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The Sims Freeplay- Hobbies: Figure Skating


This is the first of many posts about the hobbies your sims can do in the sims freeplay. This one is Figure Skating.

I’m going to tell you a little bit about how to do the hobby and what you can unlock if you find all the medals.

Who can figure skate?

Adults, Teens and Preteens

How can I figure skate?

You firstly have to build the snow park to take part in this hobby.

Where can I figure skate?

You can figure skate at the snow park (on the ice hockey rink, there are round darker patches in the ice- if you click on them it will give you the figure skating option)

NOTE: 4 sims can skate on the ice hockey rink

You can also figure skate on a swimming pool at one of your houses IF you have a weather machine that is set to snow, this will make the pool into ice.

What is the figure skating option?

  • Figure Skating- 12 hours

What are the figure skating skill levels?

There are 6 levels, these are:

  1. Amateur
  2. Rarely Upright
  3. Semi Skilled
  4. Skilled
  5. Advanced
  6. Skater Prestige

How do I collect medals?

To collect medals you need to skate, every time you complete a skate you will receive a medal. As you increase levels you will unlock new medals to collect.

What medals are there to collect?

The pictures below will show you all the medals you can collect:


Level 1 medals are:

  • Final Moment of Dignity
  • Silver Stumble
  • The Golden Spiral

Level 2 is:

  • Platinum Princess

Level 3 are:

  • Encouragement Award
  • Coveted Topple

Level 4 are:

  • Heavenly Peak
  • The G. Grandeur

Level 5 are:

  • Blind Goose
  • Silver Teapot

Level 6 are:

  • Rare Swan
  • Simtown Splendour

What do I win?

The first time you complete the collection you unlock the key to the ski lift at the snow park, this allows you to snowboard and use the toboggan. Read this post for more information on the snow park

The second time you complete the collection you unlock the figure skating outfits which can be found in the wardrobe once you have built the costume and swim store

The third time you complete the collection you receive 3 LPs.

How do I start the collection again?

Once you have finished the collection you can click skate again at the top of the medals list to start over.

Confused about hobbies? Read my Hobbies Frequently Asked Questions post

I hope this has helped!

Thanks for reading!