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The Sims Mobile- Create A Sim Guide

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NOTE: the game hasn’t been released worldwide yet, it is currently only available in Brazil so is still very much a working progress which means changes are still being made so the final product may turn out very different from the version I had access to at EA Play.

UPDATE: The Sims Mobile is Out Now!

Create a sim on The Sims Mobile in my opinion is amazing! In this post I am going to walk you through all the different options you will find when creating your sims.

You can only have four playable sims in your town at one time, you can have other sims such as babies and toddlers but you cannot customise them. When you first open the game you will be able to create your first adult sim, I made myself:

1.Name your sim, click on the name box to open the keyboard:
NOTE: you can just click randomise to select a premade sim if you aren’t bothered about creating your own sims

2.Once they have a name click customise to start editing!

3.You will now be able to select your sims gender (1), and how they look within these three sections:

Head (3)- edit all their facial features to make them incredibly unique

Body (4)- edit their body shape

Style (5)- pick their hairstyle, clothes and accessories


PLEASE NOTE: You can no longer give your sims traits (2) from the create a sim menu, this feature has been removed since I played the game at EA Play


4.To customise your sim click on the head tab to start editing their facial features, there are several tabs within this section:

  • Head- this changes the shape of your sims head, down the side is the skin colours to choose from- you can even give them blue or green skin!
  • Eyes
  • Nose
  • Lips
  • Cheeks
  • Chin
  • Ears

Under the grid list of options (1) on the selection bar is an edit button (2), this allows you to use sliders to edit that feature even more to make them incredibly unique:

5.When you have selected and edited all the facial features you can move onto the body section, again there are tabs within this section:

  • Body Shape
  • Physique
  • Extremities

And again you can edit each part using the sliders by clicking on the edit button:


6.Once you are happy with the body shape you can move onto the style, there are 4 tabs in here:

  • Hair and Hats- choose your hair style and colour or if you want them to wear a hat, the hair colours can be found down the side of the screen like the skin colours
  • Apparel (clothes)
  • Makeup
  • Accessories

Apparel (clothes)- under apparel you will find tops, pants, legwear (socks and tights) and footwear. Down the side you’ll be able to choose the colour you want that item of clothing to be, I love this feature as you don’t have to scroll through a long list of clothes which are the same just in different colours

Accessories- choose from glasses and earrings (I’m sure more items will be added as we progress through the game)

TIP: if you decide you don’t want your sim to wear a certain item click on it again to remove it from them


7.Once you have edited your sims features you have finished creating your sim, click next to see an overview of your sim and then click create sim to start the game:


You will see the arrows and messages appear when you create a sim for the first time, you can add playable sims during the game by clicking on the green add button that shows up under your current sims (this will be a lock if you haven’t reached a certain level or requirement yet)

NOTE: there is only one house on the sims mobile and you can only have four playable sims living in that house at one time, you will need to wait for your sims to retire before you can add new ones

What do I think of The Sims Mobile?

Unfortunately as I had a lot to record at EA Play in a short space of time I didn’t get around to creating a male sim!

Check out my video of create a sim on the sims mobile here:

That is all I can say right now but there will be more sims mobile content coming soon!

UPDATE: The Sims Mobile is Out Now!

Thanks for reading!

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