The Sims Freeplay- Restarting a Hobby Collection

This is the same for any hobby, firstly you need to complete the collection as you will not be able to start the collection again if you don’t have all the pieces yet.

Once you have found them all it will tell you, then you will need to go back to the blue collection screen (where you can find all the hobby collections)

You do this by clicking on the sim info panel, find the hobby tab (second one) and click on the hobby picture (on a sim who is doing this hobby)

Once opened you will see the start collection again button at the top, click that and the collection will be reset so you can find all the pieces again.


When you reset the hobby it doesn’t reset your level, so if you were on level 6 you will still be on level 6.

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33 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Restarting a Hobby Collection

  1. It’s a bit frustrating because it keeps on giving me the same items over and over even when i did the long tasks. I got, yet again, another gumboots even after completing the “next big thing” which took 12 hours to finish. Sigh

  2. Hi all. I finished the long hair style quest in about a day and a half by setting up 10 sims in one house and having them repeatedly do the 10 min make a fashion option.. ( I did take breaks from it so it wasn’t 24/7)

  3. Do you get to pick the hairstyle you get every time you unlock one? Thanks for your help!

  4. Hi! Thank you so much for the help! Quick question- When you reset a hobby, does it reset the sim’s level in that hobby as well? For instance, if a sim is level 6 and you don’t want to lose that status, but want to do the collection again, would resetting the hobby AND hobby level get reset or just the hobby? Thanks so much in advance, Ashley 🙂

  5. Are the hairstyles available for men and women? I thought I’d read that they were, but I can only find them available for the women, both in the wardrobe and the salon.

  6. Thank you so much for your posts and all of the information on this site. I would have never been able to get any hairstyles had I not found this. It is really great!! I saw where someone said they spent LP to level up one Sim to 6 in Fashion Design. I was very close so I went ahead and did the same yesterday. I also did what you said and have had a bunch of them working in the same room doing 10 minute designs today. I now have 5 hairstyles with 2 days left in the challenge. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I now know where to turn with all of my questions since I just started playing about two weeks ago. 🙂

  7. if you don’t complete the quest on time can you still unlock the hair? i only have 1 day left and i dont think i can do it on time

  8. Request for ringlets of fire again to continuing my hairstyle,how sad i didn’t complete because at first i dont know what to do

    • Unfortunately I don’t control what they do in the game but I hope they do bring it back one day! It’s a shame for all those new players who won’t have long hair :/

  9. When i did not finish the 9th hairstyle in time. I was asked if i wanted to try the ninth again. Well now i have completed this quest time after time filling the clothing slots. It will not complete and because its still there i cannot do the thanksgiving quest ;(

  10. Hello, all of my sims are level 6 in their hobbys but I want to pass this hobby quickly. What must I do?

    • you need one sim to do the longest option in this hobby until they get to level 6 then you are going to need more sims starting this hobby and losing the progress in the other hobbies

  11. I read somewhere that if you’re at level 6 in a hobby, you can start a new hobby without forgetting the last one. Do you know if that’s true?

    Thanks for all your help, you rock!

  12. Hi, I know this isn’t the correct page, but I have a question about leveling up on hobbies. It always says I should earn a reward for leveling up on your site, but I never get any rewards! For cooking, when I became level 5, I was supposed to get 10,000 town value as said in your blog. But I didn’t! My fishing sim also just became level 8, and she didn’t get any prizes!

  13. I apologize if this is posted somewhere, but I didn’t see. I decided to restart the woodworking hobby as to make it easier to get a “weird ornament” in a neighbors town for SP’s, anyway I was really PLEASANTLY surprised that the reward for completing it again would be the premium dog house!
    So I thought maybe others would want to know, instead of spending 20 LPs, you can redo this. I’m curious to see what may be offered next or even multiple dog houses is fine with me ;D
    As always thank you for your page!!!!

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