The Sims Freeplay- The Cloud: Saving the Game

Connecting to the cloud is how you save your game so if you ever have a problem with your device or want to change devices knowing how to connect to the cloud will stop you from losing your game, for example, if you wanted to change your device you would be able to get your game onto that new device within 7 days and you won’t have to start all over again- it is a good idea to do it everyday just as a back up in case! (it does automatically do it if you connect to the party boat but it is always useful to know how to do it yourself)

Connecting to the Cloud

To connect to the cloud you need to firstly be connected to Facebook, Apple, Game Center or Google Play Games (how to connect to Facebook and Game Center are covered in my Adding Neighbours post as both these can be used to add neighbours)

Sign in with Apple is a new option for Apple products so you can sign in with your Apple ID (on the settings screen- see under ‘uploading’ in this post- click on the key button (bottom right) to sign in with your Apple ID:

Sorry I no longer have an Android so I cannot show you how to connect your game to Google Play Games (this is where you download your games from)


Once connected go into settings in the game (click on the green button with 3 white dots on it) you will then see these options:

Click on the cloud button and you will see this window appear:


Click upload save data and your game will be saved

Click here to watch my video on how to save to the cloud

Help! My neighbours can’t see an item in my town, why is that? They can’t see it because they aren’t seeing the most up to date version of your game, you need to connect to the cloud for them to see this version of your game.


If you are transferring to a different device you can select on that device from in the game ‘download save data’ and you will have your game back as long as you are connected to the same account that you saved your game from on your other device:


NOTE: if you are planning to go from an Android to an Apple or the other way around and you want to keep your game, make sure you save to Facebook as this is the only option to save available on both devices.

Unable to connect to the cloud?

If you can’t connect click on the Facebook icon in the settings and it will probably say unknown user so log out and log in again and it should work! If it still isn’t working you may want to contact the makers to see if there is anything they can do to fix this for you, this post explains how to contact them if you are unsure.

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