Bakery and Restaurant Story- Bossy Neighbours

I’m a very busy person, I take only a few minutes out of my day for a break to play these 2 games- this is when I have food that is ready to serve, I have to plan the food to be ready at a time that suits me.


It really annoys me when the small minority of my neighbours are bossy- they create rules about how they expect me to tip them every single day, and to write on their wall once I have tipped them! I don’t have the time. Then they leave an angry note on my wall saying they have deleted me (Why the rules? It ruins the game for everyone) If I did this I would waste hours of my life on both these games as I have so many neighbours. I think it is much more important that if a neighbour asks me to send them something they have requested I do so.

Having to rely on other people is a thing that really bugs me about games-  With these games you have to ask people to send you things so you can build new ovens or if you need to receive something so you can complete a goal so that is why I have soo many neighbours, so I know that if a few stop playing for a while I can still complete the tasks.

If you would like to add me on either bakery story or restaurant story my ID is charlyisgr8

If you expect people to send you gifts and tip you everyday then don’t add me, I don’t care if you don’t tip me everyday and don’t write on my wall to tell me (if you go to news you can see who has tipped you anyway!) and I don’t keep count of those who haven’t tipped me in a while because it is a waste of time and I know that not everyone has the time- its only a game after all!

I welcome anyone who will just accept my requests when I ask for them to send me something- that is all 🙂

My new way of tipping:

  • I will now tip you at least once a week (twice if I can) but only if your shop isn’t full (oh and that reminds me- you don’t need to write on my wall to say my shop is full- I will see when I come back on!) and the same with gifts.
  • I will then post on my own wall to say that I have tipped and gifted everyone I could (so if you really need to know that it was me you can find out there)

What do you think about bossy neighbours? Or are you one of them?

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16 thoughts on “Bakery and Restaurant Story- Bossy Neighbours

  1. You go girl! So agree … We all have demands that change daily, if not hourly! Pls & ty’s go a long way, too!

    • Go to main (at the bottom left of the screen) click on social, then on invite friends- you need to know the players storm8 ID to do this- mine is charlyisgr8 if you want to add me 😀

  2. Thanks..I was going to add you til you told me just what kind of neighbor you are. I like to tip & gift every day. I like that as a PACKAGE DEAL. not someone that will gift me back 1 day a week and expect me to gift them what they want to helping them. SO THANKS!!

    • You’re welcome! I’m not too bothered to be honest, I do not have time to visit 200+ people everyday as 1. I have a busy life 2. I would be constantly charging my iPad everyday- not really helping to save the planet! 3. It’s a game, so no need for silly rules.
      And I accept neighbours gift requests everyday so I don’t see a problem with asking for items, I’m not asking my neighbours to visit me everyday- its their choice 🙂

  3. I agree with every word of this blog! People get way too rabid on these games about tipping. I tip when I can, but I play fashion, bakery, restaurant AND dragon story so there’s no way I can tip everyone every day. My other extreme pet peeve is when people will post ‘add me’ on my wall, like it’s a demand! People can’t even say please anymore! Ah people are strange…

  4. I think that bossy people are not nice, one time in Bakery Story I had a “friend” who told me to read their wall so I did, but when I saw what was written in there I deleted them, then they told me this:” If you want to be friends again then YOU must be the one to send me an invite”. I was shocked. They also told me something very very rude. I was shocked at how rude and cold hearted a human being can be.

    • I completely agree! It is so ridiculous that people are so mean to others over a game, there is no need for it. That is the main reason why I have stopped playing those games for a while, I need a break from the rudeness.

  5. I am a Restaurant Story and Bakery Story user. I can not STAND mean people. If I get a mean post on my wall then I will post a message back saying either I will delete you or something. Sometimes people will tell me at least 16 times a day to add them with an exclamation point and no please. So yeah that my story.

  6. Haha brilliant. I stopped playing a few weeks ago as it was too much of a time waster tipping. And people would leave messages complaining I’d sent them food instead of parts or parts instead of food so I’d delete them. Some people keep lists of what neighbours prefer what gift. Then I’d get angry messages that they’d been deleted. 😦 I play sims now. Neighbours are nice n quiet.

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