The Sims Freeplay- Influence Island

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys (Presented by EA GameChangers) may differ from actual version

A brand new event has being added to The Sims Freeplay in the August 2020 update, Influence Island! Influence Island is a time limited event where you visit a remote island and enter a survivor inspired gameshow! The aim is to influence the sims on the island to join your clan. Like SimChase this event has seasons so we should expect a lot more of these events in the future, this post explains how to complete this event as it will be the same each time but remember the prizes do change each season. Influence Island Events can be started from level 7

Want to skip to the prizes for each season? Click here

How does it work? Once the event begins you can head to the island and chat with the sims on the island by completing Influence Challenges, if you complete all the challenges with that sim they will join your clan. The aim of the event is to convince 7 of the 10 sims on the island to join your clan in the 10 day time limit. The rival sim is doing the same thing but they do convert sims a lot slower and you can still convince them to join your side (they can’t be converted by the rival once they are on your side)
The contestants (sims) on the island start off as Neutral status with your sim but as you complete each challenge you will reach different relationship statuses:

Before they can join your clan you need to complete all the challenges, each challenge has several rounds:

  • Neutral to Friend- 6 rounds
  • Friend to Ally- 8 rounds
  • Ally to Clan Mate- 10 rounds

Once you start a challenge you will see a bar on the left hand side of your screen, this is the Influence Bar.

Your aim is to select actions from the right hand side of the screen to increase your influence towards that sim and reach the safe (green) zone to complete the round but you need to get this just right otherwise you can influence too much and hit the fail (red) zone which means you lose the challenge and all the coins you have earned so far in this challenge.

In most rounds you also have a yellow zone, this means your rival has already tried to influence this sim, the stop and convince option appears when you reach this zone so you can click that and try and convince that sim. If you have influenced them more (1) or the same as the rival (3) you will win but if your rival’s influence was greater you will lose the challenge (2)

If you have played The Sims Mobile Sweet Treat Showdown Events they are very similar but the Influence Island version is a bit easier as you can sort of work out where you will end up.

The actions have different amounts on them such as 1-20 or 20-45 this means an amount will randomly be selected from the range of the option you choose, for example, if you pick the 1-20 option it will increase the bar by between 1-20 so sometimes you can easily see which option would be best and which is most likely to hit the red zone.

A Chocolate Bar can also be used to increase the range by a small amount (between 2-9) you get 3 chocolate bars for each challenge and they will never cause you to hit the red zone so if you are close to green then you can use a bar to reach the goal and complete the round. You can also buy more bars if you need to:

Watch my walkthrough video of the Influence Island Event here

Before you begin you complete a little tutorial that explains how it works:

  • Tap on the event button in the active tasks menu (this takes you to the island)

  • Tap the menu in the top left corner (the first tab shows your clan progress) Here you can see how many sims you have influenced so far and your status with all the sims on the island

  • With an adult sim, greet the Grouch- 8 seconds (the Grouch is the rival for Season 1) The rival influences the sims on the island too but at a much slower rate than you do. You can still convert them to your side if they have been influenced by the rival

  • Tap a target contestant (click on one of the sims on the island)

  • Start a challenge (when you click on a sim you will see a profile, click start challenge to begin)

  • Tap on the action (action varies, click the one it tells you to) Each action gives a random amount of influence within its range so for this first action it will increase the influence between 20-45. The bar on the left hand side shows how much influence has been added, for me it was 34:

  • Tap on the action (action varies, click the one it tells you to) the goal is to build a bond with your target so the green zone is where you are aiming for a successful round

  • Complete the round (try not to influence too much otherwise you will hit the red zone and fail the challenge losing the network credits you have earned so far in this challenge)

  • Tap continue (you have completed your first round, to reach the friend stage you have to complete 6 rounds with this sim, tap continue to move onto the next round)

  • Use actions to reach the rival zone (the rival zone is the yellow zone, this means the rival has been influencing this sim already, reach the yellow zone to complete this task)

  • Complete with actions or ‘stop and convince’ (at this stage you can either keep going with actions to increase the bar and try and reach the green zone or use the stop and convince option but if the rival’s influence with this sim is higher you will lose)(I picked the 1-20 option to try and reach the green zone)

  • Keep influencing to build your clan (you will need to convert 7 sims to clan mates within the 10 day time limit to unlock the grand prize)

You will be able to complete 3 challenges each day, you will then have to wait 8 hours for the next challenge or use SP to start one early (this means that when you first begin you will have 3 challenges, once you have used those 3 you will have to wait 8 hours to get 1 challenge)

Network Credits

Each round you complete you earn Network Credits which can be used to purchase the prizes in the gift shop.

Neutral to Friend: 6 Rounds

  • Round 1: 12
  • Round 2: 24
  • Round 3: 36
  • Round 4: 48
  • Round 5: 80
  • Round 6: 200
  • Total: 400 Network Credits

Friend to Ally: 8 Rounds

  • Round 1: 12
  • Round 2: 18
  • Round 3: 30
  • Round 4: 48
  • Round 5: 60
  • Round 6: 72
  • Round 7: 90
  • Round 8: 270
  • Total 600 Network Credits

Ally to Clan Mate: 10 Rounds

  • Round 1: 20
  • Round 2: 30
  • Round 3: 40
  • Round 4: 50
  • Round 5: 60
  • Round 6: 70
  • Round 7: 80
  • Round 8: 100
  • Round 9: 150
  • Round 10: 400
  • Total 1,000 Network Credits

If you manage to complete all 3 challenges, converting 1 sim to Clan Mate will earn you 2,000 Network Credits

After each round your Network Credits are stored in a basket until the challenge is complete, if you fail a round you will lose all your network credits earned in that challenge so far unless you spend SP to continue:

If you decide you are happy with the amount of Network Credits you have earned so far in the challenge you can click ‘quit and collect’ to earn the Network Credits currently in your basket but if you do this you will not increase your relationship with that sim:

Gift Shop

In the gift shop you will find 10 common prizes and 5 rare prizes, these change every season:

Common Prizes cost 500 each and Rare Prizes cost 720 each. Click to spin to earn one of the prizes at random each time (you won’t get duplicates) you need to claim all the common prizes before you can start claiming the rare prizes:

Once the event is over any Network Credits remaining will be converted into simoleons, you get 10 simoleons for each Network Credit so 5,940 Network Credits earns you S59,400:

The third tab in the menu contains the influence island tips:


Season 1: Cafeteria Principals Available August 2020

Season 2: Bedroom Retreat Available October 2020

Season 3: Jolly Jammies Available 1st December 2020

The Christmas pyjamas for teenage sims are in the rare prize and Christmas pyjamas for adults and preteens are in the grand prize

Season 4: Moroccan Kitchen Available 25th December 2020

Season 5: Rustic Wedding/ Fairy Tale Vows Available 27th January 2021

The wedding outfits for preteen sims are in the rare prize and the wedding outfits for adults are in the grand prize

Season 6: Suite Success Available 5th March 2021

The hairstyles and dresses in the grand prize are for female adult sims

Frequently Asked Questions About Influence Island

Why do all your screenshots say the time limit is 97 days? My screenshots are from the early access version so some things can be different from the actual version, the correct time limit is 10 days.

If you fail a round what happens? You will lose all the network credits you have earned in that challenge so far.

Do you lose all progress if you fail? You only lose the progress towards the next stage so if they are Ally and you are trying to reach Clan Mate but fail they will stay as Ally and you can try again.

If I quit and claim early does it affect my influence on that sim? No it doesn’t decrease your relationship, you will start from the beginning of that stage next time you start a challenge with them, for example, if they are Friends and you quit after 2 rounds of trying to reach Ally they will still be Friends and you will have to start from round 1 again to try and get them to Ally status.

How many sims can be at the island at once? Only one of your sims can be on the island at a time.

How do I get back to the island if I leave? Click on the button on the influence island event tab in the active tasks menu to return to the island:

I’m not bothered about the grand prize, can I just earn the gift shop prizes? Yes, you can always just make all the sims on the island Friend or Ally status and earn enough credit to spin for the prizes.

How many network credits do I need in total for all the prizes? 8,600

If I convert 7 clan mates and earn the grand prize but not claimed all the gift shop prizes yet can I still unlock any prizes I have left? Yes if you are within the 10 day time limit you can still claim your remaining prizes before the event ends.

What does the Survival Kit do? The survival kit costs real money to buy and it contains tools to help you including an extra chocolate bar per challenge, 1,000 bonus NC, the Survival Tip action to be used once per challenge that gives 10 influence and 5 bribes (for the whole event) which when your sim is within 15 points of success it will guarantee success (bribes will never cause you to hit the red zone)

Watch my walkthrough video of the Influence Island Event here:

What do I think of Influence Island? Overall I love the idea of this event but only time will tell if it is possible to complete in the time limit. I like the idea that you can still earn prizes with your Network Credits even if you don’t complete the whole event to unlock the grand prize, I think I will be doing this less time consuming option when the grand prize isn’t worth it.

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61 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Influence Island

      • Is this event over? Every time I start the game it tells me about the island but not how to start it.

      • Yes this event is now over but there will probably be a new one in the next update. That popup just tells you what is new in the latest update, click don’t show again to stop it appearing each time.

      • I just went through your Island Influencer walk-through again. I purchased the survival kit because I don’t have much luck with how the challenges are set up. I have 2 questions that I didn’t see info on in your walk-through: (1) Are the 5 bribes in the survival kit to be used for the entire game or are they for each Sim until they reach clan member; and (2) I failed on my first challenge of the day (after waiting 8 hrs) and I chose to end the failed challenge instead of using SPs but then I got a message that said my Sim had fatigue and I had to wait 6 hrs to start another challenge. That was my first challenge of the day and I thought I could do 3 challenges per day. If you end a failed challenge, does that end it for 6 hours even though I still have 2 challenges left according to the SFP rules of this game? Thank you for all you do for so many players!! You are the reason I am still playing SFP! ❤️

      • The 5 bribes are for the whole event and when you first begin you will have 3 challenges, once you have used those 3 you will have to wait 8 hours to get 1 challenge. I’ve just added these to the post to help others who may ask the same questions 🙂

  1. They really had to use the word clan to describe them? Especially in the racial climate were in right now? (Yes Ik it’s not spelled the same, but still!)

    That aside, I’m a huge survivor, and big brother fan. So this actually looks like it might be enjoyable, the 1st time at least. Idk about doing it over and over again like sim chases. So I look forward to trying it out!

    I really wish they’d listen to us about giving us the ability to build on the existing lots. When they gives us prizes like this (school prizes) and the previous market prizes. So we don’t have to waste our own lots building new buildings of what already exists in our towns. Just to use these prizes!

    Do you pay attention to these comments at all EA?

    • The word “clan” is not in any form racial. It is a Scottish word used for hundreds of years to describe a large family or a close-knit group of interrelated families. Modernity used to describe a group of people with a strong common interest.
      I believe you have mistaken the term for klan, which is something entirely different and you’re correct it is not spelt the same because the definition is not the same!

  2. I have watched your video and many others. I am missing something because I don’t understand what the Grand Prize is.
    Would you mind explaining?
    Thanks a lot.

  3. I really love the camera angles when we do the rounds 🤩, I just hope its possible to complete in the time limit. Also, if this event returns, will our progress be kept?

    • This event is extremely hard. I have not been able to complete one challenge in 2 days. Very poor design Sims! I wouldn’t mind spending a little bit this is complete money bags for them. I haven’t spent any and I won’t be.. entirely too expensive and way too much time in between challenges.

  4. Hi, thank you so much for all the work you do on your blog! I read this once before but now can’t find where I saw my question answered before, so my question is how many challenges do we have per day, and when do they reset? Thanks!!!

  5. This event kinda reminds me of the sweet treat showdowns the sims mobile has lol 😁 can’t wait to do it!

    • Sorry between creating this post with the early access version and the event actually being released the makers changed the bribe amount from 10 to 5 but didn’t let us know about the change.

  6. I don’t like it. I have tried for the past day and cannot get to Clan status. It seems they want players to use Social points and the amount isn’t cheap anywhere from 25 and up. I’m not sure if this is in your post, but you have to get the sim to clan status before the challenges reset every 8 hours In order to get three challenges a day. Unless this is a glitch I hope. I have one sim that is an ally and two that are friends every 8 hours I only get one challenge.

    • You don’t have to get them to clan status in one go, you could just do 3 challenges with 3 different sims to make them all friends and then after 8 hours when you get another go you can try to make them an ally or make another one friends.

    • This game is very hard and I cannot tell you how times I have lost my challenge because my rival had more of an influence on them in the yellow rival zone. I do like that I have been able to use the small amount of coins I have made to get some of the smaller prizes. I’m pretty disappointed in this game.

  7. Another day, another cruel attempt to rob us of all the SPs we have. It’s so expensive to play Influence Island. I regret using any SP or buying the Survival pack because if I quit now it will have been for nothing. 😦

    • I prefer it to simchase as you can just go for the gift shop prizes which doesn’t require as much success rather than working towards the grand prize which to me for season 1 doesn’t seem worth the hassle.

  8. The game cheats! My strategy was to use the 1-20 option to get to low 50s then do the 20-45. TWICE now I’ve had 50, and 52 on the meter, selected the 20-45 option, and gone straight into the red. Mathematically impossible. Another con from EA. As with Simchase, I won’t be participating.

  9. I agree with Bear Davis, a waste of time and resources. Just 1 point in the red or 1 point behind the rival and its an 8 hour wait (and if like me it’s on the first challenge then it really seems like they are treating us like money sacks. The one who pays, wins!)

  10. Why I have only 10 days limited for this quest, not 97 days?
    Now, I have to finish for 5 days leave. Help me, please.

  11. Credit where credit’s due – the game is FUN. I honestly don’t care about a single prize (or the grand prize), but I’ve already spent £20 on SPs to speed up the wait between challenges. And I HATE paying for add-ons -I’ve only ever previously spent a total of £1in the 9+ years I’ve been playing.

    I work in Marketing and I know how much testing and learning these games must go through, so congratulations to the developers for finally developing something that people would want to spend money on (and not care if they lose). It’s a hard balance to strike…

  12. I HATE Influence Island! This is all about getting more money from us. The only way you could even win this is if you pay a lot of social points which equals a lot of money! I am so disappointed with this one. You need to use your chocolates early (so you don’t lose them before you are out) and you know when you get to the last challenge the bad guy will win the spin or you brave the chance and spin and lose. They have such great ideas for the game but it’s rigged so you always lose in the end. I regret spending any money on this one. Just like SimsChase I won’t be even finishing this one. Why don’t they make challenges that I can pay with simoleans? I am maxed out on those and don’t have much to spend on them unless I demolish a house and build a new one. I don’t mind dropping a few dollars here and there but you would need to purchase a pack of social points bigger than the $9 pack every sim x 7 x 3! (Or even more as math is not the greatest) I am curious to see if many other people who play this game agree with me?

  13. I can’t be the only one annoyed with this challenge. Trying to achieve friend status for days and only have achieved three. The random number the influencer has coupled with the long wait time to try again is incredibly annoying.

  14. Honestly I don’t hate this, I like that it only takes a few minutes with one sim rather than needing 26 Sims for a 12 hour challenge. Feels a bit more achievable than simchase. I’ve managed to get a couple of prizes and I’m happy. I probably won’t try and get the grand prize but it’s nice to have a more gentle event and get a couple of small prizes than stressing over simchase with no guarantee of actually getting anything

  15. First off I have to say thank you so much for this site and all you do! This particular quest, I love the concept but one issue was the odds. I would try a 20-45 hit when the odds were 1 out of 45 and 7 times and out of 10 tries I lost

  16. I think if you started right as the event started you are going to get 30 challenges, you need 21, to get 7 to clan mates, so you can only have 9 failures, or less if you didn’t start right at the moment it began. The design doesn’t seem feasible to complete successfully without spending money on SP or the bonuses. Would have been nicer to get three tries each time, and then wait and if you failed your tries all expired.

  17. I am also not impressed with the 8 hours between challenges. I don’t know if it is the same for everyone, but my challenge times are set, so if I complete a challenge later in the day, my wait time is shorter. Doesn’t sound terrible, but because of my time zone, my challenge times are around 1:30 am, 9:30 am, and 5:30 pm. Why can’t we just get either 3 challenges all together than wait x amount of hours for the next day, or have our challenges be determined by when we complete the first one (would still have one late at night/early morning because of the 8 hour wait). It is kind of annoying.

  18. I selected a contestant from the table menu for a challenge, who turned out to be standing right on the shoreline. This meant that my sim automatically changed into his swimsuit, went for a swim then returned and changed back between every selection and I had to wait quite some time for each new option to appear! It took AGES to get through the challenge. My advice, check where a contestant is standing before choosing them!

  19. I know at least once I got cheated. My score was 80 and I selected the 1-20 option, and I ended up with a score of over 100, so I lost the round. Stopped playing after that, no point in wasting my time.

  20. Do you need to be on a certain level to do it or can you do it even if you’re on a low level? (Asking for a friend)

  21. I have a question. I have not been able to get 7 clan mates for any of my Influence Island quests. Do you know if EA will be repeating any of them at all? Only, there were some lovely prizes that I have missed out on.

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