The Sims Mobile Moves to Firemonkeys

Yesterday it was announced on Twitter that The Sims Mobile will be moving from Maxis (the makers of The Sims 4) to Firemonkeys (the makers of The Sims Freeplay). The statement said:

“To our mobile Simmers, we have some updates on the future of The Sims Mobile. The Maxis studio has made the decision to move development of The Sims Mobile to the Firemonkeys studio. The Firemonkeys have extensive and longstanding experience with The Sims having developed The Sims Freeplay for nearly a decade. Maxis and The Firemonkeys have worked closely to make this transition as smooth as possible and we’re all very excited about the future of The Sims Mobile. We continue to value and appreciate all the passion and enthusiasm you bring into this game! Maxis will continue to invest in The Sims on PC and Console and the Firemonkeys team will continue to expand The Sims universe through The Sims Freeplay and The Sims Mobile.

Moving forward, you will continue to be able to play The Sims Mobile as you do now. Given this transition, content updates will be delayed so please be patient as the Firemonkeys team ramps up and embraces The Sims Mobile.”


So what does this mean for both games? Well at the moment we don’t really know, all I know is there aren’t any plans to get rid of The Sims Freeplay right now and updates for The Sims Mobile may be delayed also most of the team who were working on The Sims Mobile are moving to The Sims 4 (as Firemonkeys is based in Australia not the USA)

Personally I’m not sure what to make of this news, I don’t want The Sims Freeplay to die because they are spending all their time on The Sims Mobile however at the same time I think they might be able to save The Sims Mobile because right now it needs a lot of work but we will have to wait and see!


One thought on “The Sims Mobile Moves to Firemonkeys

  1. I don’t play the Sims Mobile and since I’ve spent some actual cash on Freeplay, I’d be irritated if they abandoned it. I mean, I suppose I could play without the events but eventually the game would cease to be entertaining. 😦 I really hope they continue to develop both games, for the players committed to either, or both.

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