The Sims Mobile- Top Secret Mission Quest

Presented by EA GameChangers


A new limited time quest starts in The Sims Mobile on Thursday 21st March at 11am, complete this quest in the 4 day time limit to unlock the secret agent career!

EA provided me with the steps for this quest early, if you are stuck on any of the tasks let me know and I will add more information on how to complete them

For part 5 you can find a plant to get this option at the cafe in Parkside:

Why do some of the task descriptions say [REDACTED]? It is meant to be like that, the description is redacted, I’m assuming because it is a secret mission and redacted means covering up sensitive information.


Once complete you’ll be able to find the Top Secret collection in buy mode at the cafe, place the Perfectly Ordinary Elevator to get the option to start the secret agent career and Top Secret Story:

Completing the Top Secret Story chapters unlocks some cool spy themed items:

Head Start Items for the cafe:

  • Nondescript Magazine Rack
  • Mostly Hidden Mic
  • Free Spyfi Satellite

Items for the Home:

  • Where in the a World Map
  • Classic Hidden Door
  • Top Secret Toilet

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