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Latest Known Issues

November 2018:

Look at Charts task at the hospital won’t complete- they are aware of this issue and it should be fixed in the next update

March 2019:

Players no longer have access to all the packs they have purchased from the online store- these should all be back, if you still have some packs that are missing let me know and I will let the makers know so they can return these too

December 2019:

Coffee machines/ kettles now refill the hunger need rather than energy- this is a glitch and should be fixed in the next update at the latest. If you are trying to complete a weekly task that requires the coffee machine you may find it doesn’t complete, you can either skip the task with 10LP or personally I would wait until they have fixed the coffee machine issue above as it should fix this too

The event button in the corner of the screen won’t expand- the makers are aware of this issue and are working on a fix. If you cannot access the workplaces tab at a profession workplace due to this but have workstations you can upgrade you can click on these arrows to get to the workplaces tab, if not you might just need to wait until the Christmas quest is over before you can access the workplace tab:

March 2020:

Volleyball net on Tropical Romance Island doesn’t work- the makers are aware of this issue and are working on a fix.

June 2020:

Missing Party Boat Neighbours? Facebook have changed their Privacy T&Cs which means that inactive players have been removed from the party boat in the game which is why some of your neighbours may be missing

August 2020:

The Broomstick Closet only seems to work when placed on a standard house lot, placing on a premium results in blue footprints appearing- if you have this issue place on a standard and you should be able to complete this hobby

Sims are unable to use the vending machines in the bowling alley at the mall

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contacting the makers


1,074 thoughts on “Glitches

  1. Have they changed which day the new weekly tasks start? New weekly tasks have always started on Friday evenings, but a few weeks ago while loading my game on my Android tablet, I believe something caused my game to glitch (more than likely a poor/slow connection) and my weekly tasks began resetting on Wednesday mornings. Unfortunately when this happened, I also stopped receiving my daily rewards. (When I tap on the mailbox it shows the rewards have already been received but I have not collected any rewards). With the change of day and time for new weekly tasks, I wondered if my game was confused on what day and time it actually was. I have checked all of my tablet, google play and game settings, along with connecting my game to Facebook. I contacted support through FireMonkeys, but their response was not in any way helpful. Any information or suggestions you can give me will be extremely helpful.

    • Unfortunately I don’t really pay attention to the day that new weekly tasks begin, sorry! The fact you can’t collect your daily reward is more worrying, did Firemonkeys not say anything about how to fix that issue?

      • so I am not at the max sim level yet so I decided to have another baby and I had to option to pay 47,000 instead of simoleons so I did. Once I clicked that the baby’s progress didn’t show up above the crib, so I put the crib in my inventory and put it back. Every since then the game has been STUCK, saying that a baby is already being added to the sim town. I have checked all my houses and added cribs and tried adding babies in every house, and nothing works!!!! EA, please un-glitch my game or tell me how I could fix this problem. Thank you.

    • Maybe it depends on when you finish them, like maybe there’s a little issue if you finish them early, then it resets a little weird. I don’t know but just a thought, I suggest contacting them especially about those daily rewards! That stinks.👎💜💜

      • Hi I love your posts they are so helpful but I am having trouble knowing what the sparkles are around my sims when they are talking to each other btw I am on stage 8 and my sims are best friends
        Thank you

      • Thanks! Sparkling sims are a good thing, this means that all their needs are fulfilled and they are inspired so all the needs on the bar at the bottom of the screen are full and they are happy. They will also earn more money when gardening when inspired 🙂

  2. I cant seem to load any free offers for LP :/ anyone else having this issue? When i click on an offer, it just has a buffering icon or it loads a white page.

      • I found that they are stuck if you sending them from far away, so by the time Sim got to the place you already finished playing with Sprout but Sim just arrived and here’s a glitch. I’m just sending Sim to come to the garden patch, wait while he is there standing by it and then taping on planting. No glitching since then!

  3. My sims is able to do thing where they are but can not whistle them over or send to work. In the sims tracker, it should the sim just stated action, but when I click on the person it only gives me the options “have birthday” and “ultimate make over”. The sim has bben doing this for weeks. I’ve tried turning off device and that doesn’t work. I’m sorry if you already answered this question. I could not find it if you did.

  4. I can’t seem to unlock division 51. I get all the first 2 resources but when I trade resources for the gold badges, my badges do not increase. Am I doing something wrong?

  5. I’m stuck in a friends town as all my tool bars have moved up the screen to the top left and I can’t access them.

    • Close your game and restart your device, you should be able to return home and then get your sim back by just clicking on them and selecting bring home. If you still have the bars in the wrong place you will probably need to contact the makers so they can fix this issue for you.

  6. My teenage sim did this wierd dance as if he was dizzy as soon as he was nice to the future sim is this what happens to the teenage Sims only because they’re shocked a future person came and actually time travel is real or…?

  7. I had just bought a houseboat and moved a family into it, then I left the game. When I came back the mom was standing on water and glitching through anything in the water. I tried to make her enter the house but it says she can’t go there. What do I do? Because I really need to do some stuff with her

    • I have had this happen before, just go to a different place in simtown and click on the whistle on the simtracker to bring that sim there and then you can click on the house with the arrow button to send them back home and they won’t be in the water anymore!

  8. I can not go up in relationship milestones. I’m trying to complete a task at a neighbors to high five someone and we are strangers and I can not move up, they dance or be nice and when it’s finished, nothing. They’re not going up, I can be rude and it will go down and I can reach the negative milestones, but I can not go up. I’ve tried to refresh the game and uninstall and reinstall, but I still can’t get it to work. I don’t understand. I’m using an android device.

    • If you keep doing negative interactions then it takes longer to get back up to the friendship milestones, I would recommend you use another sim or talk to another sim and just be nice, hopefully this should make them friends so you can complete this.

  9. Random sims, such as the market place sim or police officers found within the police profession, are in one of my sims bathrooms and I can’t interact with them or remove them I don’t know what to do???

  10. Im unable to select a specialty in Filmmaker … have all the resources needed, but wont let me select. What am I doing wrong?

  11. There are three random sims standing in my yard. I don’t know how they got there & I can’t interact with them. I can’t get them to move. When i click on them I get the red circle that I can’t interact with them.
    There is also one standing in my kitchen. How can I remove these Sims?

  12. I’m having trouble getting my puppy back home. He’s stuck at the stables and I have no idea how he got there. It won’t let the owner take him home. How do I get him home?

  13. Diy homes patio Sims freeplay. I have spent over 5,000 on trees, plant, fire pit, grill etc..and my game is not going to the next step. Please help…

  14. I cannot complete the salsa dancing hobby. After two weeks and 75+ trophies, I still need the Three Way Stopper trophy. I have used two pairs of sims (and swapped partners) that are level 6.

  15. In the simtown marketplace event, when I click on the marketplace it’ll ask me to watch a video. When I try to watch it I get a pop up that says “sorry, this offer has expired please select a new offer”. But it doesn’t offer me anything else. I have to cancel the request, and its three hours before I get a new request and if it’s a video guess what – I can’t do it. Anybody else have this issue?

  16. Has there been a change in the amount of simoleons you get when gardening? I used to get 1200 when planting onions now I only get 800. The amount you get back has went down for all of them.

  17. I finished the Backyard event and I started building my own house. And when I went to do the fencing, it won’t let me put a fence next to the house to make it complete. It shows up red. I’ve tried deleting the room, adding the fence. Then putting the room back and it won’t for some reason. Any ideas?

  18. So i am trying to use the new fences on a sims backyard and it won’t allow me to place them right up to the house. I have to leave on square fenceless and cuz they won’t touch the house. Is there a trick for these? I’ve tried the corner ones too and they don’t work either.

  19. Sent sim to work at profession (hospital). He never went, he’s still at home. Underneath his icon their is no option. Not to resend to work, not to call to someone’s house. Can’t send my 3rd sim to work their cause it’s telling me their is already 2 there. Only option for that one is off site.
    Have contacted firemonkeys 4 days ago and they still haven’t gotten back to me.

  20. Having trouble with the Inner Child’s Play Seaskonal Quest. I can’t eat the birthday cake .. it dose the symbol that it can’t get there.. I have put the sim on all sides of the little cake table but still won’t do it. I am running out of time and I have already added an extra day..please say you can help me. Frankie xx

  21. Here’s one for you: One of my couples had a baby. When the baby was “born” I was confused as to why the house looked different and he wasn’t at his crib, he was crawling on a floor. Turns out, he was moved into my empty teen mansion (I was saving it for my teens when I’m ready to age them)… And when you look at the town map, HE is the owner of the house! If he’s interacting with his parents or sister it clearly states that they are related. When I contacted EA about this they gave me 20 LPs and told me to delete the baby. I am not aware of a way to delete a Sim, plus I really didn’t feel right about killing him off, so there he is, weird little toddler now that lives in a mansion. 😂

  22. I didn’t get clothes from 3-4 stores in sunset mall after building them it just showed empty screen and I can’t buy them either cause they don’t appear there. Is there any way I can get them ? I really wanted new hairstyles

  23. Having a problem cleaning up the dishes from baking the toast/tomatoes one. My sims are in a basement and ie removed sink and outside access(which has worked before for “fast” clean up) but now when I try to get them to clean, they won’t. If I click to clean plate, another item flashes as though I had selected that one, they won’t go to dish. A little “talking” bubble is now appearing above head and they won’t go back to clean. I’ve allowed they out of basement, put in sinks and no luck. It’s been happening since last night, aground time the android glitch was fixed. Any ideas what to do, or is this happening because of glitch not fixed on the iPhone yet? Help! Too many grey dishes that won’t be picked up so I’ve stopped cooking 😦

  24. My sim is pregnant, then I move her to a new house. I deleted the baby crib. Now she’s still carrying the baby. I don’t know how in hel I can make her deliver the baby already. I tried buying another crib but it doesn’t work. Darn baby doesn’t want to come out. – _-

  25. Hi I was doing the cooking hobby and the plates appeared floating in the pool I can’t clean it up now… do you know any way? I’ve tried to put sims in the pool and even outside the pool and doesn’t work….

  26. i was playing the live event – luxury living – and the love&treasure quest and all my sims were busy doings actions for the events the suddenly they stopped and as if the last actions weren’t in progress , i lost 1 lot of each craft where my sims were completing the actions and i lost time of both the event and the quest … can this be fixed ?

  27. I have a glitch with the persuading grouch. It wont let me click on him to choose. I’ve spent so much lifestyle points to try and finish this goal.

  28. In the Hans on event, I have 2 days left (on target). After finding 50 parts in appliances, I had to do a 15 min action with Susan Sparks. I tried twice and when I came back, they would no longer be doing the action. The second time, Susan disappeared. I have no way to complete the event. How long does it usually take to rectify these things? I opened a case already but no response yet… I have a lot of LP invested in this event.

  29. Hi there! Since I opened my pregnancy store, I noticed you can create babies in any household, even a single parent. I did that, but then my single mom met and partnered with a single guy, subsequently moving to his house. But, the child, now a toddler, did not move. Nor did her last name change to the guy’s name. Any idea how I get this little girl moved over with her new family?? I increased their relationship to best friends thinking I would be given a new “adopt” option, but no.

  30. When I have my Sim do the Look at Charts task in the Ward in the hospital, the task almost always does NOT complete. It’s completed a couple times only, but I don’t know why or how. Usually the Sims get the can’t-go-there feet icon just as the task is supposed to complete, and it cancels. I’ve tried NOT being at the hospital when it should complete, I’ve tried BEING there, and I’ve even tried using LP to finish the task. Nothing works… except that sometimes, randomly, it does work. I think that after about a dozen times trying, it’s only finished once.

  31. I can’t get the number over the inventory indicating new items to go away? I purchased some mops from the Sorcerous Supplies and later when I was at a house I noticed that there was a number over the inventory so I clicked and it went down as I clicked on the different sections (I had won some stuff too) but the number for both the new items & the kitchen items sections both have a “1” bubble still? I’ve tried buying/clicking on every item in there as well as selling countless of the mops but it won’t go away… any ideas?

    • I have had this issue today and I managed to get the number to go away by placing the amount of items it says in the bubble from that section, for example it said two on windows so I placed the first two windows and it went away, I then put the windows back in my inventory. It didn’t work for all sections though, the outdoor decorations one still says 2 so if it bothers me I may place everything from that section from my inventory and see if that works

  32. Trying to complete the social task “hug a neighbors cat”. I keep making my sim hug the dang cat but the game doesn’t recognize it and doesn’t give me the points nor move me onto the next task. Please help bc I don’t want to waste the 10LPs or SP to skip such a simple task. TIA

  33. So I’m at the “Nanny knows best” quest and I have to put the infant in the highchair but it won’t let me do it. I’ve tried switching sims, changing their clothes and a bunch of other random things I could think of but no one wants to put the infant in the highchair! Is there a way I would be able to fix this?

  34. I’ve had no updates since October 4th, completely missing anything that happened at Halloween and still haven’t received the new one, I don’t know if it’s my device or my game that isn’t updating ☹️

  35. Hi I’m in the middle of doing two quests right now and they are both requiring me to do some form of talking between two sims. When I tap on a sim it has both options but no matter how many times I have them do it, it won’t work. Please help! I don’t want to miss out on this quest..

  36. Hi do you have any idea when they will fix the Look at Charts task at the hospital won’t complete glitch? Love your blog ❤️

  37. During the Christmas 2018 Missing Santa quest, the whole town was snowing. Cool! But now that it is over, whenever I open the game, or sometimes go from one house to another, the screen goes white for a second or two as if you have just made a weather change. It is only been happening since the snow over simtown, and I was wondering if this was related.

  38. In the police station when I try to select the community outreach option, it says that a BBQ needs to be accessible. It’s still there, nothing changed. I tried canceling his shift and starting work again, no luck. Any ideas?

  39. I tried to interact with the Snow Sprites (for my quest )) but after talking to them, I proceeded to talk to a normal sim (Be Nice) And it went DOWN, and when I selected negative interactions like Be Rude and Complain, they went down too. I’ve tried all interactions possible but nothing seems to make the bar increase. Any thoughts? Thanks for reading 💜

  40. I have a level 9 division chief sim at the police station. For the past two days when I select for him to clean the jail cells or anything with the jail cell he quits after a minute. I’ve watched it happen every single time. So the station is piling up with incomplete tasks. How do I fix this?

  41. I need to complete the “practice guitar in a neighbor’s house” task but when I click on the guitar I just get the red circle above my Sims head? It also does the same if I try to interact with the other hobby items in a neighbor’s town but I can use the items in my own town.

  42. I’m working on the missing Santa quest and I can’t find the branches to look for the truffles. I’ve looked everywhere and tapped on everything, I even deleted and reinstalled the game.

  43. I can’t buy a support column in weekly tasks because I own all of them in inventory and there are none to buy? So I have to use 10 lps to skip the task.

  44. I never get the reward even though I watch the full adds. No matter what it tells me reward is missed next time watch the full video.

    • I get this problem too. I definitely wait for the timer to finish and the cross to appear. It seems more likely to not work the longer I leave it rather than if press on the cross as soon as it appears. Really annoying having to sit through ads to then be told ‘next time watch the whole ad to get the award’.

  45. Hello, this is a really weird glitch. So whenever I call over a sim who is holding a baby the mother appears holding her arms up as if she were holding the baby but the baby won’t appear in her arms. When I click on the mother sim I get the normal options like feeding the baby, practice walking, etc. The sim completes them as if the baby was there, but it’s not. I can’t find the baby anywhere! In sim tracker when I click on the baby to bring me to him it just shows the mom holding an invisible baby!

  46. Hello, ever since I received the glam mansion my game is glitching. Every time I try to go the mansion or the sim I created to live there, it won’t go, freezes up, and then kicks me out of he game. Just cleared a bunch of RAM, have restarted the kindle many times, and nothing works. Please help:(

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