is the same the premium currency is different, in the Sims Freeplay you have lifestyle points and social points and on the Sims Mobile you have simcash:

  • On the Sims Mobile your sims have to die to create legacies for future sims but on the Sims Freeplay your sims will only pass on once you complete the Life Dreams and Legacies Quest, and even then you can stop them from dying.
  • Both games are real time but a lot of tasks in the Sims Freeplay take a lot longer as most actions in the Sims Mobile take 5 seconds making it a fast paced game:

  • Both games are free to play but have in app purchases so you can buy more money or new items with real money.
  • In the Sims Mobile the only need your sims have is energy, each action uses at least one energy, once you run out of energy you need to either wait for their bar to refill, have your sim sleep or use another item in the house or use a cupcake (if you have any) before you can do anything else. In the Sims Freeplay your sims have lots of needs that you fulfil using a related item, for example when your sims are hungry you can use the fridge to increase this need, if you don’t fulfil their needs they become unhappy but you can still complete actions using them:

  • The create a sim on the Sims Freeplay isn’t as in-depth as the Sims Mobile, on the Sims Mobile you can move the sliders to make every feature completely unique. The sims on the Sims Mobile look more like the Sims 4 which you would expect, I really love how they look on both games but I personally think they look more realistic on the Sims Freeplay:

  • On the Sims Mobile they focus on legacies, so what your sim achieves in their life and the perks they unlock affects their relatives in the future when they have passed on whereas the Sims Freeplay doesn’t really have legacies, apart from earning orbs and you can play without doing that but it is a major part of the Sims Mobile.
  • When you send your sims to work on the Sims Freeplay they will go on their own and you cannot see them during the day at most workplaces (unless it is a profession career) but on the Sims Mobile you complete career events so complete shifts with your sims to level up and unlock new career items to decorate your workplace and make it unique to your game!

I think its great that both games are so different, if they were very similar it would be boring, if you like one you might not like the other or you could be like me and just love everything The Sims!

The Sims Freeplay & The Sims Mobile

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The Sims Mobile- Pre Register Today!

You can now pre-register to receive a notification when The Sims Mobile is officially released! Visit enter your mobile number, country and date of birth and you will receive a text when the game is released worldwide

If you are already playing The Sims Mobile in an area where the soft launch is available make sure you turn on your notifications to be informed when the game is officially released and those playing on Android devices can also pre-register on the Google Play Store, just search for The Sims Mobile and click pre-register

If you download and play within the first 15 days you will receive some cool early bird gifts including A Mid-Flutter’s Dream Top, Artist’s Mood Tee, and a Burst Your Bubble Rug!

Want to know more about The Sims Mobile? Check out my posts on this page

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