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Bakery Story- My Bakery


People have been asking me about my games- what level am I on? What does my shop look like? So this it the first post quickly showing and explaining to you what my bakery story shop looks like.

You can see a more detailed look at my bakery by adding me- my storm8 ID is charlyisgr8 πŸ™‚

My Bakery- Updated 17th November 2013

My Bakery- Updated 17th November 2013

Firstly I’m on level 68 and have been playing for over a year now.

There are many different sections to my bakery, I find it gets really boring if it is all the same. I have an illusion of stairs leading up to a pirate themed area which is my favourite part! πŸ˜› I have a cinema area, a tea party area, a romantic area, a forest area and a small coffee shop space.

The entrance to the bakery follows the theme of whatever the latest update has been, so at the moment its thanksgiving.

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6 thoughts on “Bakery Story- My Bakery

  1. How did you get so many gems? Is there a cheat for it?

    • There are no cheats to get gems, you get them by quest rewards and when you make a recipe several times you get a reward, sometimes it’s gems! I just save them up until I want to buy something

  2. I want to know what lvl you have to be in to get started on the pirate quests

  3. Hi! Can you let me know your Storm8 ID? I REALLY want to see your bakery (and the stairs, since I’ve never seen ones on my device except for pictures) If not, you can add me at tayiee07 . πŸ˜€

    By the way, like you, my bakery’s been around for more than a year now. In fact, on May, it will turn 2! BUT, I started and stopped at May 2013 and came back just this Nov 29, 2014, so I’m kinda trying to catch up.

    Good Day!