The Sims Freeplay- The Sims 20th Anniversary Guests & Gifts

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To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of The Sims this year a few familiar faces are arriving in Simtown, from the 28th January you can find a new guest arriving at the nightclub each week with gifts for you so make sure you check back on the dates listed below. There are 6 ‘iconic’ characters heading to Simtown, send a sim to the nightclub and select ‘anniversary present’ on each to collect your bonus prize!

I have been told that these characters should stay at the nightclub for the whole of the update so if you can’t get on the game one week you should still be able to get that gift the next 

There will also be a free pack available from the online store from the 28th January to 9th February, click here for more information

28th January- Barbara Yaga

Prize: S2,000

Barbara is best known for her sleeping beauty part of the Inner Child’s Play Quest in The Sims Freeplay!

4th February- Developer Dinah

Prize: S3,000

Dinah is hardly iconic! She runs the Downtown Developer Event in The Sims Freeplay

11th February- Ice Queen

Prize: S5,000

The Ice Queen appears in most of the Sims Freeplay Christmas Quests

18th February- Bob Newbie

Prize: 5LP

Bob is a well known character from The Sims making his first appearance 20 years ago, the ‘Newbie’ household is the first household players can play as in The Sims

25th February- Izzy Fabulous

Prize: Izzy’s outfit for male adult sims

Izzy has come from The Sims Mobile to join the celebrations. You can find Izzy’s outfit in the outfits section and you can find all the pieces of his outfit in the different sections of the wardrobe (hair, tattoos and makeup, tops, pants and shoes) so you can wear each piece separately.

3rd March- Bella Goth

Prize: Bella’s outfit for female adult sims

Probably the most iconic character of them all, Bella Goth has also been in The Sims since 2000- although she was abducted by aliens in The Sims 2! You can find Bella’s outfit in the outfits section of the wardrobe, there are two available, one that is just the dress and the other is the whole outfit.

Free Online Store Pack- Hot Tub and Tattoos Pack

From the 28th January to the 9th February you will be able to claim a free pack from the online store, this pack contains the Plumbob Hot Tub and Plumbob Tattoos for adult sims:

Plumbob Hot Tub- once claimed can be found in the outdoor furniture section. The first one is free then they cost S202,020 each. Only teens, adults and seniors can use the hot tub (the option is to relax for 10 minutes) and only 2 sims can use the hot tub at one time

Plumbob Tattoos- once claimed can be found in the tattoos and makeup section of the wardrobe for adult sims, they are free. There is one available for each arm but your sims can only wear one at a time

Once the Secret Garden Romance update is over you won’t be able to claim these prizes

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