VOTE: Do you want EA to add more profession careers?

Hi everyone! I’m just wondering what you all think of these new profession careers (police and movie star), would you like the makers of the sims freeplay to add more to the game?


NOTE: I know I put ‘no they are boring!’ But even if you don’t think they are boring, they are time consuming or you have another reason for not liking them still vote no if you don’t want them to add anymore!


If you voted yes I would love to know why- I have heard a lot about why people have voted no but not much from the those who enjoy these new careers!


39 thoughts on “VOTE: Do you want EA to add more profession careers?

  1. I feel like it takes too long to accomplish anything. I’ve been at it since the police station and movie star locations were available and haven’t really been able to earn enough to build the areas out.

  2. They just need to be set up so that you don’t have to babysit the game all day long. Otherwise I would love to see more jobs

  3. Not boring, but sorta annoying, too time consuming and takes too much work to build new stations

  4. My two cents: I think the idea of professions is good, but the execution has left much to be desired. Maybe lowering times for high level tasks, allowance of Sims to go beyond level 6 without specializing, removing the time jump for movie studio areas upgrade (like why does it go from 15 minutes to an hour?) Maybe implementing these random people who show up as townies into the game so you can have more people to socialize and spend time with and public places like the mall and club are not dead.

  5. Once I realized that the new profession and careers needed me to be on the game all the time, I sort of lost the excitement about it. I still play it but I’m not eager anymore. I welcome new careers but either each task should be longer so that you can log in every hour to do a new task or they need to make it easier to obtain levels.

  6. I like the idea of having careers that are more interactive, but when you actually play, it’s so repetitive and boring. It took about two shifts for me to start sending them to work alone.

  7. I would be happier with the careers if we received a small amount of coins and resource items from sending our sims to work off site. At least then I’d feel like I had the option not to be glued to the game in order to complete the careers.

  8. At first it was annoying, took so long to do anything if you didn’t use LP. Then I just started doing what I could. Don’t know if I’ll ever finish the police one as the badges are too hard to get for level 8. I don’t have time to spend all day on it. But I like having them do the tasks and the movie star one seems easier. Maybe they learned not to make it impossible! But I am hoping for a hospital maybe a veterinarian or develop some of the existing jobs like fire hall ant teacher

  9. I voted no. But not because it’s boring. It just too time consuming. I always send my sims to work at night, when I’m unable to give them any tasks anyway. Now I have to babysit the game during their workshift and I just don’t have the time for that

  10. They’re interesting and the variety is nice, but they take TOO. MUCH. TIME. You have to constantly be on them for most of the day if you’re working toward a badge, and the progress doesn’t carry over, so if you can’t stay on top of it, you’ve wasted your time.

    Plus, if you don’t freeze your Sim’s life, there’s no way they’ll live long enough to level up completely.

    No more, please!

    • I just wanted to say that the idea of carrying the progress over the shift is fantastic. It would change how time-consuming the professions are! That way you can work towards your goal (a shield or gathering resources to build rooms) and not feel defeated when you spend hours but don’t quite make it. I think the number of people served/helped should carry over too. If you help 3 people in one police shift, these 3 carry over to the next so you only have 22 more to help, etc…

  11. I’m undecided. I’ve unlocked everything at the police station now, but the last two work stations I haven’t been able to get the resources to build. At the movie studio I have one station left to unlock and 3 that need to be built.

    My plan has always been to get everything unlocked and upgraded then switch over to having them always work off-site.

  12. It’s hard to vote. I WOULD like a a hospital profession/career, but I’m finding that the movie star and police professions are frustrating. You have these quotas, the police at 25 and movie star at 15 SIM’s, and then you have the special requests (like that only one specialised sim can do) that can take hours for just one thing. Then opening new workstations, levelling up… It’s lie EA wants to make it as hard as possible.

    It’s fun to help them at their jobs /when you have time/, but I can really see it starting to be a pain.

    I tendency to send my sims to work when I was sleeping, or otherwise busy for hours, but with the interactive professions, you have to be there (if you want them to get anywhere in the job).

    And the movie star ones makes no sense: Directors are doing costumes and makeup themselves, really? Why is an actor providing food for random people and driving the caddy? I’m not personally in the movie industry, but to my understanding, that’s not how it works. The police career was better thought out.

    So, while I’d /really/ love a doctor/hospital profession, I don’t want them to continue with this trend.

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  13. I haven’t started them yet, but tbh, the cost of things just keeps skyrocketing. I don’t mind spending money every once in a while, but I haven’t built some of the locations yet because it gets crazy.

  14. Art studio, Town hall, and a few new ones, Baker, doctor, and last but not least, archeologist

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  15. I voted yes. I think it would be pretty neat if they added a hospital for a new doctor profession. They could give it work stations, and break it down by surgeon and specialist. I agree that certain work stations do take too much time. I have found that by sending Sims together at work will speed things up a bit, as they can grind through the tasks quicker together, and the task number doesn’t double since there are 2 sims.

  16. Voted no not only because they get boring quick, but they are annoying with trying to get badges and the number of resources needed to unlock/build new areas is outrageous!!

  17. Please reply and I know this isn’t relevant. One of my neighbours has the ultimate beauty vanity and they don’t even have the sunset mall or makeup artist hobby. They checked in the bedroom section of their store and it wasn’t there. Do you know how they got it? Please tell me as I reaaaaaaaally want one myself! Please reply. Btw they only have one

  18. I really have to agree with everyone saying it is too time consuming. I like the idea in general, but when it takes up to 5-6 hours of continuous playing to finish all the tasks, and this with spending LPs to finish the super long tasks, I kind of feel that it is way too much work for a game like sims freeplay. I started to send level 6 unspecialised sims to work to grind the mats(as they only got the really short low level tasks) and the specialised off the work site to push their levels, and it made it a bit better, but it was still a lot of work. These days I’ve stopped doing it entirely and left it around rank 7-8.
    Also, I feel like it’s a lot of work that at the end of the day is just for a cosmetic upgrade to a building you wont ever use again once it’s finished. I’d like to see actual substantial rewards for reaching every new rank, and for finishing the upgrades. Like give us the new clothes for maxing out the work ranks, give us a new piece of furniture from the work place for maxing out the rooms. It needs more incentive to finish it.
    I enjoy the idea of more active game play, but I find the implementation lacking in its current form.

  19. First, I’d like to thank you for doing such a great job on your blog. It is my “go-to” page when I have any questions about the Sims FP.
    Regarding professions, I voted no, but not because it is boring. I like the professions but I am extremely frustrated with how difficult it is to get resources and build up.

  20. Mostly, I just want to see them introduce a hospital and/or have Sims able to be doctors or nurses as a profession.

  21. I vote no, but not because it’s boring. Actually, I liked the idea of having more interactive profession careers, but the way it designed now is too time-consuming and tiring. It’s impossible to finish the shift for higher level (two hours for one action, and that same action keeps coming? Nope!).
    Therefore, I stopped playing with the higher level sims, and just play with the lower level (1-6) because that way I can finish the shift earlier and collect the resources.

  22. I started both these ‘careers’ when they became available and an finding them boring because unless one spends 24/7 playing Sims (I have a life) it’s impossible to move to the next level. The game should allow resources to be carried over till the next session. It’s annoying having to start from zero each time.

  23. I said YES. I don’t particularly enjoy them ^^; BUT, if there were more then it would be so much easier to rotate them, then you always have something to do! Rather than having to check in every few minutes, you could play constantly for a while and probably achieve more.

  24. I voted no. Mostly I miss the normal updates, it feels like forever since I got anything new for my sims homes. I have loads of simolians now, nothing to spend them on. The careers are okay, but so much the same things over and over. And the improvement of everything else in the game seems to have stopped… Wait another year or something, not two career-updates i a row, and certainly not another one just now.

  25. I voted yes for additional interactive professions, but I would like to see some changes to the police career. The times for the tasks involving the K9 Unit and Forensics Lab are just way too long. I have been using LPs to skip these tasks. Also, give us more chances to earn the gold shield. Having to save up tons of other resources and coins for ONE gold shield is too much, especially when the workstations need 2-5 to be built or upgraded. I have resorted to the daily spin in the resource exchange in order to stock up on resources just to trade them for the gold shield. Finally, bring in more than 2 Important Sims per shift. Some of the badges involve helping more than 1 Important Sim and they come so randomly that you never know when they’re coming. I am sure there will be some of these issues when I get to that level in the Movie Star career also, so please implement these before I run out of LPs in the game.

  26. I didn’t vote as I wasn’t certain as to what I thought. I have now spent a week trying to up levels in both careers and it is just too time consuming. Some of the tasks take over 2 hours and and even a simple task of helping 11 people is very hard when you can’t complete 3 hovering people because your specialty is not compatible or you don’t have the required resources to build the new room. Make it more flexible or simply don’t bother adding anymore interactive careers would now be my vote.
    Great blog by the way, thanks for all you do.

  27. I have no opinion on having profession quests per se, I just feel that EA is going about them the wrong way. If they’re gonna let us follow the sims to work, then make it interesting.

  28. I voted no. It’s not that I find the careers boring it’s just that it’s too time consuming and frustrating. The Sims free play used be
    to be something fun to do in the evenings to unwind. Now I only check in one a day to send every one to work and get my daily rewards. I want a update that’s not a career. The careers are only fun got the first few days. Then you hit level 6 and it requires too much babysitting.

  29. I didn’t vote because I am in the middle on this one. I like the new careers they’ve added to the game, but I think that releasing them back to back as they’re doing is a little much. I see what looks like a hospital coming and it’s my hope that we will get some kind of quest with a hospital a a prize and then introduce the career later, but I’m kind of doubting that will happen.

    In the meantime, I’ve tried several different strategies getting through the two we have. The best option for me has been to use my platinum orb sims on careers. Once they level up and stations can be upgraded they take a vacation and I send in sims without specializations to work on resources and coins to trade. I get the workstations upgraded to the highest level I can and send the specialized sims back in. Sometimes I can get 2-3 non-specialized sims through a shift per day because as long as you don’t start helping someone who needs the specification tasks they eventually wander out bringing in new ones you can help on those shifts. At level 10 on police, I’ve gotten stuck at one set of badges needed because even after upgrading all of the stations it just takes too long with tasks to move people out and get what you need for the badges. So, I’m in the process of doing hobbies for LP’s so I can get them out of the tasks more quickly.

    Hope that helps. Would love to hear if anyone else has found a better way to use for future careers. At least these have no time limits and we can work on them as we have time.

  30. I voted no.

    It was tedious with the police station bug, but with that bug it was possible to complete the whole police station thingy. Even with the bug it took a lot of time and effort and it would have been nice if the rewards wasn’t only to get the Sims to level 10 profession and getting the level 20 visual upgrade on the police stations. And I also ageee with what has been said by others, that it would be more fair if helped sims and resource needed for badges carried over to the next shift, because it would give people who don’t have time to play the game constantly to progress even if it takes a longer time.

    I updated the Sims to the latest version and began the movie studio career and stopped playing it after only a week. With the police station bug I could finish two separate shifts (by helping the 25 sims) for each specialty within the hour per day. With the movie studio it takes 2 or more hours to complete a workshift using both specialty sims working together to complete their shifts and that’s only at their level 6! Even if it does seem like they made the movie studio a little easier than the police station… knowing what is ahead, when it comes to action times increasing exponentially and near impossible badge goals, made me simply give up on the movie studio all together.

    Sims should be fun to play, not a workload!

  31. I am so excited as ea has released a new doctor profession trailer! I can’t wait for the update! By the way, thank you for everything you do! You helped me get a lot of stuff in the time limit! This is the only website that encourages me to keep playing the sims so thank you!

  32. I really like the idea of the professions and I don’t mind working to upgrade, but the fact that it takes an hour to do one task, that’s too much. And getting 25 for the police station is practically impossible with them taking so long. I know they want us to use lp’s, and I do if I have enough.

  33. First, thank you for your help with the game. I never begin a quest or hobby without checking before checking with you! I haven’t interacted with the movie star or police beyond sending my sims to work and collecting their pay. I will at some point, but am focused on other goals in the game. Medical profession seems a good idea. The profession I’d most like to see is writer/newspaper reporter. Also, I’ve wondered why ea hasn’t built professions around features already in the game, such as store manager, car salesperson, chef, fashion designer, veterinarian, etc. They needn’t make all of them highly interactive like police and movie star. But, some variety would be nice.

  34. Hi! First time commenter, longtime lurker. Absolutely love your site and totally need you for each and every update! I voted yes because I love the new variety of animations, lots, and everything that comes with a new Profession. However (!) I’m on level 8 in Police and won’t ever finish even the buildings because they quickly become boring. How many time do I have click ‘provide escort’ to not only 1) level up a sim, but 2) completely upgrade all of the buildings?

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