The Sims Freeplay- Baking

The table below shows you everything you can bake on a stove. It includes the levels you unlock the recipes at, how much they cost from the stove or from the supermarket (you get a discount on most items if you buy from the supermarket) as well as how many simoleons and XP you earn from baking that item.


Remember if your sim is inspired (all their needs are fulfilled) they will earn more simoleons and XP when baking


from stove


from Supermarket


normal sims


normal sims


inspired sims


inspired sims

[Level 3]
1 minute S1 S1 S2 10XP S3 15XP
Hot Cross Buns
[Level 3]
2 minutes S1 S1 S4 20XP S6 30XP
[Level 16]
5 minutes S4 S4 S16 80XP S24 120XP
[Level 4]
10 minutes S6 S6 S12 60XP S18 90XP
Heart Shaped Chocolates 12 minutes S9 S9 S18 90XP S27 135XP
[Level 28]
30 minutes S13 S12 S25 120XP S37 180XP
[Level 25]
45 minutes S16 S15 S60 300XP S90 450XP
Apple Pie
[Level 5]
40 minutes S19 S18 S36 180XP S54 270XP
Pumpkin Pie
[Level 5]
10 hours S19 S18 S36 800XP S54 1,200XP
[Level 5]
4 hours S19 S18 S36 550XP S54 825XP
Choc Pudding
[Level 6]
2 hours S33 S30 S60 300XP S90 450XP
[Level 21]
4 hours S44 S40 S80 400XP S120 600XP
Gingerbread Sims
[Level 13]
6 hours S55 S50 S100 500XP S150 750XP
[Level 10]
8 hours S66 S60 S240 1,200XP S360 1,800XP
Caramel Slice
[Level 12]
10 hours S77 S70 S140 700XP S210 1,050XP
[Level 7]
18 hours S121 S110 S220 1,150XP S330 1,725XP
Banana Bread*
[Level 9]
20 hours S132 S120 S480 2,400XP S720 3,600XP
Rocky Road*
[Level 8]
12 hours S137 S125 S500 1,000XP S750 1,500XP
[Level 18]
1 day S165 S150 S300 1,500XP S450 2,250XP
[Level 32]
4 hours 1LP 1LP S400 400XP S600 600XP
Wedding Cake
[Level 35]
22 hours 2LP 2LP S2,500 1,700XP S3,750 2,550XP
Birthday Cake
[Quest for Toddlers]
1 day 5LP 5LP 999XP 1,498XP
Birthday Biscuit
[A Puppy Odyssey Quest]
1 day 15LP 15LP 999XP 1,498XP

Let me know if the levels need updating, I unlocked them all a long time ago!

*Warning! May cause fires! Whenever you bake something on the stove that has the red fire triangle symbol it means that it could cause a fire, if it does start a fire you will not earn the simoleons or XP you would have got if it didn’t burn and you will need to extinguish the fire before you can bake on that stove again.

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8 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Baking

  1. I cannot earn any more XP as I have reached my level in Sims Freeplay but that doesn’t stop me playing it. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge of the game to the sim community, despite still trying to have a life.

  2. I have been looking at the difference between buying baked items from the store and at the stove. When you buy a baked item at the store it shows the XPs that you earn as less than if you buy it at the stove. Cookies purchased at the stove shows you’ll earn 15XPs but if purchased at the store it shows 10XPs. However, here you state that it depends on how inspired your sims is. I’m confused, why would the stove and store show different XPs if it actually depends on your sims inspiration.
    I’ve never kept track of the XPs before, I’ve always just accepted it but I had a question about the difference between baking and cooking and decided to see what you had to say about it.

    • Actually the XP amount you get when you buy an item from the store is a bonus XP amount, for example, if you buy the cookies from the store you will get 10XP and then when you have finished baking them you will get the 15XP listed on the stove too (if they are inspired, they will get 10XP if they aren’t)

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