RESULTS: Do You Enjoy Live Events?

A week ago I created a poll asking what you thought of live events and here are the results:


32% of those who voted said yes, they do enjoy live events! I’m not really surprised about that although personally I think these live events are too regular, we have had one an update since January now (and there were actually two in the dance party update!) but they are yet to repeat any which I know many of us really want them to- need to get my hands on that chateau! I do enjoy them but they are getting very repetitive so I didn’t even really try with the custom closets one, more than doing the shortest option whenever I could- I usually get up in the night too but I couldn’t face it again! However I will say I did manage to complete it even though I didn’t really try so it looks like they have heard our comments about these events being impossible and are improving them.

Thanks to all of you who voted!

VOTE: Do you want EA to add more profession careers?

Hi everyone! I’m just wondering what you all think of these new profession careers (police and movie star), would you like the makers of the sims freeplay to add more to the game?


NOTE: I know I put ‘no they are boring!’ But even if you don’t think they are boring, they are time consuming or you have another reason for not liking them still vote no if you don’t want them to add anymore!


If you voted yes I would love to know why- I have heard a lot about why people have voted no but not much from the those who enjoy these new careers!

The Sims Freeplay- RESULTS Are You Getting The New Dying Update?

Thank you to everyone who took part in this little vote! The voting is now closed after a week of more than 1000 people taking part!  These are the results displayed in a nice little pie chart!

results dying update

So the results are pretty clear, nearly a half of the voters have got the update but don’t like it!

This and the mass anger on The Sims Freeplay Facebook page make my wonder where the majority of people who said they wanted their sims to die (according to EA) are hiding!

Thanks for reading!