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Once you complete the Pretty Little Planters Quest and clear all the upstairs areas at the mall including the cinema court area (read this post for more information) you can then build the fashion hunter bargain center:


Once built the time limit for this hobby will begin and your adult and teen sims will have to complete the hobby collection in 7 days to unlock the indoor skydiving wind tunnel at the mall:

TIP: I recommend having lots of LPs before you start this hobby, I started with 100LPs and used up most of them because without them completing in time is almost impossible! Check out this post if you don’t have any LPs

You can have up to 5 adult or teen sims completing this hobby at once, you need to click on any store upstairs, the sale stalls or clothes racks to get the option:

  • Hunt for Fashion- 5 hours 30 minutes


NOTE: only 5 sims can complete this hobby at one time

After the time has passed come back and click the exclamation mark above your sims head to find one of the fashion hunter collectibles. Every time your sims complete this hobby their hobby skill level up percentage will increase, once you reach 100% you will level up, there are 6 levels. You need to reach level 6 to be able to unlock all of the fashion hunter collectibles, once unlocked you will be able to find them.

The table below shows the level up percentage:

This may change in future updates

 LEVEL Browse Makeup
1-2 50%
2-3 25%
3-4 12%
4-5 7%
5-6 5%

The next table shows you for each level what make up collectibles you unlock (so you can then find those ones too) and also the level up reward that a second and future sims will receive when they level up in this hobby:

1 Fashion Flailer Prep Up and Urban are unlocked in the hobby collection
2 First Offer Taker So Smart and Retro-vert are now unlocked in the hobby collection 250XP
3 Bargain Lover Harajuku Panic and Rags to Raggedy are now unlocked in the hobby collection 500XP
4 Fashion Eye Street Smart and Punk’s Not Dead are now unlocked in the hobby collection S750
5 Dream Dealer True Glamour and Casual Friday are now unlocked in the hobby collection 10,000 Town Value
6 Style Shark Sporting Chance and Gothic are now unlocked in the hobby collection.

You can now complete the collection!


NOTE: only the first sim completing this hobby needs to get to level 6 to unlock all the collectibles, future sims will be able to find any collectible even if they are only on level 1 in this hobby

You won’t find a new collectible each time, you will get repeats, if this happens just keep going, you will find them eventually! If it is still taking too long you can use the lucky spin on the row where you cannot find the item, this will cost LPs, when you click on the LP button it will clear the row and give you a random collectible on that row so you aren’t guaranteed a new item (you will get back any other collectibles you already had in that row) Need to earn some LPs to use the lucky spin?

The completed fashion hunter collection is shown below, once you complete the collection you need to click ‘reset the collection’ at the top of the hobby collection screen, this clears the board so you can complete the collection again to earn more rewards (you will only get the option to restart the hobby collection when you have completed the collection):


The first time you complete each row you will unlock a new mall store, after this time you will earn XPs when you complete a row in the hobby but to complete the collection you need to find all 12 of the collectibles


Find the first row of fashion to unlock:

  • Tuck’s- 180,000 16 hours

Find the second row of fashion to unlock:

  • Friday Night- 225,000 1 Day

Find the third row of fashion to unlock:

  • Jack and Jill- 14o,000 16 hours

Find the fourth row of fashion to unlock:

  • Summer to Winner- 150,000 1 Day

Check out my Guide to the Mall post for more information on these stores

If you complete this hobby in the time limit you will unlock the indoor skydiving which can be found at the mall: image

Once built you can have a solo sky dive for 10 minutes or wait for a partner and tandem sky dive for 20 minutes.

The rewards for completing this collection are the simtown cinema and 3LPs:

  • The first time you complete this collection you unlock the cinema (even if you don’t complete the hobby in the time limit) The cinema can be found at the mall:


  • From the second time onwards each time you complete the collection you will earn 3LPs

TIP for completing in time?

I completed in time by using the lucky spin on level 5 and 6 fashions because my sim was taking too long to level up even when I used LPs to speed up the hobby. This hobby is incredibly difficult to complete in the time limit, if you are busy don’t build the bargain center yet and if you don’t have any LPs I would suggest earning some before starting this hobby if you want to complete it in the 7 day limit.


Confused about hobbies? Read my Hobbies Frequently Asked Questions post

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