The Sims Mobile- Merrier Together Update

Presented by EA Creator Network

Update available from 5th December 3:30am UTC

Time to build some balconies in the latest Sims Mobile update! Keep reading for all event dates and info

NEW FEATURE: Balconies

Check out my Adding Balconies post here

Bella’s Balcony Quest (post coming soon!) starts 26th December for 14 days, complete goals to earn blueprints to unlock balcony items and railings in Bella Goth’s mind palace:

NEW QUEST: ‘Tis The Quest- 12 day Christmas quest starts 12th December, complete a set of goals each day to unlock prizes from Wumples!

Sim Festival:

Season 10: Merrier Together- 60 day event starts 5th December

This time we are able to unlock a new NPC on the free pass!

Sweet Treat Showdown:

  • NEW Winter Workshop 11 day event starts 5th December

  • NEW Sim-ful Affairs 11 day event starts 2nd January

  • NEW Puppy Love 11 day event starts 30th January

Wumples Wishlist:

  • Wumples Wishlist 91 Quest- 5 day quest starts 12th December

  • Wumples Wishlist 92 Quest- 5 day quest starts 9th January

  • Wumples Wishlist 93 Quest- 5 day quest starts 23rd January

  • Wumples Wishlist 94 Quest- 5 day quest starts 6th February

Treasure Hunt:

  • Midnight Promposal- 11 day event starts 19th December

  • Essentials Bazaar- 11 day event starts 16th January

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