The Sims Freeplay- Gardening

The table below shows you everything you can grow on a garden patch. It includes the levels you unlock the seeds at, how much they cost from the garden patch or from the supermarket (you get a discount on most items if you buy from the supermarket) as well as how many simoleons and XP you earn from growing that item.


Remember if your sim is inspired (all their needs are fulfilled) they will earn more simoleons and XP when gardening 


from garden patch


from Supermarket


normal sims


normal sims


inspired sims


inspired sims

Bell Peppers
[Level 1]
30 seconds Free Free S4 4XP S4 4XP
[Level 4]
5 minutes S3 S3 S32 20XP S48 28XP
[Level 4]
20 minutes S11 S10 S100 100XP S148 148XP
[Level 13]
45 minutes S22 S20 S620 240XP S928 360XP
[Level 5]
1 hour S22 S20 S172 120XP S256 180XP
Chilli Pepper
[Level 31]
16 hours S33 S30 S200 1,000XP S300 1,500XP
[Level 16]
1 day S44 S40 S2,800 1,400XP S4,200 2,100XP
[Level 12]
2 hours S44 S40 S300 200XP S448 300XP
[Level 18]
4 hours S66 S60 S480 400XP S720 600XP
[Level 5]
1 day S66 S60 S560 900XP S840 1,348XP
[Level 8]
6 hours S82 S75 S2,000 860XP S3,000 1,288XP
[Level 22]
8 hours S93 S85 S260 1,300XP S388 1,948XP
[Level 9]
9 hours S115 S105 S840 620XP S1,260 928XP
[Level 24]
18 hours S126 S115 S3,000 1,600XP S4,500 2,400XP
Hamburger Plant
[Level 36]
18 hours S132 S120 S800 1,860XP S1,200 2,788XP
[Level 6]
7 hours S137 S125 S800 600XP S1,200 900XP
[Level 14]
1 day 1LP 1LP S5,800 2,400XP S8,700 3,600XP
24-Carot Carrot
[Level 21]
5 hours 2LP 2LP S2,200 100XP S3,300 148XP

Let me know if the levels need updating, I unlocked them all a long time ago!

*Plant at your own risk! Some seeds you can plant on the garden patch have a green monster triangle symbol on them, this means that they could turn into a sim eating plant instead of the plant. If this happens you will not earn the simoleons or XP you would have got if it didn’t turn into a sim eating plant and you will have to negotiate with it for 3 minutes before you can use the patch again. Although you can usually watch an advert now to get a reward rather than negotiating with it, but it isn’t the full amount and you don’t always get this option.

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4 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Gardening

  1. Hi! This is very off topic, but do you have any advice for starting the SimsFreeplay? I am not sure if you have made a post on this, and if you have I’ll look for it! I had gotten so far with my sims game, but then I lost all my progress and I couldn’t retrieve it, so I’ve started again. Thank you! P.S. I love your blog!

  2. Hi I love ur blog and it explains everything I need to know about sims freeplay! Can you tell me if the spinage plant is worth it? I had a LP and I spent it on it…but I didn’t realise the ‘plant at your own risk’ sign! whats the chances of not getting the XP and money? Knowing my luck, I won’t get it lol! (Sorry if I spelt spinage wrong)

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