The Sims Mobile Quests

These quests unlock at certain levels in The Sims Mobile and they can be started again if you don’t complete them in the time limit

Wedding Quest– unlocks the ability to get your sims married (level 7)

Photography Quest– unlocks the photography career (level 8)

Baby Quest– unlocks the ability to add babies to your town (level 11)

Top Secret Mission Quest– unlocks the secret agent career (level 12)

Roommate Race Quest– unlocks the third playable sim slot for free, you won’t get this quest if you already have unlocked your third sim slot with simcash (level 13)

Internet Icon Hobby Quest– unlocks the internet icon hobby, the photography quest needs to be completed first (level 15)

Rooted in Style Quest– unlocks the hairstylist career (complete the Trending Now Story at the Fashion Studio to begin)