The Sims Mobile- My Opinion

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A few weeks ago I was invited to Hollywood, LA by EA for EA Play, there I was able to try out the new Sims Mobile game, give my feedback to the developers and capture some content to share with you all over the next few months, I had a great time meeting other gamers and getting my first chance to play the game so thank you for flying me out for the event EA!

UPDATE: The Sims Mobile is Out Now!

NOTE: the game hasn’t been released worldwide yet, it is currently only available in Brazil so is still very much a working progress which means changes are still being made so the final product may turn out very different from the version I had access to at EA Play.
When I first opened the game I was really impressed with the graphics, I know some of you aren’t keen as it is very different from The Sims Freeplay but I think that is a good thing, they need to look different as they are separate games, if this game looked like The Sims Freeplay players would think it was just a copy and wouldn’t play it. Instead they have gone for a look similar to The Sims 4 which I really like! (not to say I don’t like The Sims Freeplay graphics- they are both beautifully designed!)

I’m not going to go into much detail about create a sim now but I will say the amount of options is incredible! You can edit every facial feature with sliders to make them the exact size and shape you want as well as being able to choose from different body shapes or even giving your sims blue or green skin!

At the moment the tutorial is quite confusing so someone who is completely new to The Sims franchise may get lost, there are goals at the top of the screen but they are very basic and I wasn’t sure when the tutorial was over as there wasn’t a pop up to tell me that I had completed it. I mentioned this to the developers so hopefully they will look into making it more player friendly.

There are loads of different aspects to the game that I am going to briefly explain and give my opinions on them, I will go into more detail on these topics at a later date when the game has been released worldwide.


This is a fast paced real time game where most actions take 5 seconds to complete which means there is a lot of tapping! In one way I really like this as you can play for a long period of time before you run out of energy (energy, hunger, hygiene and fun are the 4 needs you have in this game, once you run out of a need you will need to refill using an object which takes a few hours so you can take a break) If you decide to speed up the refilling using simcash instead of waiting then the repetitive tapping can become a little boring.


Surprisingly there is only one house in this town and you can have 4 playable sims in that house at one time, you can have other sims such as babies and toddlers but you cannot play as these sims until they age and a playable sim has retired, sims don’t die in this game they just retire and move out


The main point of this game is legacies and generations so your sims complete life goals and the more life goals they complete the better heirloom they will leave behind for the next generation, heirlooms unlock new items and interactions in the game. This does mean that your sims will age automatically every day and at the moment they live for about 12 days in total

but they will not age if you do not open the game

so if you don’t open the game for 3 weeks then you won’t come back and find all


your sims have retired!

The developers did mention that they want players to have an emotional attachment with their sims- which I think is a terrible idea! You can’t really build an emotional attachment in 12 days anyway but why would you want to when they are going to move out! However I think sims moving out instead of actually dying works and is needed in this game, as you add new sims in their place and continue where they left off to unlock new items with the heirlooms in buy mode so you can keep upgrading the house and level up to purchase more land expansions.


I found buy mode awkward to use, you get a side view when trying to place items from buy mode instead of a birds eye view and when you are changing the wallpaper or flooring you have walls in the way so you can’t see what you are doing! Although I really love that you can click and hold an item to move its position as well as change the colour of an item once you have placed it in the house so as you go through the generations you can refresh the objects without buying new ones and the best bit is that you can place different colours on individual walls instead of being required to have the same design in the whole room. If they fix the issues with buy mode this could be such a great feature!


There are loads of events in the game for careers, hobbies, building relationships, earning party points and special events which are all longer events but have 5 second tasks within them, you need to complete the 5 second tasks to fill up the stars, once the stars are full you complete the event and earn event related rewards. The higher the level you are in a career, hobby or friendship the more stars you will need to fill to complete these events. I love the fast pace to these events and that you can go to work as many times as you want or can during a day!


Parties allow you to interact with other players sims, build relationships and even ask their sim to move in if the other player agrees!

Overall I really enjoyed playing The Sims Mobile at EA Play and I cannot wait for the game to be available worldwide! Just to recap I really love the speed of the game and the create a sim options but there are some issues including buy mode as mentioned above but also we really need a camera on the screen and when completing events if you select a 5 second option it zooms right in and then you have to zoom out again when the task is complete to pick the next one which is quite annoying.

UPDATE: The Sims Mobile is Out Now!

NOTE: this content was captured at EA Play so features will change between now and when the game is officially released.

Check out my video on this topic featuring clips of the game here:

There is so much more I’d like to say right now but I’m not allowed to until a later date so keep checking back for more news in the coming months!

Thanks for reading!

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25 thoughts on “The Sims Mobile- My Opinion

  1. So does this mean they will stop updating sims free play after mobile is released? Was their any discussion about that? Love your posts!

    • The sims freeplay and the sims mobile are two completely separate games so the released of the sims mobile does not affect the sims freeplay, so don’t worry the game will still be updated and thanks!

  2. I downloaded the game as soon as they released it here, but didn’t have the patience to play, because everything was so slow. I have a good smartphone and good connection, so I figured that is not the problem, since I can play SFP. So I’ve decided to wait a while before playing again, maybe until it’s officially worldwide. The fact that you only have one house and how you interact with your friend’s Sims remind me of The Sims Social, that I used to play o Facebook a few years ago. I still like SFP better, because I think building is the best part of the game, but the other way is cool too.

  3. I can’t wait for it to be released here! I’m so exited!! Also, I love your blog, its really helpful 🙂

  4. It’s nice…but the Sims are aging I just four days…I think I am getting addicted to it already..

  5. If there’s only four sims and one house, how will they have partners, get married, have babies and such things? So you can add babies to the game but the sims can’t actually have them? I don’t get it.

    • You can just make one of the sims you add partners with one of your other sims and then you can add babies still even if you have 4 sims already as you can have 4 playable sims but also have unplayable sims aswell, babies aren’t playable so you don’t control them.


    Sims Mobile is messed up that can not choose gendar of baby when sim chooses to have baby with her husband. I don’t want to adopt & I want my sims to have daughter & I’m worried if I let them have another baby it will be another boy which is what I don’t want. They already have a son!
    Sims mobile is to limited & in much more than that
    MORE IMPORTANT FEEDBACK: Also u can not cancel actions & u can not delete a sim & babies & children are not playable & they age up every 24 hours & if u make them playable they become a adult. The build mode sucks.
    There’s a lot more disappointing issues to say but there’s just so many that I can’t think of them at once.
    Please give EA my FeedBack to help try & make this game better. I want to like sims mobile but at this time I don’t

  7. So wait, are we allowed to add sims to our household and then costumize them?? What about when the kids are grown up, will they be costumizable then or no?

    I’m somewhat excited for this game, but I feel it could be better. Seriously, FORCING your sims to age? Haven’t we had enough of that? Also only allowing players to control 4 sims at a time is a stupid idea tbh. C’mon, EA.

  8. I know that you can’t give us any more info until they tell you, but do you have any idea as to when it’ll be released worldwide? I feel like it’s been a year(I might be exaggerating) and that combined with peoples disappointment of the game is kind making me feel like I should just forget about it.

    • It has been about 6 months since it was announced but I have been playing it recently and it has changed so much since then it is like a new game so hopefully players won’t be disappointed when it is finally released, probably early next year!

  9. In the world wide release of Sims Mobile they didn’t mention sims dying. I’m not to sure I have only heard about ‘Retirement’ and once they move out another sim takes their place and even though I just started I find it abit odd to decorate the work place since it cost abit to furnish the house and save up for hobby item and various decor. Is there adoption in the game. and do they charge currency for the kid like Sims Freeplay?

    • Sims don’t die in this game, they retire and you can no longer play as them and then they will move out but they don’t die.
      You adopt in this game the same way you have a baby so you click on the bassinet and select adopt a boy or girl, it doesn’t cost real money.

  10. I just started playing and I’m having trouble with something: how do I put something on top of something else, like a coffee maker on top of a counter? No matter how I move it it’s highlighted in red and won’t let me place it 😦

  11. I have a question… if i leave my baby will he die because I’m not there to feed him?? Or will he be kidnapped?? And is it safe to leave the baby alone???

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