The Sims Freeplay- Premium Perks

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys (Presented by EA Creator Network) may differ from actual version

Premium Perks is a time limited event, the aim of these events is to spend social points (SP) and lifestyle points (LP) to unlock prizes during the 10 day time limit.

You need to be player level 16 or over to be able to participate in these events

Click here to see prizes for each season:

Season 1Season 2

When this event is active you will see it in the active tasks tab, click on the icon in the circle next to the task to access the prize tab:

These events aren’t always available

On this bar you can see the prizes you unlock in this event and how many points you need to unlock each prize pack. The screenshots below are from season 1, these events all work the same but you need a different amount of points to unlock the prizes for each season.

1 social point spent = 2 points

Once you have unlocked a prize a pop up will appear at the top of the screen, click visit to view the prize tab:

Click on the item to claim:

If you don’t claim them before you complete the event a pop up will appear to claim any rewards once the event is over:


  • Season 1: Halloween Teen Witch Available 18th October 2022 for 10 days

Spend SP to unlock rewards- 30, 85, 160, 315, 505, 765

    • Milestone Prize 1– Lighting Section: Teal (S90,400) and Red (10LP) Mystic Crystal Balls

    • Milestone Prize 2– 1 Cupcake
      Bedroom Section: Pine (S69,200) and Oak (6LP) Mystic Bedside Tables

    • Milestone Prize 3– 1 Free Hobby Lucky Spin
      Decorations Section: White (S61,900) and Maroon (7LP) Mystic Wall Tapestries

    • Milestone Prize 4– 1 Mystery Box Key
      Bedroom Section: White (S197,700) and Purple (18LP) Mystic Vanities

    • Milestone Prize 5– 1 Free Hobby Lucky Spin
      1 Cupcake
      Bedroom Section: White (S161,300) and Black (15LP) Mystic Double Beds

    • Milestone Prize 6– 1 VIP Point
      1 Mystery Box Key
      2 outfits and 2 shoes for female adult sims
      Hairstyles for adult sims

  • Season 2: Glam Decor Available 6th January 2023 for 10 days

Spend SP or LP to unlock rewards- 20, 60, 115, 225, 365, 555


    • Milestone Prize 1- 1 Mystery Box Key

    • Milestone Prize 2- 1 Cupcake
      Trees, Plants and Flowers Section: Brass (S93,000) and Gold (9LP) Potted Palms

    • Milestone Prize 3- 1 Free Hobby Lucky Spin
      Decorations Section: Ash (7SP) and Oak (S73,750) Seaside Shelving

    • Milestone Prize 4- 1 Mystery Box Key
      Lighting Section: Brass (S89,000) and Gold (8SP) Palm Floor Lights

    • Milestone Prize 5– 1 Free Hobby Lucky Spin
      1 Cupcake
      Living Room Section: Brass (S109,000) and Gold (10SP) Glass Coffee Tables

    • Milestone Prize 6– 1 VIP Point
      1 Mystery Box Key
      1 Cupcake
      1 Free Hobby Lucky Spin
      Infant and Living Room Sections: Pink (S109,000) and White (S100,000) Shag Nursing Chairs
      Living Room Section: Oak (S215,500) and Ash (21SP) Coastal Desks


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