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The Sims Freeplay- Hobbies: Breakdancing

The breakdancing hobby unlocks when you complete the salsa dancing hobby for the first time which unlocks once a dance to remember quest has been completed.

For a limited time: complete the hobby in 7 days to unlock the DJ booth

NOTE: You have 7 days from the moment you finish the quest so selecting not now will still start the timer!

You still receive the breakdancing themed item pack even if you don’t complete in the time limit

Who can breakdance?

Adults and teens

Only one sim can breakdance at a time

How can they breakdance?

By completing the salsa dancing hobby you can then buy the breakdancing boombox for S5000 from promotions r us

Where can you breakdance?

At the house where the boombox is

What are the options?

Quick Break- 1 hour 30 minutes

Long Break- 10 hours  30 minutes

What are the levels?

  1. Biting Breaker
  2. Foundation Fanatic
  3. Power Move Monster
  4. Clean and Dope
  5. Fresh Flava
  6. Legendary Style Head

Is the limited prize worth it?
No its really not, it is so expensive- S100,000! And a sim doesn’t even seem to be able to dance while another is DJing

What do you win?
First time you unlock the breakdancing themed items set, it seems to just be lights, wallpaper and flooring



I was hoping for some breakdancing outfits!

Further times you receive 5LPs

I cant find one of the items, any tips?

The only advice I can give you is to keep going, that is the only way you can find them- there is no trick to it, its completely random

It it worth using lucky spin?

I would say no, it doesn’t give you one that you need it just gives you one at random so really it is probably just a waste of LPs

Confused about hobbies? Read my Hobbies Frequently Asked Questions post

Hope this helps!

Thanks for reading!