Bakery Story/ Restaurant Story- Tips for Completing Seasonal Quests

I used to just post every seasonal quest as and when it appeared but I really don’t have the time to be doing that everytime there is a new one anymore and as they all roughly follow the same pattern I thought I would just create this guide to completing them in the time.

So with seasonal quests you get about a month (30 days) to get them completed in time to unlock the prize- usually a nice floor decoration.

After the rough list of the quests there are tips on how you can complete within the time limit!

This rough list of quests isn’t exact- the ovens aren’t called special oven 1 or 2, they have fancy names and the decorations are usually things like windows, lamps and plants.

Ask for items* -place varies depending on whether you are playing bakery or restaurant story

(x) is replaced by a number, so it may say serve (x) recipe 1 and mean serve 8 mochas



Buy (x) wallpaper and (x) flooring

Ask for (x) items*

Buy special oven 1

Serve (x) recipe 1

Ask for items*

Buy (x) chairs and (x) tables

Buy (x) decorations

Serve (x) recipe 2

Buy (x) counters

Visit (x) community members

Leave (x) tips

Buy (x) decorations

Serve (x) recipe 3

Buy (x) decorations

Buy special oven 2

Prepare and serve (x) recipe 1

Prepare and serve (x)  recipe 2

Prepare and serve (x) recipe 3




How to complete in the time limit

  • You need money- lots of money! To be able to buy all the items you need and paying for the recipes
  • You need good time management- some early recipes only take an hour so you have got to be able to be on at a certain time otherwise the recipes will spoil
  • You need neighbours- to be able to send you the parts needed for the ovens and to send you the items you need
  • You need 3 or 4 of the first special oven- to be able to complete in time
  • You need at least 6 of the second special oven- to be able to complete in time

Hope this helps!

Thanks for reading!

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