The Sims Mobile- Fashionista Create a Sim Update Overview

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The latest Sims Mobile update being released today (25th February) has had a complete Create a Sim makeover! In this post I am going to talk you through everything that will be updated or added in this update.

Create a Sim Makeover

The shopping and customising experience has been completed redesigned to make it easier to use.

In the DNA tab you can change your sims name, gender and skin tone as well as body type and edit all their features. The Closet tab shows all the items you have already purchased and the Shop is where you can purchase new items.

The sliders to edit are now just straight lines with a clear + and – at each end, instead of having multiple options on one slider:

You can shop by brand now as well as still shopping for type of clothing:

A new button has been added on the screen so you can enter create a sim from there:

Customise every sim in your house

You still can’t play as toddlers or children but you can now customise how they look as well as customising any other non playable sim in your house and non playable sims that appear around town! (pretty much every sim apart from babies and those with a blue plumbob above their head as these are other players sims)

To customise these sims click on them with another sim to interact with them and then you can see the makeover button underneath their name:

Makeovers do cost a few life tickets (heirloom tickets) but this cost is not charged if you buy an item during the makeover:

Ageing and Moving Out Sims

You will still be able to age and move out sims but you will now be able to choose when you want them to age and leave.

The birthday cake will appear so click on this and it will ask if you want them to age click ‘wait a little longer’ to keep them at that age. You can choose to age them by clicking on the birthday cake that appears next to the new makeover button when another sim interacts with them:

It works the same for moving out sims:

Multiple Babies

You can now buy more than one bassinet to add more than one baby to your house at a time!

Stylist Story

There is a new hairstylist career and story called ‘A Cut Above’ this will unlock once you have completed the ‘Trending Now’ story at the Fashion Studio. You will then be able to buy the Stylist Chair at the Fashion Studio to start this career:

Watch my video here for footage on the new CAS:

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10 thoughts on “The Sims Mobile- Fashionista Create a Sim Update Overview

  1. When you makeover a neighbor do they only appear to you that way? If not then does that mean someone can make over my sims against my will?

    • They will only appear like that for you but other players won’t be able to makeover your sims as your sim will appear in their town with the blue plumbob above their head and these sims cannot be edited

  2. wylogowało mnie z konta i nie mogę wejść zamiast swojej rodzinki mam jedną simkę i gram od początku nie wiem jak odzyskać swoich simów :((

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