Home Street- Joining and Leaving Neighbourhoods

In Home Street you can join neighbourhoods to chat with other players and complete neighbourhood events, in this post I will show you how to join and leave neighbourhoods.

Joining a Neighbourhood

1.Click on the speech bubble down the side of your screen:

2.Then this screen will appear, click neighbourhood search to search for a neighbourhood to join:

3.A list of neighbourhoods will appear, on the bar at the top make sure you pick the language you speak so you only see neighbourhoods who speak your language. You can also choose what type of neighbourhood you want to join:

  • Relaxed- I only ever join relaxed neighbourhoods, I can’t stand ones that will kick you out if you have a life apart from playing this game!
  • Active- play everyday
  • Competitive- like to win neighbourhood events

4.Once you find a neighbourhood you want to join click on it to see who is in the neighbourhood and click join:

5.You can now message the players in your neighbourhood:

Leaving a Neighbourhood

1.If you join a neighbourhood but then decide it isn’t for you you can leave, click on the arch way in the middle of your town:

2.This will show you your neighbourhood information, the button that used to say join now says leave so click this if you want to leave the neighbourhood:

Click here to watch My Home Street Playlist on YouTube!


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