Fashion Story- My Shop

This post is an update of my shop, I hadn’t been playing for a while as I got really bored of having no goals (but that is for another post!) so I decided to go back on and redesign my whole shop to make the whole thing a bit more exciting again!

I will post a before and after picture of the shop so you can really see the difference. There were some thing’s that I really liked, the layout of the changing rooms and the wedding and ski displays so I have kept them, but moved some parts for better use of walls.

The main things were; I wanted to fill the excess space that previously had no use, I wanted to include more of the wonderful floor displays and I wanted it to all flow together nicely.


Let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading!

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4 thoughts on “Fashion Story- My Shop

  1. My senior has been strategising chess for a week now and the percentage has not changed from zero?

    • In future can you please post in a more suitable place, not on a post that isn’t about the sims. Have you looked at the life dreams menu and checked that it hasn’t gone up at all? It may be its just going up really slowly, some go up by something like 0.7% so it looks like it isn’t increasing

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