The Sims Freeplay- Hobbies: Ghost Hunting


 Adult sims will be able to complete this hobby once you have completed the Ghost Hunters Quest. Once you have, you will need to buy haunted objects from the home store and place them in a sims house.

NOTE: Once you place the ghost hunting items in your house the lights will flash every so often which can be an issue for some players so please bare that in mind.


What are haunted items?
These are items in the home store which have a red ghost symbol on them:


You can buy as many as you want so you can have as many adult sims as you want completing this hobby at once

Once placed tap on the item and select the option ‘Search for Ghosts’  the time varies slightly depending on the star rating the item you brought has:

  • 1 Star haunted objects- 3 mins 30 seconds
  • 2 star haunted objects- 3 minutes 9 seconds
  • 3 star haunted objects- 2 minutes 48 seconds

After the time has passed come back and click the exclamation mark above your sims head, a ghost will then appear, you need to then tap the ghost three times before it escapes to find one of the ghost collectibles. If the ghost escapes you will not get a ghost collectible.

Haunted items need recharging after you use them so you have to wait before using them to search again (you can get around this by getting as many haunted items as possible in your house or building the Haunted House if you completed the Ghost Hunter Quest in the time limit!)

Time for recharging varies depending on the star rating the haunted object has:

  • 3 star- 10 minutes
  • 2 star- 20 minutes
  • 1 star- 30 minutes

Every time you search for ghosts your ghost hunting hobby skill level up percentage will increase, once you reach 100% you will level up, there are 8 levels. You need to reach level 8 to be able to unlock all of the ghost collectibles, once unlocked you will be able to find them.

The table below shows the level up percentage:

This may change in future updates

 LEVEL  Search for Ghosts
1-2 50%
2-3 20%
3-4 10%
4-5 6%
5-6 2%
6-7 2%
7-8 2%

For example you will need to search for ghosts twice to reach level 2 from level 1

The next table shows you for each level what ghost collectibles you unlock (so you can then find those ones too) and also the level up reward that a second and future sims will receive when they level up in this hobby:

1 Crackpot Pimpernickel Scaresalot, Mr Flapsworth and Nanny Frightsmith are unlocked in the hobby collection
2 Doomsday Sayer Chewy Chewfinger is now unlocked in the hobby collection 250XP
3 Spook Seeker  Warts Cauldron and Gruesome Gretchen are now unlocked in the hobby collection 500XP
4 Ghost Aficionado Cousin Flapsworth and Huffenstuf are now unlocked in the hobby collection S750
5 Paranormal Investigator Cackles and Hugo Argh are now unlocked in the hobby collection 10,000 Town Value
6 Peter Venksim Flapsworth Jnr, Hoodoo and Horrible Helga are now unlocked in the hobby collection 1LP
7 Ghoul Whisperer Ghoulio, Hack o Lantern and Beetlegeist are now unlocked in the hobby collection 1LP
8 Master Ghostologist Fright in Shining Armour and Lord of Flapsworth Manor are now unlocked in the hobby collection

You can now complete the collection!


NOTE: only the first sim completing this hobby needs to get to level 8 to unlock all the collectibles, future sims will be able to find any collectible even if they are only on level 1 in this hobby!

You won’t find a new collectible each time, you will get repeats, if this happens just keep going, you will find them eventually! If it is still taking too long you can use the lucky spin on the row where you cannot find the item, this will cost LPs, when you click on the LP button it will clear the row and give you a random collectible on that row so you aren’t guaranteed a new item (you will get back any other collectibles you already had in that row) Need to earn some LPs to use the lucky spin?


The completed ghost hunting collection is shown below, once you complete the collection you need to click ‘start a new collection/ hunt again’ at the top of the hobby collection screen, this clears the board so you can complete the collection again to earn more rewards (you will only get the option to restart the hobby collection when you have completed the collection):

The first time you complete this collection you will unlock an item for each row, further times you complete this collection you will earn XPs when you complete a row in the hobby but to complete the collection you need to find all 18 of the collectibles

  • The rewards for completing each row are:

First row: Spooky Stairs (stairs section- S40,000)

Second row: Frightening Flooring (floors section- S160 each)

Third row: Halloween Table (dining room section- S900)

Fourth row: Wicked Wallpaper (walls section- S15 each)

Fifth row: Haunted Elevator (stairs section- S250,000)

Sixth row: Teen Roman Costumes (free in wardrobe under outfits for teens once you build the costume and swim store)

  • You will also unlock the ghost containment tank when you complete the whole collection for the first time (which can be found in the decorations section and costs S8,000)

  • From the second time onwards each time you complete the collection you will earn 5LP


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