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Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys (Presented by EA GameChangers) may differ from actual version

A new feature has been added to the Active Tasks Menu, Simdex! This feature helps you see your progress in The Sims Freeplay and progress earns us prizes! In this post I will explain how this new feature works.

From this update you will see 3 tabs when you click on active tasks:


1.Active Tasks- this is the same as it was before, it shows you all the quests, events and tasks currently available to complete

2.Progress- this shows your progress in the game, it shows you a percentage bar next to each topic:


  • Quests- how many main, discovery and feature quests you have completed [TOTAL: 51]
  • Professions- how many professions you have completed (reached the highest level in the Police, Filmmaker and Medical Staff professions) [TOTAL: 3]
  • Hobbies- how many hobbies you have completed (complete the hobby collection NOTE: for ballet and karate you need to get a sim to level 6 to complete this as there isn’t a hobby collection) this does not include the chocolatier or ice sculpture hobbies [TOTAL: 46]
  • Monuments- how many of the Mysterious Island Monuments and Sim Town Sign you have completed  [TOTAL: 6]
  • House Lots- how may house lots you have built [TOTAL: 37]
  • Careers- how many careers you have completed includes elementary and high school students  (reached the highest level in) [TOTAL: 10]
  • Buildings- how many buildings you have built [TOTAL: 44]

3.Simdex- this shows you in detail what unlocks at each level of the game so you can easily see what is left for you to complete:


NOTE: live events, seasonal quests, simchase and influence island events won’t appear in your simdex as they are only available for a limited time 

Each time you complete something the game that adds to your progress you will earn progress points which unlock prizes! Click on the prize button at the top of the progress or simdex tabs to see all the progression prizes available and how many points you need to unlock them:


You won’t miss out if you are on a higher level in the game, progress points have already been credited for progress you have already completed before this update so you should see the claim option straight after updating:


Click here to see all the prizes available

Below I have listed a basic version of the Simdex you will see in the game.

Items in brackets are unlocked by completing the previous item on that line and the > means you need to complete the previous item listed before you can start that one but if you get stuck once you have updated your game you can click on any item in the Simdex and it will explain how to complete it

1Firestation [CAREER: Firefighter]
5Promotions ‘R’ Us Store [HOBBIES: Fashion Designer & Woodworking]
Bread Winner Quest [HOBBY: Cooking]
Art Gallery [CAREER: Artist]
Stadium [CAREER Athlete]
Pet Store [UNLOCKS: Pet Salon]
Science Lab [CAREER: Scientist]
Town Hall [CAREER: Politician]
Recording Studio [CAREER: Musician]
Car Dealer
Competition Center
The Party Boat
House Type: Standard Residences
7Money Grows on Trees? Quest
>Love Is In the Air Quest [UNLOCKS: Marriage]
L-Shaped Rooms Feature Quest
Private Island [QUEST: Love & Treasure Quest]
Cars In Lots Feature Quest
8Sorcerous Supplies [QUEST: The Book of Spells Quest HOBBIES: Spell Casting & Broomstick Flying]
>Saved by the Spell Quest [HOBBY: Potion Brewing]
Two and a Half Sims Quest [UNLOCKS: Infant Sims, Children’s Store & Maternity Store [QUEST: A Bump-y Ride Quest [UNLOCKS: Pregnancy]
9Ocean View Estate Quest [UNLOCKS: Real Estate Agency CAREER: Real Estate Agent HOUSE TYPE: Ocean View Residences]
Health Hub [QUEST: The Grooving Guru Quest HOBBY: Aerobics]
10The Mysterious Island Quest [UNLOCKS: Mysterious Island Bridge HOUSE TYPE: Houseboats]
>Raiders of The Lost Artifacts Quest [MONUMENT: The Riches of Terra]
Nanny Knows Best Quest [HOBBY: Musical Expressions]
Back to the Wall Quest [UNLOCKS: Feature Walls]
11Need for Steed Quest [UNLOCKS: Stable and Horses HOBBIES: Horse Tricks and Horse Vaulting]
A Dance to Remember Quest [HOBBIES: Salsa Dancing and Breakdancing]
Deer Spring Falls [QUEST: Vacationer’s Guide to the Outdoors Quest HOBBIES: Survivalist and Storyteller]
A Puppy Odyssey Quest [UNLOCKS: Puppies and Kittens HOBBIES: Internet Kitten and Puppy Pals]
Extreme Home Takeover Quest [UNLOCKS: Architect Homes]
Police Station [PROFESSION: Police Officer]
Movie Studio [PROFESSION: Filmmaker]
Costume and Swim Store
12Sunset Mall [QUEST: Sunset Mall Quest HOBBIES: Catwalk Modelling and Bowling]
A Quest for Toddlers [UNLOCKS: Toddler Sims]
13Simtown Express [QUEST: Simtown Express Quest EVENTS: Downtown Developers (1-4)]
>Downtown High School [QUEST: Teacher’s Pet Quest HOBBY: Class Clown]
>Hospital [PROFESSION: Medical Staff]
It’s All Going Swimmingly Quest [UNLOCKS: Pools and Swim Center HOBBY: Diving]
Super Toddler Secret Mission Quest [HOBBY: Finger Painting QUEST: Strange Things in Simtown Quest]
Pretty Little Planters Quest [HOBBIES: Makeup Artist and Fashion Hunter]
Sea Voyage Boat [UNLOCKS: Tropical Romantic Island and Magical Rainforest]
14The Hidden Unicorn Quest [HOBBY: Show Jumping]
In Da Clubhouse Quest [HOBBY: Toddler Playhouse]
Northern Glade Castle [QUEST: Royal Lineage Quest HOBBIES: Archery and Jester]
15Preparing for Preteens Quest [UNLOCKS: Preteen Sims and Elementary School CAREER: Student and Teacher]
Sims and the City Quest [HOUSE TYPE: Penthouse Apartments]
DIY Homes: Peaceful Patios Quest [UNLOCKS: Patios]
16Sous Judgemental Quest [UNLOCKS: The Candlelit Fork Restaurant]
An Alien Concept: Weather Machines Quest [UNLOCKS: Snow Park HOBBY: Figure Skating]
Monument: The Flames of Wisdom
17Multi Story Renovations Quest [UNLOCKS: Multi Story Houses and Community Center HOBBIES: Ballet and Karate]
>DIY Homes: Lovey-Dovey Balcony Quest [UNLOCKS: Balconies]
>>DIY Homes: Basement of Kings Quest [UNLOCKS: Basements]
18Teenagers Quest [UNLOCKS: Teenage Sims]
DIY Homes: All Mezzed Up Quest [UNLOCKS: Mezzanines]
19Higher Education Quest [UNLOCKS: Sim Town High CAREER: High School Student]
The Pirate and His Goddess Quest [MONUMENT: Ancient Goddess]
20The Road to Fame Quest [MONUMENT: The Famous Sim Town Sign HOBBY: Teen Idol]
Sim Springs Bus Stop
>Sim Springs: Sandy Suburbs
21Adulthood Quest [UNLOCKS: Teen to Adult Ageing]
22Ghost Hunters Quest [UNLOCKS: Haunted Items HOBBY: Ghost Hunting]
23Seniors Quest [UNLOCKS: Senior Sims and Bingo Hall]
24Bird Feeding Quest [HOBBY: Bird Feeding]
Monument: The Tempest of Bliss
25In Stitches Quest [HOBBY: Quilting]
26Life Dreams and Legacies Quest [UNLOCKS: Auto Ageing and Life Dreams]
>High Top Carnival [HOBBIES: Juggling and High Striker]
>Barkshire Pet Park [HOBBIES: Cat Show, Dog Agility and Dog Obedience]
>Ice Ape Arcade [HOBBIES: Arcade Gamer, Pinball Enthusiast and Skill Tester]
>Public Beach [HOBBIES: Seashell Collecting, Surfing and Snorkelling]
33Monument: The Springs of Fortune

Progression Prizes

In the table below you can see the prizes available and the amount of progress points needed to unlock each prize:

Progress Points NeededPrize
41,560img_2815-1Lighting the Way:
Classic Brown Floor Lamp
Classic White Floor Lamp
Flat Fossil Gray (walls)
Walnut Floorboards
52,430img_2815It’s Showtime!:
6 ‘It’s Showtime’ Outfits for Male Adult Sims
74,670img_2826Room with a View:
Black Framed Window
White Framed Window
Black Framed Arch
White Framed Arch
1 Mystery Key
108,265img_2831-1Garden Terraced Living House Template
watch my tour video here
1 Mystery Key
1210,670img_2831Dapper Do’s:
6 Hairstyles for Female Adult Sims
6 ‘Hairstyles for Male Adult Sims
1 Mystery Key
1413,885img_2849Awesome Angles:
Walnut Corner TV
Oak Corner TV
Cream Teal Diamond Rug 2×2
Gray Yellow Diamond Rug 2×2
1 Mystery Key
1616,470img_2854-1Maternal Instinct:
Nautical Blue
Nautical Pine
Nautical Pine Crib
Nautical Pine Change Dresser
Nautical Sky Blue Rope Rug
Nautical Green Mobile
Black Jacket and Striped Maternity Top
Ripped Blue Maternity Jeans
1 Mystery Key
1819,825img_2854Duality of Life:
Dual Red White Single
Dual Gray White Single
Dual Ash White Single
Dual Pine White Single
Dual Walnut White Single
Dual Red White Double
Dual Gray White Double
Dual Ash White Double
Dual Pine White Double
Dual Walnut White Double
1 Mystery Key
2024,300img_2875Quaint Hedge House Template
watch my tour video here
1 Mystery Key
2228,155img_2883-1Thoughtful Teens:
White Picture Shelves
Cream Picture Shelves
White Gray Picture Shelves
Cream Gray Picture Shelves
2 Tops and 2 Jeans for Female Teenage Sims
1 Mystery Key
2432,930img_2883Bold Backyards:
Walnut Villa Stairs (exterior stairs)
Ash Villa Stairs (exterior stairs)
Beech Horizontal Single (fence)
Ash Horizontal Single (fence)
Beech Horizontal Double (fence)
Ash Horizontal Double (fence)
Beech Horizontal Quad (fence)
Ash Horizontal Quad (fence)
Beech Horizontal Corner (fence)
Ash Horizontal Corner (fence)
1 Mystery Key
2637,375img_2903Techie Teens:
Brown Corner Computer
Black Corner Computer
2 Tops, 2 Jeans and 2 Outfits for Male Teenage Sims
1 Mystery Key
2842,535img_2904-1Dinner with a View:
Rose Gold Scandi Double
Gold Scandi Double
Homestead Chair Black
Homestead Chair Oak
Homestead Table Black
Homestead Table Oak
Auto-coffee 5000
2 Mystery Keys
3048,815img_2904Family Vineyard House Template
watch my tour video here
2 Mystery Keys
3254,510img_2905A Mother’s Love:
Royal Pink Bed
Balloons Mobile
Rustic Light Pink Single
Rustic Blue Single
Office Bookshelf
Orange Heart Window
Blue Heart Window
Orange Single Paned
Yellow Single Paned
Light Blue Single Paned
Blue Single Paned
Purple Single Paned
Light Blue Double Paned
Blue Double Paned
Purple Double Paned
6 Hairstyles for Female Adult Sims
2 Mystery Keys
3461,650img_2906-2Grandpa’s Golf Day:
2 tops, 2 pants, 2 shorts and 12 hats for Male Senior Sims
3564,900img_2906-1Exciting Exteriors:
White Stone Chimney
Autumnal Yellow Urban Tree
Autumnal Red Urban Tree
Yellow A-Frame
Red A-Frame
Purple A-Frame
Green A-Frame
Blue A-Frame
Orange A-Frame
Pink A-Frame
3668,380img_2906Grand Bedroom:
Blue Rug Grand Stairs
Red Rug Grand Stairs
Light Gray Shelved King
Teal Shelved King
Navy Designer Shag
3772,490img_2907-2Sophisticated Sitting Room:
Blue Gold Trim
Teal Gold Trim
Clay Gold Trim
Blue Gold Trim Corner
Teal Gold Trim Corner
Clay Gold Trim Corner
White Oak Fireplace
White Gray Fireplace
Black Gray Fireplace
Purple Tartan Sofa
Cream Tartan Sofa
Blue Tartan Sofa
Purple Highback
Lime Highback
Blue Highback
Purple Highback Double
Lime Highback Double
Blue Highback Double
Purple Highback Triple
Lime Highback Triple
Blue Highback Triple
6 Hairstyles for Female Adult Sims
3876,060img_2907-1Tudor Kitchens:
Blue Tudor Sink
White Flecked Drawers
Blue Flecked Drawers
White Flecked Corner
Blue Flecked Corner
White Flecked Sink
Blue Flecked Sink
White Flecked Drawers and Cupboard
Blue Flecked Drawers and Cupboard
White Flecked Corner and Cupboard
Blue Flecked Corner and Cupboard
White Double Oven
Blue Double Oven
3980,370img_2907Reflecting on Life:
Double White Bench (bay window)
Single White Bench (bay window)
4 Outfits, 4 Shoes and 4 Hairstyles for Female Adult Sims
2 Outfits, 2 Shoes and 2 Hairstyles for Male Adult Sims
4086,040+1 Sim to Simtown (Increase Total Sim Count by 1)

Check out my Simdex video here:

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24 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay-Simdex

  1. Thanks for the details on this. I like this but I’m already at level 51, will I get these items automatically? Does anyone know?

  2. I am excited for probably the first time since I started playing! The organization structure is amazing. I have everything completed so I am in for a haul of prizes! My dream for the future would be the ability to redo some of the quests at the very beginning. I missed out on many decorative prizes like wall colours that I can never access. Back to the wall, I believe, is the one that I messed up on big time. This new Simdex would allow redos to happen and I hope the developers are working towards that.

    I am glad to see you still excelling at what you do despite the recent difficult times you have had. Thank you for your blog and videos, and I wish you bright days ahead my friend. 💐

  3. Thanks for the update on the glitch. I’m pretty upset that a lot of the stairs I unlocked is locked again. It even said I completed the event.

  4. I noticed that the hobby Chocolatier is missing from the Sim index. Do you think it’s a glitch or can it be from a different reason?

    • It is probably because the chocolatier hobby was only available during a hobby event so not everyone has access to it so their progress would be incomplete, this is probably the same for the ice sculpture hobby.

  5. Thank you for your site
    I have a question if I build all the house lots, and get the points for that, then abolish a house, what would happen to my progress?

  6. Hey, I’ve got a question do you have to complete everything in the game to get the final prize. Im avoiding doing the life and dreams quest but do I have to do it to get the extra sim?

  7. Hi, when you unlock the house, do you get it for free the first time when you get to that level or do you have to pay to build it?

  8. Thank you so much for your helpful hints and tutorials. Question regarding the Simdex final prize. If I am already at my max sim count, will I still get a new sim or will I need to delete one to add the new one? Also, can the new sim be an infant or does it need to be an adult? Thanks!

  9. Hi! Newbie sims freelplay question: can you edit a simdex prize house? Like extend the house to the backyard? Or extend/edit the fencing to the backyard to add a pool?

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