The Sims Freeplay- Pregnancy Events: Maternity Prize Packs

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys (Presented by EA GameChangers)

In this post I have listed all the maternity prize packs that are unlocked by completing pregnancy events. If you start the 9 day pregnancy event anytime during one of the time frames you have the chance of earning the maternity items in that pack if you complete the event in the time limit. You need to have completed the first pregnancy event in the A Bump-y Ride Quest before you can earn the maternity prizes.

None of these maternity prize packs have so far returned to the game

Unsure how to complete a Pregnancy Event? Read my post here

  • Pack 1 available from the 26th March- 3rd April 2019:

Infant Section: Farmhouse Pink White Mobile and Farmhouse Beige Change Dresser
Wardrobe- Sleepwear Section: Pink Dotty Pyjamas

  • Pack 2 available from the 4th- 12th April 2019:

Infant Section: Farmhouse Beige Gray Rug
Infant/Living Room Sections: Farmhouse Pink Nursing Chair
Wardrobe- Sleepwear Section: Black Cloud Pyjamas

  • Pack 3 available from the 13th- 21st April 2019:

Infant Section: Farmhouse Blue Crib
Infant/Living Room Sections: Farmhouse Beige Shelves
Wardrobe- Sleepwear Section: Pyjamas

  • Pack 4 available from the 20th- 24th May 2019:

Infant/Living Room Sections: Farmhouse Mint Nursing Chair
Walls Section: Farmhouse Mint Walls
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: Green Diamond Top and Dark Blue Ripped Jeans

  • Pack 5 available from the 24th- 28th June 2019:

Infant/Decorations Sections: Farmhouse Gray Shelves
Infant/Living Room Sections: Farmhouse Gray Bookshelf
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: Grey Jacket and Black Jeans

  • Pack 6 available from the 11th- 17th August 2019:

Walls Section: Farmhouse Pink
Infant Section: Farmhouse Pink Crib and Farmhouse Pink Gray Rug
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: Pink Striped Jumper and Grey Ripped Jeans

  • Pack 7 available from the 30th September- 8th October 2019:

Floors Section: Farmhouse Oak Floors
Infant Section: Farmhouse Yellow Change Dresser
Infant/Decorations Section: Farmhouse Yellow Shelves
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: Beige and Black Jumper and White Skirt

  • Pack 8 available from the 15th- 30th November 2019:

Walls Section: Farmhouse Gray
Infant/Living Room Sections: Farmhouse White Nursing Chair
Infant Section: Farmhouse Navy Gray Mobile
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: Blue Flowery Top and Blue Ripped Jeans

  • Pack 9 available from the 25th December 2019- 5th January 2020:

Walls Section: Farmhouse Blue
Floors Section: Farmhouse Black Floors
Infant/Lighting Sections: Farmhouse Black Lamp
Infant/ Living Room Sections: Farmhouse Beige Bookshelf
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: Flowery Dress and Leopard Print Dress

  • Pack 10 available from the 7th- 14th February 2020:

Walls Section: Farmhouse Peppermint
Infant Section: Farmhouse Mint Crib and Farmhouse Mint Gray Mobile
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: Blue Jumper and Flowery Jeans

  • Pack 11 available from the 19th- 27th March 2020:

Walls Section: Nautical Mustard
Infant Section: Farmhouse Blue Rug and Farmhouse Gray Change Dresser
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: Red Dress and Blue Zig Zag Dress

  • Pack 12 available from the 15th- 23rd May 2020:

Walls Section: Sunset Paper
Floors Section: Farmhouse Warm Oak
Infant/Lighting Sections: Farmhouse Gold Lamp
Infant/Living Room Sections: Farmhouse Yellow Bookshelf
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: 2 Bikinis!

Can’t put on the bikini? This pack contains bikinis- to put one of them on your sim select the bikini in the maternity section and it will add the green tick but you won’t see it on your sim (they will still be wearing their current maternity clothes. Save the changes and when they go swimming they will change into the bikini.

  • Pack 13 available from the 19th- 27th July 2020:

Floors Section: Farmhouse Pine Floors
Walls Section: Nautical Green
Infant/Living Room Sections: Pink Royale Nursing Chair
Infant Section: Pine Royale Change Dresser
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: Beige Jumper and Pink Ripped Jeans

  • Pack 14 available from the 30th August- 7th September 2020:

Floors Section: Light Delice
Walls Section: Striped Delice
Infant Section: Walnut Royal Cot and Blue Butterfly Mobile
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: Orange Jacket and Light Blue Jeans

Unsure how to complete a Pregnancy Event? Read my post here


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The Sims Freeplay- School’s Out Update

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys (Presented by EA GameChangers) may differ from actual version

Update available from 10th August

School’s out for Summer but not in Simtown!  Keep reading to find out what is happening in the latest Sims Freeplay update


The Influence Island is a brand new event in which your sims are aiming to influence sims on an island to win prizes. Season 1 (no longer available) will begin on 11th August for 10 days, I have already posted my guide on how this event works so check out my post here. The first season’s prizes are shown below:


L-Shaped Rooms Feature Quest– A brand new feature quest has been added with this update to allow us to build L-shaped rooms! This quest can be started by talking to Lee the Mechanic at the nightclub (it will cost you either simoleons or social points to begin) and once complete you can build L-shaped rooms in all your houses! (you will be able to begin this quest as soon as you update your game)


Complete the School’s Out Live Event from the 3rd September (available now) in the 10 day time limit to unlock the school campus template


SimChase Season 18: Sports Day Stoush! (no longer available) starts on 21st August for 9 days

SimChase Season 19: School Scuffles! (available now) starts on 15th September for 7 days

RETURNING- SimChase Season 4: Teen Retreat! (not available yet) starts on 26th September for 7 days

If you started it before but didn’t finish it you will start from the beginning, if you unlocked any of the prizes before you will earn a free one of each in buy mode or if it is a create a sim item you will earn a social point replacement (as they are already free)

I will not be creating a new post about SimChase for each season, the only thing that is different is the prizes shown here, click here for more information if you are new to SimChase



There are new time limited prizes when you complete the 9 day pregnancy event in the time limit and earn the baby bonus between the 30th August- 7th September

If you start the 9 day pregnancy event anytime during the time frame you have the chance of earning the maternity items in that pack if you complete the event in the time limit, for example if you start a pregnancy event on the 6th September and complete in the time limit you will earn the items above

You need to have completed the first pregnancy event in the A Bump-y Ride Quest before you can earn the maternity prizes


Returning Quests and Events?

The Inner Child’s Play Quest (available now) will be back for 7 days as a Player Favourite Quest* between the 31st August- 20th September, complete this quest in the time limit to unlock a treehouse!

*What is a Player Favourite Quest? Player Favourite Quests you will be able to start these within an open period date when they return if you haven’t completed it already. These are optional so you will need to click on the green play button next to the title of the event in the active tasks tab to start.

The Mean Curls Hobby Event (available now) is returning for 9 days on the 9th September, complete the fashion designer hobby to unlock all the hairstyles for your female adult sims

The Urban Furniture Hobby Event (not available yet) will return for 8 days on the 23rd September, complete the woodworking hobby to unlock urban furniture (the link is from the post last time this was available, I will create a new post when it returns)


The Holiday High- Rise Live Event (not available yet) will be back for 9 days from the 23rd September, complete this live event to unlock the holiday condo! (the link is from the post last time this was available, I will create a new post when it returns)

Timings can change so let me know if any quest or event starts early for you

What else?

You will also be able to get double rewards from the paperboy between the 14th- 31st August:

My update videos:

L-Shaped Rooms Feature Quest:

Creating L-Shaped Rooms:

‘L-Shaped’ House Tour:

School’s Out Live Event [GOALS & PRIZES]:

School Campus Tour:

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The Sims Freeplay- Influence Island

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys (Presented by EA GameChangers) may differ from actual version

A brand new event has being added to The Sims Freeplay in the August 2020 update, Influence Island! Influence Island is a time limited event where you visit a remote island and enter a survivor inspired gameshow! The aim is to influence the sims on the island to join your clan. Like SimChase this event has seasons so we should expect a lot more of these events in the future, this post explains how to complete this event as it will be the same each time but remember the prizes do change each season.

How does it work? Once the event begins you can head to the island and chat with the sims on the island by completing Influence Challenges, if you complete all the challenges with that sim they will join your clan. The aim of the event is to convince 7 of the 10 sims on the island to join your clan in the 10 day time limit. The rival sim is doing the same thing but they do convert sims a lot slower and you can still convince them to join your side (they can’t be converted by the rival once they are on your side)
The contestants (sims) on the island start off as Neutral status with your sim but as you complete each challenge you will reach different relationship statuses:

Before they can join your clan you need to complete all the challenges, each challenge has several rounds:

  • Neutral to Friend- 6 rounds
  • Friend to Ally- 8 rounds
  • Ally to Clan Mate- 10 rounds

Once you start a challenge you will see a bar on the left hand side of your screen, this is the Influence Bar.

Your aim is to select actions from the right hand side of the screen to increase your influence towards that sim and reach the safe (green) zone to complete the round but you need to get this just right otherwise you can influence too much and hit the fail (red) zone which means you lose the challenge and all the coins you have earned so far in this challenge.

In most rounds you also have a yellow zone, this means your rival has already tried to influence this sim, the stop and convince option appears when you reach this zone so you can click that and try and convince that sim. If you have influenced them more (1) or the same as the rival (3) you will win but if your rival’s influence was greater you will lose the challenge (2)

If you have played The Sims Mobile Sweet Treat Showdown Events they are very similar but the Influence Island version is a bit easier as you can sort of work out where you will end up.

The actions have different amounts on them such as 1-20 or 20-45 this means an amount will randomly be selected from the range of the option you choose, for example, if you pick the 1-20 option it will increase the bar by between 1-20 so sometimes you can easily see which option would be best and which is most likely to hit the red zone.

A Chocolate Bar can also be used to increase the range by a small amount (between 2-9) you get 3 chocolate bars for each challenge and they will never cause you to hit the red zone so if you are close to green then you can use a bar to reach the goal and complete the round. You can also buy more bars if you need to:

Watch my walkthrough video of the Influence Island Event here

Before you begin you complete a little tutorial that explains how it works:

  • Tap on the event button in the active tasks menu (this takes you to the island)

  • Tap the menu in the top left corner (the first tab shows your clan progress) Here you can see how many sims you have influenced so far and your status with all the sims on the island

  • With an adult sim, greet the Grouch- 8 seconds (the Grouch is the rival for Season 1) The rival influences the sims on the island too but at a much slower rate than you do. You can still convert them to your side if they have been influenced by the rival

  • Tap a target contestant (click on one of the sims on the island)

  • Start a challenge (when you click on a sim you will see a profile, click start challenge to begin)

  • Tap on the action (action varies, click the one it tells you to) Each action gives a random amount of influence within its range so for this first action it will increase the influence between 20-45. The bar on the left hand side shows how much influence has been added, for me it was 34:

  • Tap on the action (action varies, click the one it tells you to) the goal is to build a bond with your target so the green zone is where you are aiming for a successful round

  • Complete the round (try not to influence too much otherwise you will hit the red zone and fail the challenge losing the network credits you have earned so far in this challenge)

  • Tap continue (you have completed your first round, to reach the friend stage you have to complete 6 rounds with this sim, tap continue to move onto the next round)

  • Use actions to reach the rival zone (the rival zone is the yellow zone, this means the rival has been influencing this sim already, reach the yellow zone to complete this task)

  • Complete with actions or ‘stop and convince’ (at this stage you can either keep going with actions to increase the bar and try and reach the green zone or use the stop and convince option but if the rival’s influence with this sim is higher you will lose)(I picked the 1-20 option to try and reach the green zone)

  • Keep influencing to build your clan (you will need to convert 7 sims to clan mates within the 10 day time limit to unlock the grand prize)

You will be able to complete 3 challenges each day, you will then have to wait 8 hours for the next challenge or use SP to start one early

Network Credits

Each round you complete you earn Network Credits which can be used to purchase the prizes in the gift shop.

Neutral to Friend: 6 Rounds

  • Round 1: 12
  • Round 2: 24
  • Round 3: 36
  • Round 4: 48
  • Round 5: 80
  • Round 6: 200
  • Total: 400 Network Credits

Friend to Ally: 8 Rounds

  • Round 1: 12
  • Round 2: 18
  • Round 3: 30
  • Round 4: 48
  • Round 5: 60
  • Round 6: 72
  • Round 7: 90
  • Round 8: 270
  • Total 600 Network Credits

Ally to Clan Mate: 10 Rounds

  • Round 1: 20
  • Round 2: 30
  • Round 3: 40
  • Round 4: 50
  • Round 5: 60
  • Round 6: 70
  • Round 7: 80
  • Round 8: 100
  • Round 9: 150
  • Round 10: 400
  • Total 1,000 Network Credits

If you manage to complete all 3 challenges, converting 1 sim to Clan Mate will earn you 2,000 Network Credits

After each round your Network Credits are stored in a basket until the challenge is complete, if you fail a round you will lose all your network credits earned in that challenge so far unless you spend SP to continue:

If you decide you are happy with the amount of Network Credits you have earned so far in the challenge you can click ‘quit and collect’ to earn the Network Credits currently in your basket but if you do this you will not increase your relationship with that sim:

Gift Shop

In the gift shop you will find 10 common prizes and 5 rare prizes, these change every season:

Common Prizes cost 500 each and Rare Prizes cost 720 each. Click to spin to earn one of the prizes at random each time (you won’t get duplicates) you need to claim all the common prizes before you can start claiming the rare prizes:

Once the event is over any Network Credits remaining will be converted into simoleons, you get 10 simoleons for each Network Credit so 5,940 Network Credits earns you S59,400:

The third tab in the menu contains the influence island tips:


Season 1: available August 2020

Frequently Asked Questions About Influence Island

Why do all your screenshots say the time limit is 97 days? My screenshots are from the early access version so some things can be different from the actual version, the correct time limit is 10 days.

If you fail a round what happens? You will lose all the network credits you have earned in that challenge so far.

Do you lose all progress if you fail? You only lose the progress towards the next stage so if they are Ally and you are trying to reach Clan Mate but fail they will stay as Ally and you can try again.

If I quit and claim early does it affect my influence on that sim? No it doesn’t decrease your relationship, you will start from the beginning of that stage next time you start a challenge with them, for example, if they are Friends and you quit after 2 rounds of trying to reach Ally they will still be Friends and you will have to start from round 1 again to try and get them to Ally status.

How many sims can be at the island at once? Only one of your sims can be on the island at a time.

How do I get back to the island if I leave? Click on the button on the influence island event tab in the active tasks menu to return to the island:

I’m not bothered about the grand prize, can I just earn the gift shop prizes? Yes, you can always just make all the sims on the island Friend or Ally status and earn enough credit to spin for the prizes.

How many network credits do I need in total for all the prizes? 8,600

If I convert 7 clan mates and earn the grand prize but not claimed all the gift shop prizes yet can I still unlock any prizes I have left? Yes if you are within the 10 day time limit you can still claim your remaining prizes before the event ends.

What does the Survival Kit do? The survival kit costs real money to buy and it contains tools to help you including an extra chocolate bar per challenge, 1,000 bonus NC, the Survival Tip action to be used once per challenge that gives 10 influence and 5 bribes which when your sim is within 15 points of success it will guarantee success (bribes will never cause you to hit the red zone)

Watch my walkthrough video of the Influence Island Event here:

What do I think of Influence Island? Overall I love the idea of this event but only time will tell if it is possible to complete in the time limit. I like the idea that you can still earn prizes with your Network Credits even if you don’t complete the whole event to unlock the grand prize, I think I will be doing this less time consuming option when the grand prize isn’t worth it.

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The Sims Mobile- Renovate Your Space Update

Presented by EA GameChangers

The Sims Mobile Renovate Your Space update (coming 3rd August) isn’t a huge update but it does bring with it a highly requested feature- photo mode!

Photo Mode allows us to take screenshots without all the icons on the screen being in the way!

How does it work?

The feature is only available in build mode so if you go to a party you won’t be able to take pictures but the host of the party can. In build mode you will see a camera button on the screen: 

Click this and you will see a much clearer screen:

There are a few buttons at the bottom of the screen:

1.Remove UI (icons)- this allows you to take your screenshot without anything in the way on the screen but first you can use some of the other options to set the scene

2.Pause/Play- get the perfect pose by pausing the gameplay

3.Lighting- there are 3 buttons in a rectangle:

a.Sun- set to daytime

b.Auto- will be the time of day it currently is for you

c.Moon- set to nighttime

4.Walls- allows you to toggle the walls up and down

5.Floors- move up and down the floors with this button

Once you have set your settings you can then click the remove UI button and then take a screenshot using your device (look up online how to do this if you are unsure how to take screenshots on your device) You will then be able to find the picture in your phone’s gallery and it’s as simple as that!

How do I get the UI (icons) back?

Just click on the screen and the bar shown above will return and then you can click the x in the corner to exit photo mode.

Watch my video to see how Photo Mode works:

What else is new?

The Raise the Roof Update allowed us to add 3 stories to our houses- we can now go one better with a fourth floor permit!

Once you reach level 30 and above you can buy a fourth floor permit for S200,000 (you will need to have brought the second and third floors first) it will take 3 days to receive the permit or you can rush for 300 simcash:

Watch my video here if you are unsure how to build multi story houses

Dream Garage Sweet Treat Showdown Event: Complete the latest Sweet Treat Showdown (starting 3rd August) to unlock hobby themed decor and a garage door to create the garage of your sims dreams!

My Sims Mobile Posts 


The Sims Freeplay- Completing a SimChase [TIPS & MY EXPERIENCE]

I created a similar post for Pregnancy Events so I thought I would do one for SimChase too and see if it was actually possible to complete a SimChase in the time limit.

Check out my SimChase post if you want to know more about how to complete SimChase and to see all the prizes

Tips for Completing SimChase:

  • Start the SimChase event at a time you will be able to open the game every day, for example, I started at around 9am so I could complete as much as possible in the day time and didn’t have to get up so much during the night. You have about 24 hours to complete an episode before the rival will win (I don’t know the exact time the rival completes an episode as it depends on the spin tokens you’ve used against them too)
  • Complete in the order best for you, you don’t have to complete them in order shown, I do have a few tips below which I found useful:
    • Leave longer tasks for during the night (if you can) it took me a few days to realise this but if I did the longer tasks during the night I could sleep more!
    • Do tasks that require several sims first or during the day, it doesn’t matter how long these are you want to get them out of the way quickly and not have to count several times that you have enough sims completing it during the night as you are more likely to make a mistake (and it takes longer to go back to sleep!)
  • Have as many sims as possible completing the tasks that require several sims at the same time (I was fuming by this- I needed 28 sims for a few tasks but preteens couldn’t do it so I only have 27 sims who could complete it at once so I had to do it twice!) make sure you check a few times that you have enough sims completing the task so you don’t have to waste any time redoing the task for one sim you missed (although if you need a ridiculous amount of sims you will probably have to redo the task anyway!)
  • Set a timer on your phone for when the task will complete so you know when to check back in and start the next one
  • Use 3 star items (if possible) 3 star items give you the shortest amount of time to complete the task
  • Use social points sparingly (if you want to) you don’t have to use any at all but if you do, check how much it costs to speed up the task on the sim and the SimChase menu as one will be cheaper! Also if you don’t have a lot of simoleons you can leave the mastery class until last and skip that with SP to complete the episode. I had to do this with episode 8 (due to an internet issue in the night I was behind) I used 25SP to skip episode rather than spending simoleons, 38SP or 51SP on the mastery class that would have also taken time to complete

Check out my SimChase post if you want to know more about how to complete SimChase and to see all the prizes

I have documented my experience completing a SimChase below to give you some idea of the sort of goals you will get but remember that the tasks and times will differ for you depending on which season you are completing

I was completing Season 16: Eco Engagement which is a 9 day SimChase

Episode 1- 9:07am

SimChase rules- 2 hours

11:08am Appraise home- 6 minutes

11:16am Stand still- 6 minutes

11:23am 1000 page book clue- 6 minutes

11:30am Expert Massage (Mastery)- 2 hours cost S270,524 (or 1hr 42min cost 9SP and 30min cost 12SP)

1:31pm Find gold book 8 times (8 sims)- 3 hours

4:35pm Check in- 4 seconds

Episode 1 won! Episode 2 unlocks in 16 hours 29 minutes

Spin token 25% off next mastery

Episode 2- 9:08am

Home cooked meal- 1 hour

10:12am Expert Photography (Mastery)- 2 hours cost S353,063 (or 1hr 42min cost 11SP and 30min cost 15SP)(25% off)

12:13pm Endure movie marathon- 1 hour

1:15pm Find ectoplasm 30 times (15 sims max)- 2 hours 30 minutes

3:49pm SimChase rules- 2 hours

5:51pm Clean old dish 12 times (12 sims)- 3 hours

8:58pm Check in- 4 seconds

Episode 2 won! Episode 3 unlocks in 12 hours 6 minutes

Episode 3- 9:07am

Unravel secrets 12 times (12 sims)- 3 hours 20 minutes

12:32pm SimChase rules- 2 hours

2:34pm Battle bed bugs- 1 hour

3:36pm Endure ice bath- 1 hour

4:37pm Investigate green thumbs- 1 hour

5:38pm Expect Distracting (Mastery)- 2 hours cost S541,049 (or 1hr 42min cost 18SP and 30min cost 24SP)

8:46pm Check in- 4 seconds

Episode 3 won! Episode 4 unlocks in 12 hours 19 minutes

Spin token 5 Monument Resources

Episode 4- 9:08am

Expert Painting (Mastery)- 4 hours cost S676,311 (or 3hr 24min cost 22SP and 1hr cost 30SP)

I had to go out so I picked a longer one to start with today

1:38pm SimChase rules- 2 hours

3:39pm Research seed secrets- 4 hours

I really should have planned today better and left this one until bedtime!

7:41pm Hack for clues 15 times (15 sims)- 2 hours 20 minutes

10:05pm Decrypt email- 1 hour

11:07pm Home improvement shows- 2 hours

1:10am Check in- 4 seconds

Episode 4 won! Episode 5 unlocks in 7 hours 55 minutes

Spin token Roadblock (rival held up for 30 minutes)

Episode 5- 9:10am

Expert Sewing (Mastery)- 3 hours cost S946,836 (or 2hr 33min cost 31SP and 45min cost 42SP)

12:14pm Create winning menu 22 times (22 sims)- 3 hours

4:01pm SimChase rules- 2 hours

6:03pm Find torn photo pieces 30 times (15 sims max)- 3 hours

9:08pm Write radical renovations- 4 hours

1:10am Eat mystery meat- 3 hours

4:12am Check in- 4 seconds

Episode 5 won! Episode 6 unlocks in 4 hours 53 minutes

Episode 6- 9:08am

Devise solution 20 times (20 sims)- 2 hours

11:13am SimChase rules- 2 hours

1:15pm Balance carbon consumption- 2 hours

3:16pm Solve cipher crossword- 2 hours

5:17pm Taste test vegetables- 3 hours 30 minutes

8:48pm Expert Finance (Mastery)- 6 hours cost S743,942 (or 5hr 6min cost 24SP and 1hr 30min cost 33SP)

2:49am Check in- 4 seconds

Episode 6 won! Episode 7 unlocks in 6 hours 15 minutes

Spin token S3,000

Wow- I woke up in the middle of the night for 3,000 simoleons

Episode 7- 9:08am

SimChase rules- 2 hours

11:10am Find dust bunnies 30 times (15 sims max)- 3 hours

2:15pm Bake convoluted cake 26 times (26 sims)- 3 hours 45 minutes

6:07pm Pick a fight with bees- 3 hours 45 minutes

9:56pm Subdue plants- 5 hours

The rival was so far behind this morning but now has nearly caught up!

2:59am Expert Elocution (Mastery)- 4 hours cost S1,082,098 (or 3hr 24min cost 36SP and 1hr cost 48SP)

7:01am Check in- 4 seconds

Episode 7 won! Episode 8 unlocks in 2 hours 3 minutes

Episode 8- 9:08am

SimChase rules- 2 hours

11:11am Solve SimChase riddle book 28 times (28 sims)- 3 hours

I only have 27 teen/adult/senior sims and I’m at the maximum amount of sims I can have in my town so I can’t add anymore- some tasks can be completed my preteens but I think to just annoy us they have made this one so preteens cannot complete it. If they could I could complete it in one go but now it is going to take me double the amount of time.

2:20pm Solve SimChase riddle book 28 times (28 sims)- 3 hours

24 complete, 4 to go (a few failed to complete the first time too)

5:20pm Find 45 TV remotes (15 sims max)- 3 hours

8:23pm Conservative water- 3 hours 45 minutes

12:23am I woke up to complete this but I had no internet until 3:30am

3:31am Operate on plant- 5 hours 30 minutes

9:02am Expert Sass (Mastery) (4hr cost S1,149,729 and 3hr 24min cost 38SP and 1hr cost 51SP)

I had to use social points to complete this before the rival won the episode, I would have been okay for time without the internet issue. Instead of starting this task I selected the skip episode option on the SimChase menu which cost 25SP

Episode 8 won (just about!) Episode 9 unlocks in 1 minute 32 seconds

Episode 9- 9:07am

Search travel guides 28 times (28 sims)- 3 hours

Again I don’t have enough sims to complete this in one go

12:12pm Search travel guides 28 times (28 sims)- 3 hours

2 left to go (again one didn’t complete the first time)- waste of 3 hours!

3:15pm Find alphabet soup letters 60 times (15 sims max)- 3 hours

6:20pm SimChase rules- 2 hours

8:21pm Mystery leftovers- 3 hours

11:22pm Eat dirt- 6 hours

5:24am Expert Knitting (Mastery)- 4 hours cost S1,217,361 (or 3hr 24min cost 40SP and 1hr cost 54SP)

I was worried that the rival was going to overtake me at this point so I opened the game at 7:30am every half an hour in case I needed to speed up the final task

9:06am I was informed the rival would check in in 30 minutes. I had 20 minutes left so I knew I could make it

9:26am Check in- 4 seconds

Episode 9 won! I can sleep now!

It has been a very long 9 days, I don’t cope very well on lack of sleep so the experience has made me even more grumpy towards SimChase, yes it is possible to complete if every sim in your town is a teen, adult or senior, you don’t have anything else going on during the week and you don’t mind the middle of the night wake up calls but none of that equals fun. I really don’t know how some people manage to complete every SimChase, Pregnancy Event and Live Event using this method, I would make myself ill if I did, just 9 days of it makes me resent the game.

I honestly didn’t mind the first few days, I think in future I might try and get to at least episode 2 prizes if I think they are worth it but I really don’t see the point in putting in so much effort for spin tokens- winning episode 6 gave me 3,000 simoleons which is nothing compared to how much I have spent on mastery tasks.

I don’t like that apart from one notification to say the rival will check in in 30 minutes you don’t really know how they are doing, it isn’t like a pregnancy event where you just have to complete the tasks in a certain amount of time and you know if you are on track, with SimChase you don’t really know how long you have left and I found that very stressful. However I did only used 25 social points on this and that was only due to the internet issue which I was surprised about, although if I wanted to get a good night sleep I would have used a lot more social points.

What I have learned:

  • You don’t have to complete the final day within the time limit you just have to complete it before the rival, for example, I completed episode 9 at 9:26am when on previous days I started the next episode at 9:07am
  • You should be able to find all the items you need for the task that requires 15 sims max in one go, I was worried about that, especially with the last task but I managed to find all 60 alphabet soup letters with 15 sims
  • You are warned 30 minutes before your rival checks in for the final episode, I’m not sure if you are warned with the other episodes
  • Oh and I know that I don’t function well on little sleep!


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