The Sims Freeplay- Figure Skating Event


The figure skating event is now on for a limited time, it started on the 5th June and will only be available for 9 days

You have to complete the collection just once in the time limit to unlock the ping pong table, basketball hoop and putting green

NOTE: You will not see this quest if you have no completed the an alien concept: weather machine quest yet

The only option for figure skating is 12 hours

Some tips for completing in time:

    • You don’t have to complete at the snow park but you need to build the snow park to unlock this event
    • You can use a swimming pool and a weather machine at a house set to snow, this then makes it possible to skate on the pool. This way you can also use as many sims as you can fit on the pool
  • 20140917-155159.jpg
    • If you do have the snow park then 4 sims can skate on the dark circles on the hockey rink


  • You can also send another sim to a neighbours town if you have no more space to figure skate in your town
  • To complete the whole collection you need one sim to get to level 6 in the figure skating hobby, I have noticed they do level up fairly quickly but if you want them to level up even faster you may need to use some LPs as speeding up the action will still level them up, this post explains a good way to make LPs fast.


Never done this hobby before? The figure skating post may help!

Are the prizes worth it? Yes! Complete the hobby just once to unlock the basketball hoop, ping pong table and putting greens

Basketball Hoop

Where? Preteen section

Cost? First one is free, after that they cost S5,000

Who? Only preteens can use this, the option is Practice Basketball for 1 minute 30 seconds

Ping Pong Table

Where? Living Room section

Cost? First one is free, after that they cost S7,500

Who? Preteen sims and over can play ping pong. 2 sims can play together, one select practice ping pong, and the other selects play ping pong for 10 minutes

Putting Green

Where? Outdoor Furniture

Cost? First one is free, after that they cost S5,000

Who? Teen sims and over can practice putting for 2 minutes 24 seconds

Good luck!

Thanks for reading!


65 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Figure Skating Event

  1. Thanks for the update! I have 4 sims skating around the clock at the ice hockey rink and have unlocked 4 medals so far in one day. Will get some sims skating on the pool as well. Such a great prize. Do you have any of those prize items yet?

  2. Hi there, I like your blog a lot, it’s very helpful for beginners!
    I have a question..Is the event supposed to show up like a quest? I had some popups when it was announcing the event, but now I don’t see it anywhere. I’m in the middle of building the snow park and I have 2 sims skating at a pool with the weather machine on, but I see the ski lift as price. Does that mean I have to do it once again after earning the ski lift?

    • Hi, I got the answer to my question. The event showed up & started AFTER my snow park finished building. I already started skating but everything disappeared and I had to restart as soon as the event showed up.

  3. I have completed the weather invention quest, but haven’t built the snow park. While I have a weather machine, and thus can skate, I didn’t receive the quest nor are the rewards listed anywhere for me. I’m going to have several people skating anyways, but I think you have to have the snow park built to get the quest and thus the rewards. I’ll update you if it gives me the quest when I start building the snow park or if you have to finish it.

  4. Hey! ^-^ Did you ever get your Facebook fixed? Just wondering. Thanks for the swimming pool tip! ^-^

  5. I know it started and I have the weather machine but the quest list hasn’t popped up telling me to figure skate 😦 I’m working on the senior quest.

  6. Just a note…you don’t have to have a level 6 on these hobby events if you have already unlocked the hobby. I created 4 brand new sims to start this one with no experience at all and they’ve gotten all but 3 medals, including 2 of the level 6 ones and they’re only currently on level 4. I did the same with the catwalk modeling pajama event and the designer fashion long hairstyles event. Thank you so much for all of the helpful information you post Charlotte!

  7. Great post. I have all adults not just starting out on getting their orbs doing this task. I only have 3 more medals to get.

  8. Yes you need to have the snow park to unlock this event. I’m building mine now after finally saving enough money. Luckily I have lots of LP since my Sims do a lot of cooking. Thanks for that tip!!

  9. What does it mean that its online here 9 days? If i start the quest when 8 days have past do i only have 1 day to complete? Or is it that i have 9 days to start it?

  10. if I put a sim in the competition center for ice skating but that’s not their original hobby will they lose their level in say fashion? Thank you! Your blog is the best! I wish I had came upon it when I first started playing. Very helpful. xo

  11. do you think the event will come back another time? i dont do this event cause i didnt build the snow park. Although build the snow park now, i still cant finish this hobby. Now i know why they change figure staking option to 12 hours πŸ™‚

  12. I love your posts. It seems as though the basketball court can only be used by pre- teens. Age restrictions on some of the hobbies and activities are kind of annoying. Teens and adults take martial arts and dance but not here. Same with the basketball court. Everyone shoots hoops once in a while πŸ˜€

  13. I had 20 sims doing it at the same time and it only took two rounds to complete it. The prizes are great

  14. Just a note that if anyone has sporty Sims with the Devoted Dance life dream, this figure skating task gives them life dream points. Bonus! πŸ™‚

  15. As usual, you’ve got Invaluable tips that I would not have thought of. I had four skaters in the winter park and one in a friend’s town, but the frozen pond never hit my brain. Awesome, young lady!!!

  16. Thank you – I’d completely forgotten about the weather machine. SO much easier! Just need to decide where to put my Sports equipment now ☺

  17. I didn’t realize you can skate on a frozen pool! Brilliant, now thanks to your advices, I’ve got 1 Sim skating at a neighbor’s town, 4 at the skating ring and 10 (!) on the same frozen pool πŸ™‚ Unfortunately, they keep winning the same medals over and over and I’m still missing 2 😦

  18. I have had 24 sims skating at the same time and it only took me two days.I did have to buy another weather changer though. So if you are short on time you can try that .

  19. Thanks for the info about the pool & figure skating. I have four skating at the snow park, another four or five skating on a pool, & one at a neighbor’s house. I only need two more medals; hopefully, I’ll get them soon.

  20. This event has popped up for me. However I have not done the alien quest yet. I also don’t see an option anywhere to do the alien quiet either.

  21. I have competed the quest! You get all three items after you competed the collection once. I have unlocked the palace issuing a snow day so I had basically all my sims skating at once!

  22. Do you know where to find the basketball hoop in the home goods? The putting green was in outdoor furniture. The ping pong table was in the living room. But I can’t find the basketball hoop.

  23. Will this event take place again? I Have not been playing long enough to unlock the snow park yet.

  24. I’ve finished the event, but I was wondering whether you know where I can find the prizes? I can’t seem to see them anywhere…

  25. I have three days left and the two level 6 medals! The only problem is, two of my sims have been level 6 for a while and haven’t seemed to get them! Also, I swear one of my sim’s level has gone down? Is this possible??

  26. In promotional photos, it shows two sims playing ping pong against each other.. but the only option i have is “Practice Ping Pong” where the sims just bounces a ball on the paddle…?

  27. You should really have added that you can get figure skating outfits if you complete the collection a second time. Your post is really mislesding and people might think they only have to complete it once and then tney notice th es y are screwed cause they are out of time and didn’t know any better.

  28. Hello! I have finished the event and unlocked the items with 2 days left, but I can’t find them on the menu. Do you know what tabs are they in?

  29. Ive already unlocked the prizes and already bought for free the pingpong set and the putting green, however I cant seem to find the basketball hoop in my home store. Do you what category that belongs so I can look it up in my home store? Thanks!

  30. Are we able to use the wild spin for figure skating event to get a medal? I’m missing a rare L.6 medal even with 6 sims skating round the clock. How do I engage the spin? Have 6 hours left on this and my sims won’t be able to get that medal anymore.

  31. I just needed 1 last medal & I’d have had the prizes unlocked. Didn’t make it. 😞
    I wonder how they’ll do it if they bring it back? Let you pick up where you left off or make you start over?

  32. I had 9 sims skating, one was already a level 6 skater and I still missed a medal! I play daily so that’s a LOT of the same medals I was receiving. So frustrating 😑 But I already have the basketball hoop and putting green from previous events/quests so only missing out on the ping pong table.

  33. Thanks for all your tips. I would never have thought of using the pool at a Sims house otherwise! So I had 5 at the Snow Park and another 5 at a home pool. Completed on two iPads and an iPhone in the nick of time! Had me jumping to keep all three are on schedule but it was worth it.

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