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The Sims Freeplay- Hobbies: Dog Obedience

This is a post about the dog obedience hobby! I will tell you a little bit about how to do the hobby and the rewards you can get from it.

NOTE: you need to complete the life dreams and legacies quest before you can do this hobby.

Who can do the dog obedience hobby?

Teens, Adults and Seniors

How can you do the dog obedience hobby?

You need to firstly build the pet park, then once you have brought a collar for your dog from the pet salon you can click on them and select send to pet park 20150228-083934.jpg Then at the park you can click on the statue 20150228-084011.jpg To send a dog home just click on them and select send home

Where can you do the dog obedience hobby?

At the pet park

What are the dog obedience options?

  • Short Lesson- 2 hours
  • Obedience Class- 4 hours
  • Daily Study- 6 hours
  • Rigorous Training- 8 hours

What are the dog obedience levels?

  1. Attack Dummy
  2. Dogs Breakfast
  3. Puppy Buddy
  4. Walker
  5. Guider of Dogs
  6. Bog Whisperer

What awards are there to collect?



What do you win?

First time you complete this hobby you unlock the pet pool, it will cost you 25SPs and can be found in the pool items 20150228-084252.jpg Further times you receive 5LPs

I canโ€™t find one of the awards, any tips?

The only advice I can really give you is to keep going, that is the only way you can find them- there is no trick to it, its completely random.

Is it worth using the lucky spin?

I would say no, it doesnโ€™t give you one that you need it just gives you one at random so really it is probably just a waste of LPs

How do I start the collection again?

Once you have finished the collection you can click start a new collection on the list to start over.

Confused about hobbies? Read my Hobbies Frequently Asked Questions post

I hope this helps!

Thanks for reading!