The Sims Freeplay- Snow Park

Once you complete the An Alien Concept: Weather Machine quest you are able to build the snow park, the location of the snow park can be found on the town map on this post.

This is a birds eye view of the snow park:





There are two snowball walls at the snow park so your preteen, teen, adult and senior sims can have a snowball fight for 2 hours

NOTE: you need two sims to be able to do this action


Ice Hockey Rink

At the ice hockey rink your sims can play hockey or go ice skating

Hockey Net- click on the hockey net and your preteens, teens and adults can play hockey

NOTE: this is not a hobby and only one sim can use a hockey net at one time


Figure Skating- click on the dark grey circles on the rink to do the figure skating hobby to unlock the ski lift key

Preteens, teens and adults can partake in this hobby and 4 sims can do it at one time at the snow park


Ski Lift

Once you complete the figure skating hobby for the first time you will be able to access the ski lift to toboggan and snowboard


Toboggan- preteens, teens and adults can use:


Snowboards: preteens, teens and adults can use:


Log Cabin

In the log cabin there is a bar, kitchen, toilets and areas to relax as well as a barbecue outside


Bar- to use the bar you need one sim to tend and another sim can then order a cocktail for S2500, this cocktail will make them inspired



Do you have to buy all the areas at the Snow Park?

No, they are all unlocked apart from the Ski Lift which is still free but unlocks when you complete the Figure Skating hobby


You need the Snow Park to complete a goal in the Seniors Quest so make sure you have it built before then!


11 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Snow Park

  1. Hey! I never completed the Ice Castle Quest. It is snowing everywhere, even on my new Tropical Escape Island. The little blue sprite is still running around whatever building or house my Sims are in.

    I don’t mind him, because he is cute, but the snow is extremely annoying and I cannot buy a weather machine for the mall, island, etc.

    Any suggestions on how to fix my weather or reactivate the Ice Castle Quest?

    Thanks so much!

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Has anyone had problems completing the medal set for the ice skating hobby? I want to get the key for the ski lift but can’t seem to get the last medal! I had one adult skating for her whole adult life and she never got it. I finally figured out I can have 4 Sims skating at once and am working on getting them leveled up in the hobby. They’ve been at it for days straight.

  3. Hello,
    First of all, thank you for your blog!
    I noticed there are cars in the parking lot. Can I use those to send sims for a drive, 3 at a time?
    I used to play this game years ago and had the snow park, but can’t remember.
    Going for drives is a good way to make extra money while you’re waiting for other tasks to complete (give or take 300 a drive!) but with the time it takes to switch houses I’m unable to send more than 2 cars out.

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